Human Right Not For Us

I am full of trauma – but believe to write is to fight for life.  So I must write.

My soul has been shattered by so many trafficking and human rights groups being so unable to view the prostituted class as fully human.

I stare in disbelief as those who claimed to care about the prostituted class call us sex workers, say only stigma is the issue not the violence done to the prostituted, and say prostitution is not connected to trafficking.

My heart breaks as each time a strong exited speak to the truth, it is dismissed as her sad individual story, and never that she is just describing the everyday violence of the sex trade.

My trauma is screaming out –

Are we not allowed to be human enough to have human rights?

Our rapes are in the thousands – yet the more we are raped, the more it made out it must be our choice, that it is just work.

It cannot be rape when it has been decided it just a business exchange.

We are raped in ways that Amnesty International would condemn as torture if we were not the prostituted.

For our rapes reflect all the rapes of political prisoners, our rapes are inside all war-zones, our rapes are the definition of torture.

Our tortures would be the concern of the United Nations if we were not the prostituted class.

For does all prostitution fit the United Nation’s definition of trafficking –  that consent can be taken by monetary means, physical, sexual or mental violence.

We would be honoured by anti-trafficking groups if we were not the prostituted class.

Instead we watch in disbelief, as so-called anti-trafficking narrow the definition of trafficking to exclude interior trafficking of the prostituted, to exclude women who are prostituted, to exclude indoors prostitution, to exclude exterior trafficking unless severe physical violence is used.

All these groups are playing the game that the profiteers want them to play.

They are building routes to legalised prostitution, they are pushing prostitution indoors – and they hide behind saying look we are stopping the spread of sexual diseases, we care about girls who are prostituted, and we are cleaning up the streets.

In other words they are selling out the prostituted class.

The United Nations claims it would right to legalised all prostitution – well put all prostitution in a controlled environment – as a solution to the spread of HIV.

This is nonsense, but it can sound right if you choose to see the prostituted as just goods who may carry sexual diseases into the world outside the sex trade.

It is clear that the prostitutes have no human rights in this scenario, for it is considered that all that is needed is condoms and inspections, and continued the torturing as normal.

There is no mention that it the punters that spread diseases, it is the punters that refuse to care about the safety of the prostituted, it is the sex trade profiteers that gain from ignoring the sexual safety of the prostituted.

This is ignored – to see that would mean saying that the prostituted are having their human rights stolen.

The prostituted are not allowed to be human enough to have access to human rights.

Constantly there are anti-trafficking hiding their lack of respect for the prostituted class by hiding behind how much they care for under-aged prostituted girls.

But if that same girl is 15 upwards and still inside the sex trade – their caring usually vanishes.

Instead, it becomes her lifestyle, her free choice, it call sex work.

It makes no sense that when she is 14 she viewed as a victim, then when she hits 15 she is discarded.

Prostituted women are thrown away every day by groups that say they hate trafficking – no wonder exited women have huge fury and deep despair.

Every day our multiple voices are silenced by these groups and those who follow them.

We are the unacceptable face of the sex trade – the women who by luck did not die or destroyed by its male violence and hate.

And worse we not only are alive, we have the inner strength to remember what it was to be prostituted and see it was torture with a clear eye.

We know it is an emergency, we know it is the biggest human rights issue of human history, we know as our bodies and minds the tortures of many centuries of the prostituted class.

We cannot sit and wait for human rights groups to wake up and see this emergency.

We must force these groups to stop discarding the prostituted class.

5 responses to “Human Right Not For Us

  1. I was planning to write something considered and intelligent but I feel betrayed actually. Obviously human rights ain’t for all humans and why does the UN really bother. Half assed policy is worse than nothing… Angry


  2. rmott, of course not 🙂 The UN and their ilk parade around as human rights defenders and then ignore evidence, hard evidence that show legalisation does not protect prostituted women. It protects punters and protects the sex industry. Next time I see them panhandling for funds to promote human rights; i’ll be sure to ask them why they support the whole scale torture of women in the sex trade.


  3. Rebecca, I agree entirely. UNAIDS has become a joke. They have swallowed the sex industry propaganda whole.

    Stay strong. Keep speaking out. People are listening.


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