Indoors is Never Safe

A dreadful myth and the myth that many in authority use as a reason to legalise prostitution – the old myth that prostitution must be safe if it only placed indoors.

As a survivor of indoors prostitution, every cell of my body knows this is a horrific lie, a lie that is causing a genocide of the prostituted class to be hidden behind closed doors.

This is the lie that makes the UN think legalisation is a some answer to violence and disease in the prostituted class; this is the lie that allows governments to abandoned the prostituted class; this is the lie that underpins that prostitution is just sex work.

The lie that you make prostitution safe enough by just building more brothels, having more escorts and making it as invisible as possible to those who are not consuming the prostituted.

There’s is the rub – it is not about the safety of the prostituted, it is not about giving the prostituted basic human rights – the purpose of placing prostitution is to protect the sex trade and to increase the market for more profit.

Prostitution is never about the mental and physical welfare of the prostituted – we are nothing but goods – it is always about getting as much money as possible.

Profit is the only thing that counts – human rights mean nothing, concepts of consent mean nothing, spread of sexual diseases mean nothing, murders or deaths of the prostituted mean nothing – all that counts is that the cash keeps flowing.

That is why all who are pro-sex trade are fully behind indoors prostitution – it is a massive money-spinner for the sex trade.

Yes, they will trick you with language that appear to care for the prostituted – but always that “caring” is fake, or if real caring that punters get their money-worth and caring that prostituted are made silent so only a good image of the sex trade is shown.

Indoors prostitution can lie and lie and lie because most of society refuses to look behind those closed doors.

For at least 3000 years, the prostituted have been tortured, raped and murdered behind closed doors.

We live in societies in nearly every corner of this earth, in nearly every male-oriented cultures of all times – that view indoors prostitution by slamming shut their eyes, that silences the screams and complaints of the prostituted who are indoors, that will not touch the prostituted and then named them as untouchable/outcasts, that will smell the stench of death and torture coming from all forms of indoors prostitution from all times and all cultures.

To be inside indoors prostitution is to be totally invisible in plain sight, is to be dead as others say how alive and vibrant you are, is to be sub-human goods but told endlessly it is your choice.

To be inside indoors prostitution is to be a world where good is bad – and bad is slowly killing you.

There is nothing positive that can said about indoors prostitution if it is seen with clear eyes.

To place prostitution indoors is to say rape is fine if it called a business exchange.

To place prostitution indoors is to say torture is fine if kept inside a world of porn and prostitution.

To place prostitution indoors is say all punters no holds bar – all violence can be hidden, any dead prostituted body can be made to disappear, all concepts of respect and dignity mean nothing when the prostituted is just goods.

How can anyone, especially those in positions of power, imagine that prostitution can be made safe just by placing it indoors?

I figure it must be that the prostituted are not considered to be human enough or even allowed to be human – to have even that fundamental right to full safety.

Our safety is made unimportant when governments considered the profit of legalising prostitution; our safety is nothing when seeking for male votes; our safety means nothing for all men including the men in power want endless access to the prostituted class.

We are left to drown because we must never deprived all men of the right to buy and sell the prostituted class.

But you must open the doors on indoors prostitution – look inside and maybe then you see a small part of our living hell.

We must open the doors on indoors prostitution – we must let it become the unspeakable and unhearable.

See inside a normal brothel, and tell where is the glamour – where is the glamour in punters entering all holes in your body; where is the glamour in never how much violence will done to your body and mind; where is the glamour is having hours of enduring these men.

See the normal escort, and tell how safe it is – how safe is it to left alone in a room with a punter who knows he has complete power and control over you; how safe is it to be alone with a punter who will and does any porn fantasy into you; how safe is it to be an escort when murders are frequent just not reported or recorded.

All punters want more indoors prostitution for they know it give them free rein to all porn violence to a living body without interference or censure, and it give more space and time to destroy any right to safety for the prostituted.

So if you make the choice to imagine that indoors prostitution is some kind of answer to the safety of the prostituted – you are part of the genocide of the prostituted class.

The prostituted have for many centuries said and screamed out that indoors prostitution is hell – and it your choice to refuse to hear.

Our patience is wearing thin – as the bodies of the prostituted class are piling up.

We must confront the UN, we must confront governments, we must confront academia, we must confront anti-trafficking groups – we must confront all groups and individuals who want to place prostitution indoors and therefore make male violence invisible.

We can no longer keep turning our backs on the prostituted class, in the hope if we cannot see, hear or feel their hell it is just vanish.

As you debate or make up your mind whether prostitution is really that bad – millions of mainly women and girls are being murdered, are being raped, and are being tortured just for being inside the sex trade.

There is no safe place for the prostituted –  that is why the only real solution is complete abolition of the sex trade.

7 responses to “Indoors is Never Safe

  1. Your words have never been more important Rebecca. The truth is hidden from our eyes and souls because it is too horrible to see.

    I love you for your courage in speaking and I will share your words and hope that with every share even 1 person understands the horror of truth.


  2. Thank you for sharing this article. I think prostitution is rape for pay. I refer to strip clubs as auction blocks. Sometimes I say the sexual exploitation of women industry or the sex trade in women industry, so it doesn’t sound gender neutral. I think the solution is to un-ravel the patriarchal Capitalist system. We need a sustainable economy instead.


  3. It must be known and fully understood that prostitution is older and more embedded than capitalism. It is formed by male interest in making a class that is nothing but sexual goods.


  4. I “worked” as both an outcall “escort,” and an “incall” prostitute. When I was at the incall spot, eventually three men ringed the buzzzer and the phone girl let them in (she obviously wasn’t paying attention) they busted in and one raped me in one room and one raped my friend in the other. Another guy wanted to do it too, but they got scared and ran out. They stole my money-drugs-and my sanity/self worth/dignity/well being/self esteem/soul..It still haunts me to this day. I never let a man ejaculate in me before. My rapist did. Thank goodness I did not catch any diseases or become pregnant! (I went to the hospital after..) The cops were nice and I had all of the shots I needed. Rape kits suck by the way. Sooo..they did catch the bastard! Moving prostitution indoors is a bad joke. The same shit goes on inside those depressing rooms as outcalls to fancy hotels (MORE)


  5. I’d like to see these suited men “work” at an incall spot for a day and be forced to “pleasure” these evil johns (punters). Sex work is a play on words. These two words make prostitution sound like it’s a choice and a decent “job” like working as a clerk or something. See these men don’t want prostitution to be erased and abolished completely!! They still want access to rape women for pay! Making it legal is like making rape legal. Rebecca-thanks once more for your honesty. You and I are survivors and we will not be silenced!!


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