Don’t Come Here With That Language

I will write why the language of sex work should ended.

I will write knowing most of my readers are slowly recognising why this language is the language of pimps and punters, the language of lies.

But as history is creeping towards the Nordic Approach being made law in much of Europe, the language of sex work will be more intense and appear to be the only way to view the prostituted.

I will write against this language until it become unacceptable or I am dead.

I cannot rest in a world that claims it is just sex, it is just work.

Sex work is like putting a dagger into my heart – and then blaming me for saying I am in pain – saying it just a bit of fun.

Sex work is a language that makes all male violence done to the prostituted invisible.

It cannot be real violence if it is just part of the job, it is not violence if the whore took the money.

The worse that may have happened is the damaging of the customer’s goods, so it is really is no big deal.

Let be honest about why so many on the Left, so many liberal feminist, so many libertarians love the language of sex work.

It is because they want the sex trade to continue, so they or their friends have full access to the sex trade.

It is because most of the so-called sex workers are profiteering from placing prostitution indoors – either by running escort agencies, or profiteering by speaking or teaching how great indoors prostitution can be made.

These are not the prostitutes who are escorts knowing there is huge risk of rape, battery and of being murdered.

These are the prostitutes inside brothels with no access to consent or even rest.

And these sex workers are happy to abandoned street-based prostitutes who are too messy in the lifestyle to be bother with.

Yes, of course the language of sex trade will play the game of pretending to care about the prostituted who are not having a wonderful time – but in reality they blame those prostitutes or not being strong enough to just deal with the work they have “chosen”.

In reality, sex workers often see the prostituted from the point of view of the pimp – that the prostituted class are never fully human for they are just sexual goods.

The language of sex work keeps the prostituted sub-human, for then it is easier to pass by their pain, grief and sense of horror.

You make a group sub-human then their rapes, their tortures and their murders are made into nothing.

Nothing has happened to nothing.

The sex work language need to make prostituted into nothing for their real interest is to protect the punters and to make the sex trade more profits.

They feign concern about the prostitute’s welfare and safety – but it all about making sure the punter is safe from interference and has a good enough time to spend more money.

That is why most sex work language is quiet about safe sex – even to the point of saying it is ok for punters to not use condoms.

That is why sex work language is about the prostitute being clean and happy – nothing about the condition of the punter, or the fact it is always the punters that bring in STDs for he does not give a damn about safe sex on someone who has no existence.

That is why sex work language is all about how prostitution is just a service to lonely men, to disabled men, to soldiers in wars, to men whose wives/girlfriends won’t explore exotic sex, to men too ugly to get a real partner, to gay men who want to stay straight, to men in show-business/politics/high-power business who want to own a whore.

They split punters into many groups depending who they are trying to persuade.

What they never say is the truth – that there is no group of men who are not capable of becoming punters.

All men need to be a punter is a total lack of empathy, the ability to be ok with another human being made into sexual goods for him to masturbate into, and to do all that as casually as buying a beer in the pub.

So it not that all men are punters, for many would never even imagine making another human into a fuck-doll – it is that there no particular type of man who could be a punter, and that all types of men find excuses to be a punter.

I will not have the language of sex work anywhere near me – for it just protecting that male entitlement.

2 responses to “Don’t Come Here With That Language

  1. Language of sex work? Language is language, you can’t expect people stop talking. It’s about renaming and upgrading through recycling. No matter what you call it, sex is not work.

    Don’t come here with that? Even you came here with that.


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