Open Your Heart to Open the Door

I have to play the Blues, play deep soul, play the music of the heart that has lost words to come close to what I need to write in this post.

It is a post about opening the door to indoors prostitution, open the door to who I had to be to be that “whore” who was in endless rooms with endless beds.

I was inside a world where language is stolen, a world that is upside-down and inside-out.

It was a world where all that humans have decided is wrong is made out to be right but good and the only way to exist.

The world of indoors prostitution is a world where pain, confusion, lies, lack of control and lost of humanity are the rules to live by –  that is blood and breath of  the prostitute woman/girls in that environment.

In order to understand the reality of indoors, try to open up your heart – do not all back into logic and statistics, do disappear into detachment.

Open your heart, learn to be silent enough to hear the unspoken truths of exited women.

Open your heart, and think in a clear mind where and when is there an environment where any female is safer on the streets than behind closed doors.

Open your heart and place your body in that room – a room where many strange men owned you and demand all porn-fuelled sex from you.

Just open your heart, let your mind feel that pain, that grief and be in that confusion, let your body know it cannot stop it only try to stay alive.

Open your heart to knowing you may be alive, but life has no meaning except to obey what punters and sex trade profiteers demand of you – your existence is to be goods or a living sex-doll.

I know many reading this may close their hearts to that reality, and want to believe the lies that the sex trade promotes about indoors.

The myths spread about indoors are made so there can no empathy to the prostituted who are trapped in indoors prostitution, so they be thrown away and no-one will even notice.

A classic myth, a myth that goes back many centuries and cuts across most cultures – is the myth that indoors is empowering and a money-spinner.

This myth is founded on the lie that anything is better than street prostitution, and as prostitution “will always be with us”, it is kinder to place it indoors.

This myth comes from the roots of making the prostituted into goddesses, calling those “goddesses” courtesans, geishas, escorts or the Happy Hooker.

The invention of goddesses is so convenient for men – a goddess has no human emotions, a goddess is remove from human pain or grief, a goddess will and can do endless sadist sex with many men.

In other word, the invention of goddesses in most societies was just the commercialisation of the sex trade.

But so quick this goddess-prostitute was framed in so-called empowering language.

Instead of stating the truth that goddess-prostituted women were just females who were endlessly raped, tortured and thrown away – it became she had a strong libido, that she would love sadist sex for she is not feeling it as “real” women would.

It become made true the lie that to do indoors prostitution is high-class, is to control the men and it may the only way women can gain power.

This lie is embedded in nearly every country, every culture, every city and inside the hearts of the vast majority of men.

It is embedded in every culture that uses warfare to capture women and girls only to force into brothels, and slowly brainwash them to forget a life outside the brothel walls.

It is embedded in all cultures who encourage and condone men and boys to lose their “virginity” to any prostitute, only make it nice by having a bed and walls round him.

It is embedded every time a man uses a computer to buy an escort, girlfriend experience – he is paying to be indoors so all his control, hate and violence will be made invisible.

No culture, belief system or society is innocent of the destruction of the prostituted class – all have enjoyed having a class of women and girls that are made into sex-dolls and will be thrown away.

Some may have given up that way of living, and we should look deep into how they choose to see the prostituted as full human and not goods.

But for most of human history, and in almost all human societies – it is the norm not just to have the prostituted class, but for it to be so embedded that nearly every country has many levels and categories of what it is to be a prostitute.

Men of all cultures and times in human history have enjoyed making a fake science of what it is to be a prostitute.

The simplest is the classic concept that street prostitution is bad and highly dangerous, so indoors prostitution must be good and safe or safe enough that men don’t have to worry too much.

But use your heart to think – how is it possible that prostitution behind closed doors can be made safe.

Do you not see or feel the reality that those doors are firmly closed to make invisible all tortures, all the sadist sexual practices, all the hate punters bring into that room.

Why do know it is common that non-prostituted women and girls are beaten up, rape and murdered mainly behind closed doors – but then decide to turn it inside-out to say the prostituted must be safer indoors.

I am sickened when you believe such nonsense.

Maybe I too sickened any more.

3 responses to “Open Your Heart to Open the Door

  1. I have read MANY of your writings and wanted to tell you that I love you. I love you for being so honest, and for putting the truth out there. These myths about prostitution-pornography, etc. must be challenged and shot down, once and for all. Men create these myths about a life that they could not imagine living. I was a prostitute from age 19-30. I drank alot and did alot of drugs to “forget” the trauma, the punter’s faces, and the reality of the “life” I was living. I covered up my pain by covering myself in expensive clothes, make-up, hairdo’s, and fake smiles. I absolutely could NOT face a punter sober. They bought my mind as well as my body. That was a double whammy for me. I was raped, sexually abused, manipulated, mentally abused, laughed at, lied to, robbed, and all of those wonderful things that a woman/girl will experience in this “glamorous” lifestyle. I want to tell the world not to believe the lies. Prostitution and “working” in pornography is no LIFE for a woman or girl. Fuck “the money.” Some men call it “easy money.” That is the furthest thing from the truth. It is NOT empowering to have to lie down and spread your legs and feel a strange man entering you with his vile penis while sweating all over you, breathing heavy, and hurting you by thrusting too hard. They squeezed my nipples, tried to bite my breasts, finger my ass, take the condom off when I wasn’t looking (doggystyle), bite my clit, rough me up, take my wig off, and worse. These “men” had no respect for me, and didn’t care if I lived or died. I was the “dirty joke” of society. That destroyed my self esteem, spirit, mental health, and sanity. I was hospitalized three times. This is no life for a human being. I am free now, and am alive (amazingly)! I am so happy to be FREE. BUT, I do have nightmares and flashbacks of years of being hurt. If I can save one woman or girl from getting into “the business,” than I have succeded in saving a life. I was not trafficked or “forced” to stay in this lifestyle, but I was FORCED to make some money fast because I was facing homelessness. Afterall, this life was all I knew…I believe I can heal from this nightmare, and I have. It is possible, but the longer one stays in the “life” (death), the harder it is to get out. I knew women who were kidnapped, raped, had their eyes sewn shut, raped anally, at gunpoint, etc..shall I go on?! This is NOT a glamorous life. In the end, I ended up penniless from self-medicating myself with drugs, and buying things I couldn’t really afford, and LIVING ABOVE MY MEANS. Most of the material stuff I purchased is not even with me today. Rebecca, thank you for allowing me to tell my story..I didn’t plan on just came out..If you’d like to get in touch with me, my email address on the bottom is real. Please keep telling your truth:) Goodnight.


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