Here’s the Thing

This post is saying words I seemed to have repeated too many times, but here’s the thing all these words must be repeated until there is true freedom for all the prostituted class.

Here’s the thing, our trauma, our pain, our grief and our complete lack of justice can not be healed until these are read, are heard and fully taken on board.

We cannot live in the demi-world where the prostituted class are kept sub-human, as others “debate” whether prostitution is bad or not, discuss how to separate “bad” trafficking from “good” indoors prostitution, argue the toss whether prostitution should be made fully legal/semi-legal or illegal.

All these words and heat of debate goes ignoring the constant rapes, constant torturing and constant deaths of all of the prostituted class.

I cannot stop repeating myself until the genocide of the prostituted class is seen with clear eyes – and not left hidden in plain view.

All through this blog, all through my memories of my prostituted soul – I have repeated simple questions to the non-prostituted, I have repeated my simple truths of my reality and its connection to the prostituted class.

I am tired and frustrated that I must say over and over these words, my heart aches at how little the exited women who demand abolition are truly heard.

A simple but highly complex question I must constantly – what do really think punters are paying for when they consume a prostitute?

This question must force the focus onto the punter and his responsibility, his lack of any conscience, his ability to do torture/rape and make it a non-crime.

This question is not about the individual “story” of a prostitute, it not about her ability to cope, it not about whether she enter prostitution aged 12 or 27, it is not about what aspect of prostitution she is having to do, it not about her class or ethnicity – this question knows all punters don’t care about her right to be an individual.

This question is making the punter a lab rat – instead of the norm that the prostituted are analysed and thrown away.

So what do you really think punters are paying for?

Do you believe the endless myths and lies spread by the sex trade and its brother the media? Or do have the courage and integrity to hear the multiple voices of the prostituted class?

Do you think most punters just want ordinary sex and would not want to harm the prostitute?

Do you think many punters just are lonely, just cannot get a “real” relationship, or just need someone to talk to?

Do you think prostitutes teach men about more exciting sex, are willing to explore what “good” women will not do, that prostitution is just sex therapy?

I know these beliefs are common, I know as they poison my fight for a future.

I want to know why you choose to believe these myths and lies – is it easier to keep the prostituted class as sub-human goods rather seeing who and what punters really are.

Punters are paying for the right to have full control over the mind and body of the prostitute.

Punters are paying to rape without any consequences and with the knowledge that most males will celebrate the conquering of the prostituted.

Punters are paying to know at any time and any place they can torture the prostituted, and it will be made invisible.

Punters are paying with the full knowledge that if they murder or “by mistake” kill a whore, it will made a non-event – and more than likely there will no body, no record of her existence.

To pay for prostitution is to make all male violence into a non-crime, and to say all the prostituted class have no right to be human and are just sexual goods.

All punters are guilty of this destruction of the prostituted class – there is no such thing as the “good punter”.

Here’s the thing, if a man is truly good he would not even think buy a prostitute, and a truly good man would not only fully behind abolition but educating as many men as possible to never consume the prostituted.

If men do not take full responsibility for the class of men creating the genocide of the prostituted class, abolition will fail as too many men continued as punters without any sanctions.

All men have the blood of the prostituted class all over them.

All through this blog, my prostituted soul asks a simple question – do you care what happens behind closed doors when it is paid for?

This question comes from the pain and deep grief of hearing and knowing, much of male of male violence and hate is made invisible when money/goods is exchanged.

It is still a common myth that it is impossible to rape a prostitute – there can no such thing as torture inside the sex trade.

In this myth, all male violence is re-branded as rough sex, experimenting, being adventurous, paying for s/m sex, pushing the boundaries etc.

This re-branding is nothing to do with the mental welfare or safety of the prostitute – and all to do with making more profit for the pimps/businessmen, and allowing punters to think violence is fully acceptable.

Do you really want to know what it is to behind those closed doors, or do you want the silence that exited women are forced into to protect your myths?

Well, my prostituted soul is sick to death at that silence, that self-censorship – she is screaming nothing is so terrible that it cannot be expressed.

I say if humans is capable of torture, of rape, of murder, of institutionalising all that – then those must be exposed by those who are lucky to survive and remember their hate.

The multiple voices of exited women are the witnesses to this horror, we have somehow survive, we have always in our hearts so many who could live – our voices reach back to the long past of the silencing of the prostituted class, we speak with courage and vulnerability to build a road where exited women lead the abolition movement.

In this present, our voices are reaching out to be heard, we are at the beginning of a revolution that is so longed for – a time where the multiple voices of the prostituted class is in their own words, not translated by allies to be put into a safer and more acceptable language or re-written by supporters of the sex trade or punters to destroy all mention of male violence.

We are at the birth of a revolution – and it is the stage where stating with clearness and a forensic eye what it is to be a prostitute.

I use this blog, and all my work, to try and place the non-prostituted in the room of indoors prostitution.

Of course, I write from my personal but each torture, each rape and each near-death experience was and is common to most of the prostituted class.

My experiences are no worse or better than any other prostitute, they are just normal and common – that is the true horror of prostitution is you can say my experiences is happening now to millions of the prostituted all over the world.

Here’s the thing, I need to know why and how can our rapes, our tortures and our murders be made nothing just coz of something so unimportant as it was paid for?

Is money the same as full consent?

Is it ok to take a poor person’s liver if you pay for it? Is it ok take babies from Africa if you give enough money?

I bet you many of you say that is horrific – but at the same time make a million and one excuses for prostitution.

We are the unrapeable, we cannot be tortured – after being sub-human the prostituted feel no pain, have no right to the language of no.

Even when we are murdered, it is made nothing. Our murders are not inside statistics of male violence, our bodies are discarded – our murders are made out that “no human involved”.

The dark heart of being a prostitute is to live with the knowledge that in life you are made sub-human and in death you will be made nothing.

Now the voices of exited women is bringing a human face to that destruction.

I cannot write any more.

Just keep fighting on, it is a long and painful journey – but the freedom of the prostituted class will give back all humans dignity and routes to justice.

7 responses to “Here’s the Thing

  1. Very powerful. Sadly, our capitalist system means that if money changes hands, somehow whatever else happens is part of that ‘contract’ and is paid for…..even owed. That includes abuse/rape/violence/murder. You are right that most people don’t want to know. And who cares about murdered prostitutes? It always make me furious when the police and press speak of ‘innocent victims’ to distinguish women from prostitutes, and in doing so imply that prostitutes deserve to die. The lies spun by libfems and pro-sex lobby only perpetuates the myth that this is just another job and allows men to continue abusing and using women.


  2. It is very important to know and take on board that prostitution is older than capitalism – it is as old as male hatred for women and children. Prostitution is outside religion, human political views and other so-called philosophies. It is male hate and control, and all beliefs invented by men for men will make prostitution normal and acceptable.


  3. Reblogged this on Feminism — The Other "F" Word and commented:
    As a sex trafficking survivor who fully stands with fellow exited sister, Rebecca Mott, both for the abolition of prostitution and for restorative justice and reparations to the primary victims of the sex industry, I refuse to provide any trigger warnings. Trigger warnings is yet another for those with power to control the expression of the oppressed – this is especially true for the prostituted class. Our words and truths are deemed to be too terrible to be heard or seen – we have become the unspeakable.
    This is to keep us as sub-humans and to play the game of the traffickers and violent, sexually cruel and sadistic johns who told us our experiences would be too unspeakable to be heard or seen, that no one will ever want to hear the truth about what happened to us, that society will never care about us or help those of us who escaped and survived.
    It keeps us as goods and without the human right of expression. Just like the police reports of our murdered and fallen sisters whose voices are no more, homicide reports that read “No Human Involved.”
    Our truths should disturb, should make outsiders uncomfortable, should upset enough to force real action – we should speak to torture, to mass raping and to the invisible murders of the prostituted class.
    I am sick of those with privilege demanding that we use trigger warnings to guilt-trip and/or censor us..


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