Wishin’ and Hopin’

I do not make New Year’s resolutions – I personally find it rather childish and often self-defeating.

But I do believe in using a marked time to take a breather, and build up strength for the long-term fight for abolition of the sex trade.

I use this small moment in time, to wish and hope for more awareness of how abolition is never made up of easy and short-term solutions.

The prostituted are not made free by you just changing your language.

The prostituted are not made free by a few impassioned articles or blogs.

The prostituted are not made free by having conferences,

Though all of them are a part of the solution, without the leadership and multiple voices of those who have exited the sex trade it will never be the full answer.

I am wishing and hoping that 2014 will be the start of real revolution in the movement to bring about abolition.

The revolution of exited women and men speaking out and having leadership.

We have try asking nicely, only to be ignored, patronised and made to feel we must remain sub-human.

We have try to shout louder and get our multiple voices have long-term impart on your ways to build abolition – only to use as a token voice with no connections, or to use to say sob stories and be the role of the victim.

I feel there is a groundswell of frustration and anger among many exited women and men.

It is not an individual frustration and anger, it not even a frustration and anger from just our culture or our time.

It is the deep frustration and anger of the prostituted class being ignored, spoken over and through, being kept as non-humans for centuries and in all cultures.

The prostituted class have always had the voice of rebellion, of knowing the depths of male hateful violence, of seeing all through a glass.

The prostituted class are dangerous for they carry truths that when open into the light, will rip apart the rules we have become used to.

We must see and know the world as seen by the prostituted class if we truly wish end all male violence to women and children.

Our frustration is from having deep knowledge thrown away.

As long as our allies do not have the courage to place exited women and men in leadership roles, or to fully credit our words and knowledge – our frustration will grow into fury.

Do not treat abolition as a new invention that only your generation or friends can deal with.

Do know that many centuries generations of the prostituted class have wanted abolition, and had their multiple voices silenced or translated into propaganda for the sex trade.

Do know that the voices of the prostituted class are wiped out by each generation of so-called allies, and now it is the time for revolution where we will snatch back not our voices but reclaim the past that was stolen.

Do not write articles or make speeches where you use or steal our concepts and ideas without at the minimum having the respect to give us full credit.

Do have articles or speeches by exited women or men, not as victims or the token prostitute – no let our words speak to the politics of abolition, speak to the strategy of abolition, and speak to the grief and pain of being an abolitionist.

Do not decide you know or understand what it is to be prostituted for you have heard or read enough.

Do know that the beauty of being an abolitionist is there always more voices of the prostituted class, always those inside the sex trade who do not fit easy stereotypes. There is always more to learn from the multiple voices of the prostituted class.

I am in pain with trauma at the moment – but I wish and hope that 2014 is the year that the prostituted class are allowed to have a voice/voices.


One response to “Wishin’ and Hopin’

  1. The darkest hour is just before dawn. The Nordic model is spreading despite the best efforts of sex trade promoters. Canada’s prostitution laws just got struck down by the Supreme Court, all of them. But, the courts gave parliament a year to rewrite them from scratch. The current Conservative “law and order” government will undoubtedly go for the Nordic model as France has done.

    The tide has turned. Germany has shown the world what an ugly business prostitution really is.


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