A Warm Christmas to My Readers

I want to thank each and every one of my readers, especially the most loyal ones – and most special of all those who have survived the sex trade.

Without you support and love, I may have given up to my pain and grief a long time ago.

I am amazed at how open so many of you are with, how many of you make the choice to be vulnerable.

I am deeply honoured at you ability at your trust and faith in me. Please know in the New Year I will more effort to be privately in touch with exited women who want me to.

I do so now, but because of my own trauma is has slowed down to an almost stop – please know I would never abandoned any who is strong enough and so brave to be open with me, especially in public comments.

Know your honestly, your ability to want to see the prostituted beyond pre-conceived stereotypes is teaching me and making my blog stronger.

I do have major issues with some readers.

I know that many of pro-sex trade lobby read me in order to find ways to destroy my views.

I know the pro-sex trade have and will mis-quote me to make appear a victim, to make it seemed I have brainwashed by radical feminists, will use my words to say I may be highly damaged but most of the prostituted are happy.

I feel their poison, I do print their hate and propaganda – I will not those who think and act like pimps to control me or any other exited woman again.

I know many so-called allies do and will steal my words and concepts with the common decency to credit me or even acknowledge my existence.

I sick and tired of giving them power by ignoring their actions, and smiling as they send back into being made sub-human.

I would ignore if was just to me as an individual – but I know and see it is done all the powerful exited women who are now abolitionists.

It done by those who should be allies – by the anti-trafficking lobby, by radical feminists, by academics who claim to be feminists or anti-sex trade etc.

We are made into house slaves, who should happy we on occasions seen enough to have our stolen, who should be grateful that we may saved – but never allow to be human enough to be speaking to our own freedom.

We have had enough of being patronised and only used to further your movements.

I cannot understand how so many groups that believe in separatism for the oppressed – will not allow the prostituted class to lead and have a separate voice in the abolition.

I do not understand how abolition can ever succeed if those who inside knowledge and experiences of the sex trade are kept silenced and controlled.

We are sick of only be used as the token exited woman – of too often it like you find about three separate voices of exited women, and then decide you understand know everything there is to know about the sex trade.

No – there are multiple and varied strong voices of exited women out there – and every day there are more speaking out.

Be more humble, be more inquisitive, and find that part of being an abolitionist is learning something new each day from exited women.

I know I never stop learning from my exited Sisters – whether in the present or the long history of our silenced voices, whether from my background or the multiple cultures/backgrounds my exited Sisters come from.

I will never stop wanting to be taught by my exited Sisters – why can you not open your hearts and minds to truly hear and know the depth of knowledge that exited women have.

It would a wonderful Christmas gift if you put aside your egos and let exited women have leadership in the abolition movement.

We are already doing so much with or without your permission.


4 responses to “A Warm Christmas to My Readers

  1. Warmest of Christmas wishes to you Rebecca! Great post. I have many questions and am glad you are open to it, seems to me us non-experts need to be doing MUCH more question-asking of & learning from survivors in our quest to help fix and stop the nightmare that prostituted people are living in and dying from. Grateful to have you as one of my teachers. ❤


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