International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Today the UN has stated to be International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women – but as I am in the middle of sending a petition to stop the UN from decriminalising all of prostitution – I would question their commitment to ending all male violence to all women.

This saddened me to the roots of my being – I was brought up to respect the UN and to think it upheld human rights for all.

I was wrong, and I cry as I see my dreams smashed into the ground.

Human rights are not for the prostituted class – the prostituted class do not have the right to be fully human, so why waste human rights on them.

I fully support all women and girls that are covered by this day – all I asked is that the prostituted class are included.

How can it be possible to even dream of eliminating male violence to women and girls, if we decide to exclude the prostituted class?

This is not possible when the prostituted class is in the front-line of all violence done to all women and girls.

The sex trade provide a training ground for men to learn how to mentally, physically and sexually torture women and girls – a training ground made invisible.

How can we eliminate male violence to females, if we make the conscious choice to ignore the torturing of the prostituted class?

Until we state in a clear voice, that to be inside any part of the sex trade is to be living inside extreme violence.

We must say that prostitution is of itself violence that being inside porn is violence, to be in a sex club is violence.

We cannot look for the “good” in the sex trade, for it just betrayed the prostituted class, leaving them abandoned as you debate good/bad prostitution.

There is no good punter, there is no sex trade profiteer who can be good, no porn can be made good, stripping cannot be made good, phone sex is not good, indoors prostitution is not good.

It all lies, the language that claim porn/prostitution can be made safe or good – lies that are destroying millions of prostituted women and girls all the time everywhere.

It is an international crisis – the prostituted class are dying, being tortured, getting raped and mentally abused on a scale that blow up my mind.

It is the longest, most effective and most invisible genocide in all human history.

For as long as prostitution has been a norm in most cultures and societies, it has work by destroying the prostituted and throwing them away, only to replace with more vulnerable or captured women and girls.

That is genocide, only it is made nothing for the prostituted are not considered human enough to be murdered or to know pain.

The prostituted class are made goods, as goods they no access to human pain or grief, no access to fear, no access to human justice – and certainly no access to basic human rights.

By discounting the prostituted class – all debate or discussion about violence against the prostituted, becomes quickly focus on the rights of punters and sex trade profiteers.

It become the answer to any violence done to the prostituted must be to place all prostitution indoors and make it fully legal.

That is great for punters, great for more profit for the sex trade – but it is death for the prostituted class.

Place prostitution behind closed doors, and you are giving full permission to all punters to be as violent as they wish without sanctions, you are encouraging sex trade profiteers to provide sadistic sex as extras.

By placing prostitution indoors, you are stating that the prostituted are too sub-human to worry about – just make it clean for punters, say there are condoms are provided and call it sex work – then you can turn your back on the prostituted class.

I am deeply angered and full of despair that one way the UN is pushing the legislation of prostitution is by claiming it may lower the rates of HIV.

This is bullshit, and deeply hurtful for it implies that it is the prostituted who are spreading sexual diseases, and implying that the prostituted are too weak to use protection.

It make the punters and sex trade profiteers invisible, for they have full responsibility for any HIV or other sexual diseases that the prostituted have.

The UN seemed to believe all the prostituted need is a constant supply of condoms and control of indoors prostitution and then there be no HIV.

Condoms are great if you not dealing with punter mentality.

Punters buy the prostituted not for sex, but to have complete control and power over the prostitute who has no rights and cannot say no.

In that environment, it is next to impossible to get a punter to use a condom or any form of protection if he decide not to.

Remember to a prostitute is to be in the position of a slave – a slave cannot make demands, cannot say it is unsafe, cannot give orders to the master.

I know that to even suggest to a punter who refuses protection is to be beaten up, is to be sexually torture for longer – and I have known prostitutes murdered or standing up for the simple human right of being safe and healthy.

It is the punters who are spreading sexual diseases, where is the condemnation and sanctions or those men?

And where is the fury that the sex trade profiteers will encourage to not use condoms.

It is made cheaper, it is provided with more privacy and longer times.

Using condoms is made to appear square and unacceptable in the sex trade.

What does it matter if the individual prostitute gets pregnant or get a life-threatening disease – just throw her away and replace her with any other prostitute.

We are interchangeable and disposable.

Please signed my petition, if you have not already – or spread it around as far as you can.

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