Laws are Nothing Without Enforcement

I fully backed the Nordic Approach – but what I question with  sorrow is whether many countries are having good laws to protect the prostituted, but there is very evidence of serious enforcement.

This breaks my hearts – it makes me wept to the wind.

To have little or no enforcement of laws against the punters is sending a terrible message to the prostituted class – it is saying we are not worthy of simple human rights.

It is saying we are not human enough to deserve or need the human rights such as the right to safety, the right to human dignity, the right to autonomy.

We are passed off with pieces of paper, and told to be grateful for that.

Well, I am tired of being grateful for being thrown out bread after you have finished your feast.

I want to question why it is considered good enough to just fine punters?

Why is it made ok that there few or no arrests?

How can you celebrate when so many punters just across borders to buy the prostituted?

Why are we happy with laws full of loop-holes?

All too often punters have no fear of being at the least shamed in public, or fined a lot of money – no, punters soon learn if they just use a computer or go to indoors prostitution, they can carry on as normal.

My heart is broken knowing the majority of prostituted can little change – just outsiders celebrating as their tortures continue.

I personally need solid proof that many many punters have been arrested and received heavy fines – that the enforcement is serious, and not just a show horse.

But there need to far more than just fines and shaming of punters – these men need to know that imprisonment may happened.

I cannot understand why we are happy with just fines – is it because the prostituted are not human enough to have real crimes  committed against.

The average and ordinary will be a rapist – usually a serial rapist.

Most punters will torture the prostituted, often at the extreme end of torturing.

Many punters beat up the prostituted, causing GBH normally.

These are vicious crimes, crimes that pre-planned and done in cold blood.

But it is considered that a fine is good enough to tell off the punter for being a bad man.

This is highly insulting to the prostituted class – telling us we cannot human enough to know real rape, to understand what real violence is.

We should stop complaining and saying punters should be in jail – do we have no gratitude?

This is very short post, coz I feeling ill with heartache.

4 responses to “Laws are Nothing Without Enforcement

  1. How do we tackle the issue of so many politicians, police chiefs and regular police officers using prostituted women for their own sexual greed and “entertainment”? How can we expect law makers and law enforcers to punish themselves and their buddies?


  2. I do not agree with that article, and feel it is the honey words of pro-sex trade words, which is trying to say only a few punters are bad or violent. This is not true, for every man who make the choice to buy or profit from prostitution are committing an act of violence. Just because a punter may choose to be relatively non-violent on one occasion, does not mean he will not be violent another time or to another prostitute.
    I think the Merseyside Approach is very naive, and does not recognise the mental violence that makes most prostitutes unable to name it as rape or battery. The sex trade thrives by brainwashing the prostituted class to feel they worth nothing, and therefore no real crime can be done against them. How in that in environment would the average prostitute know it is a crime, or have the mental strength to report a crime?
    As for the propaganda that the Nordic Approach would lead to increased poverty, deaths and more violent – that is said by those who profiteer by keeping the status quo of the sex trade. Of course they want the punters to remain invisible and unpunished. The Nordic Approach will work if enforcement was firmer and with better long-term exiting projects for the prostituted.


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