End Slavery

Today the UN has said is the International Day of the Slave – which as an exited woman I find quite ironic as the same institution is pushing prostitution indoors and fighting to make it legal.

The UN is turning away from the conditions of slavery that is life or almost all the prostituted.

The UN is turning away from a form of slavery that affects all countries, all societies – a form of slavery that may be the oldest form of oppression known, a form of slavery that destroys more women and girls than any other form of male violence.

It is a slavery that is made invisible, a slavery that if named is framed as a form of male leisure or sex work.

No one can say out loud and in a clear voice – that prostitution in of itself is the conditions of slavery.

That is silenced, ridiculed and made to be lost as others shout it must be a choice, it isn’t that bad, if you don’t like it you must be a prude.

This silencing is forced down the throats of the brave exited women who speak out and say in a clear voice – we were slaves, we will fight so no other human is enslaved as we were.

Silencing take many forms – although it does tend to be very repetitive and usually highly predictable.

Silencing comes from many quarters – including those who claimed to be allied of exited women – though most of the loudest silencing is from men and women who gain from the status quo of the sex trade.

To be an exited woman who fight for total abolition is have hate, ignorance, desire to control, and death threats as the norm.

Most who send this silencing and hate have the minds of pimps and punters – so I can and do see through their words.

I see enough to never punish or promote their hate – I know they are just attempting to control me and make sub-human again.

There is no interest in discussion or real debate – that only happens when there is some sense of equality or at the least a recognition that both parties are fully human.

There is no way that those with a punter/pimp mentality would ever considered that exited women are human – no we are seen as disobedient goods that they must control.

Do not be fooled if they use honey words, or claim to be concern for the mental welfare of exited women – don’t believe that is empathy or compassion – no it is the puppet-master speaking to his sex doll.

All debate/discussion created by these silencers is designed to force exited back into self-hate or to return to the sex trade.

It is just the anger of the slave-master that slaves dares to have humanity and to speak the language of human rights.

How can the UN follow the words of the slave-masters, and ignore any testimonies from the prostituted.

Does the UN really think that the prostituted are too sub-human to deserve or be given access to human rights?

That is the despair I have on this day.

Please hear the cry of the slaves that you call the prostituted – do not let our cries disappear into the wind.

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