Don’t be a Pimp-Thinker

Much if not most of the opposition to exited women (and exited men) who are now abolitionists can be framed as pimp-thinking.

It is a framing that puts and keeps all the prostituted as sub-human and not worthy of human rights.

It is a framing that wants to push prostitution indoors, so no violence will be seen or recorded.

It is a framing that speaks words that appear Leftist or even feminist – but is always the language of the slave-owner.

It is a language of labour rights, a language being a family – it is a language of lies and control.

To be an exited woman who is an abolitionist is inside the snake-language of the pimp-thinkers.

It is to know their cold hate, their utter disregard that any prostitute is truly and fully human, and to know they are angry that you still breathing.

Pimp-thinkers do not threaten exited women in the public gaze – they do not need for they know how to trigger us to the edge of death.

All pimp-thinkers know and use words that are meant to control us, to silence us.

They may use ridicule, they may imply it just a story and we do not know truth for we too damaged.

They may use honey words pretending to care about our mental welfare – whilst ripping into every thing we say or write.

That is for the public eye – it may appear harmless.

In public, most exited women do not get rape or death threats – pimp-thinkers are not that stupid, and are very patience in how they will mentally tortured the exited women.

All pimp-thinkers know and constantly the language and key words that will send exited women back into their own personal hell o prostitution.

I rarely get death or rape threats – but I get tons of messages that make me want to commit suicide or harm myself.

There is the language and constant explanation of how and why indoors prostitution is not real violence – and it so much safer than being on the streets.

Pimp-thinkers know this is a vile lie – but do not care as long as the status quo of the sex trade goes on and indoors bring in greater profits.

There is no compassion or interest in the welfare of the prostituted class in pushing prostitution indoors – for it is well-known that most violence done to the prostituted is behind closed doors.

If this is not true, why then do the vast majority of known murders of the prostituted happen in rooms.

If this is not true, how could the majority of exited women say the violence was common when alone in a room with a punter or punters, and so-called security ignoring the violence.

If that is not true, why do most sex trade profiteers want indoors prostitution knowing the lack of any public gaze or interest means they can supply any sadist act that bring in a huge profit.

The reality of indoors prostitution is to know you are totally alone – and that no-one inside the sex trade cares whether you are dead or alive, whilst controlling what the public knows about the conditions we exist in.

All pimp-thinkers want indoors prostitution for it make invisible the cold horrors that is prostitution.

It makes invisible that all punters are making the choice to make the prostitute into a slave by buying her.

It makes that she is a slave, by creating a language of choice and labour rights – the language of the slave-master.

All talk of indoors is made near to impossible by the lie of choice, or should I say the misplacement of whose has the choice.

All punters make the choice to buy another human being for his sexual greed – in this act he has made the choice to do an act of violence.

To make this invisible, that the punter is violent just by buying the prostitute – the pimp-thinker has to build a spiderweb of all the reason why prostitutes choose to do indoors prostitution.

These reasons are often about a single moment when she is in the room with a “decent” punter – and all else is made to vanished.

There is no speaking of her past – no talk of how many punters have consumed her, no talk of how she has learnt to cut off from knowing the regular violence, no talk that punters want to rape more than often than not.

There is no speaking of pressure for the prostitute to do sexual acts that damage her – do it for reasonable amount of money, do it in order that she not punish by her sex trade profiteers, do it to fulfill some punter porn fantasy.

Indoors will never be made safe – for the purpose of all indoors prostitution is to provide the punter with a sex slave who has no access to consent and will do whatever porn fantasy he wants – all to keep the sex trade making profits.

It so hard to write – but there so much to write.

3 responses to “Don’t be a Pimp-Thinker

  1. Great post. Your blog is important because it so vividly portrays the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of being in prostitution for people to see, listen and really try to understand this experience. Sex trade advocates like to say things like “sexual desire and activity are a fundamental human need. To criminalize those who are unable or unwilling to fulfill that need through more traditionally recognized means and thus purchase sex, may amount to a violation of the right to privacy and undermine the rights to free expression and health” (as stated in the recent Amnesty Int’l policy proposal, pg 5, footnote 2). This is a fundamental clash as men’s sexual “needs” directly conflict with and undermine prostituted people’s right to mental, emotional and spiritual (and of course physical) health, which as you explain, the sex trade destroys for so many. It’s okay to talk about health as it relates to disabled men “needing” to buy sex (a bullshit argument grounded in able-ism and relationship laziness), it’s ok to talk about sexual health i.e. condoms (with the built-in assumption that sex buyers will respect these things), but it’s not ok to talk about the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical aftermath that comes with/from selling sex, so gotta keep sweeping it under the rug or shaming/blaming individual people for being “failed hookers” etc. I like that your blog directly and consistently speaks to this neglected yet most important part of the sex trade — the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health cost for fulfilling selfish men’s “fundamental sexual needs.”


  2. There IS so much to write. Thank you for being courageous enough to say what needs to be said. Thank you for your honesty, your frankness. Please keep fighting. There are a lot of good people on your side. God is on your side.


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