Ok, I am listening to late 50’s and early 60’s music – and the song “When” by Kalin Brothers is on, but when is my constant question.

As I let in cheerful music, I am in deep pain and needing friends so much.

When does trauma become a place that does not drain you to almost death?

That is question that is not meant to be written or said out loud.

I see no end to trauma for the individual exited woman or the prostituted, without full justice, without true freedom – all else is tinkering at the edges or false hope.

When will it been seen that just paying another human to be consumed as a sexual goods is an act of violence in and of itself?

There can be no middle ground for the prostituted – either it is known that there no safe place or safe aspect of prostitution whilst men have the entitlement to buy sexual good, or we may as well just be honest and say we don’t care what happens to the prostituted class for they are not human enough to have basic rights.

When will it be considered that the prostituted are human enough to gain the simple rights to freedom of movement, right to safety, right to not be killed, and right to dignity?

It that so much to demand – or must we invent a world where the prostituted are thrown away just so men have access to sex any time and any place?

Is that the world we are proud to invent?

My trauma is so awful today, I am not making the sense I want to make – it is more like a howling of knowing that for centuries this trashing of the prostituted are destroyed our access to hope.

No cheerful rock ‘n’ roll can erase that terrible truth.

I am very proud to be part of Survivors United, an international group of those who exited the sex trade, mainly prostitution – and feel some grains of hope and freedom through that connection and support.

It is a time where the multiple voices of those who have exited the sex trade are refusing to be trashed and silenced.

It is a time that our multiple and highly varied voices are showing we are not and never were sub-human – rather through our multiple experiences and speaking out we shown how deep our humanity.

When will it seen that we were damaged and made to act dead – but nothing stole our humanity?

When it be seen that the true fury of the pro-sex trade lobby is not that we speak out – no their fury is that we are not dead, not utterly destroyed – for by just being alive we prove we are more human than they could ever imagine.

To understand the sex trade, it must be seen and known that they want each and every prostitute to be destroyed enough that there can never be the spoken or written word from any person exploited by the sex trade.

We are meant to too ill to remember, too damaged to be believed, too brainwashed to speak out – darn it, we should be dead before 27  – we now are the true enemy of the sex trade and all its endless lies, those who did more than just exit but remember enough to be a clear and believable witnesses who will destroy the sex trade.

No wonder the venom, lies and simple hate from the sex trade lobby is focus on those who have exited and now are abolitionists.

We should be feared – for we know the true nature of the beast.

One response to “When

  1. I cannot say that I “like” your posts. That word is inappropriate. I admire your strength and courage, even though there are days when you feel neither strong nor brave. Your voice is vital. I wish you support and justice.


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