It is not Sex Work

The sex trade has infiltrated the Left and liberal that spreading the propaganda this it is just sex work – but example both those words and know both are nothing to do with being prostituted.

I have written about this many times, and until there is full freedom for all the prostituted class, I will keep saying how this language is destroying the prostituted every day.

I have been accused of silencing sex workers, and by silencing them allowing the violence that is happening to them.

This is not a new accusation, it is par for the course if an exited woman becomes an abolitionist.

Alongside that accusation, is the regular poison of saying exited women like me, were never “real” prostitutes – we must be liars, or some prop used by abolitionists or radical feminists.

We are not real mainly because we lie about the violence, that we lie about the “clients” by making out all punters treated us as trash.

If the sex worker lobby condescend to imagine that some exited women may be real – it always with the proviso that we are one-offs who are too damaged to see that most of the sex trade is fine and dandy.

I cannot see sex work or sex worker without hearing the multiple voices of sex trade profiteers.

Many sex workers are those profiteers, and others are puppets dancing to the tune of those profiteers.

Do not be fool by their honey words, know that they have the blood of the prostituted class all over them.

It is not sex.

Being prostituted or inside porn is nothing to do with sex, except if you believe sex is a weapon that creates genocide.

Sex is about full communication between adults. Sex is done with full and fully understood consent. Sex always stop when no is suggested or said.

None of that has a place in the sex trade.

There is no consent when money or goods replace the voice of the prostituted.

Punters know money gives them permission to do whatever they want to the prostituted. Money gives him full permission to not just used her, but to throw the whore away when he has had enough.

There is no communication – only the communication of the master and his sex slave.

The voice of the prostituted woman or girl has no place in the sex trade.

Her voice is more than silenced, it is made that it has no existence.

All words and language the prostituted are allowed is to parrot out the words and language of those who are profiteering from making her into sexual goods.

When sex workers and their allies dare to accuse any exited women of silencing – then I say let look at the real silencing inside all aspects of the sex trade.

The prostituted have no voice or voices – their silence is deafening as cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

We do not have the voices of the prostituted inside brothels in Nevada or India having no freedom and slowly being fucked into silence.

We do not have the voices of native women and girls being made into the prostituted and completely abandoned.

We do not have the voices of teenage in most cities who thought they would find love if they did their “boyfriend” said by selling herself for his profit.

We do not have the voices of women inside “saunas” as their constant humiliation eats into their memories of being fully human.

We do not have the voices of escorts shut in a room with a “client” with no protection, no idea how violent he may be, and always at the back of her mind she could be murdered at any time.

These and so many other voices of the prostituted class are silenced – silenced into non-existence.

Look at who is doing the silencing.

It is mainly punters and the sex trade that controls the language that is allowed to be in the public arena.

I wrote that punters silenced the prostituted – and the accusations and attacks came flying in.

What a prostituted woman dare to say punters treat us living porn-dolls who cannot have spoken or even have access to be a human – how dare she, that might rip apart the fabric of everything.

The prostituted are not meant to survive and build a life after being the sex trade – so when and if an exited woman starts speaking out, everything is done to silence us permanently.

We are meant to be dead or so destroyed we cannot speak out – to be an exited woman is somehow survive a genocide.

To survive a genocide gives you clear eyes and memories – to know being in the middle of a genocide is to become unable understand why you are alive.

If there is a purpose, than fighting for abolition and full human rights for all the prostituted class must be it.

To be an exited woman, is to always carry it was just chance you survived, is to carry those who could reach a place of exiting.

An exited woman hold inside her the standard violence of the sex trade, how she was lied to, the fact that her life meant nothing for she never seen as human.

An exited woman knows what true silencing is.

Silencing is have any and all sexual violence – and all your pain, your dignity, your ability to live or die, your terror is swallowed up by the language of appearing to please the punter or consumer.

That is a silencing that is unbearable and a silence that kills the prostituted every day.

And that is label as work – a wonderful to enforce the silencing of the prostituted.

By calling being inside the sex trade work, it becomes a powerful tool to blame the prostituted class for any violence that happens to them.

After all, it becomes that she has chosen that work, if she is hurt or damaged it only because she either not strong enough or she does understand how sex work is done.

It cannot be that the institution of the sex trade is structured to make the prostituted into goods, will be thrown away and replaced by any other whore – for we are all the same.

It cannot be that punters make the choice to buy the prostituted knowing he do any and all violence to her, and it will be a non-crime.

No it is easier to blame the prostituted, coz then we do not have to make any changes.

I have written this post to show I cannot be silenced – for I have known true silencing, and that is my ammunition to be an abolitionist.


8 responses to “It is not Sex Work

  1. One sex trade survivor’s words, “most of us are dead”, will forever haunt me and makes me so deeply and daily grateful for yours and other exited women’s and men’s voices sharing the horrific truth about this genocide (as well as grateful for your existence period). That this horror is glamorized and packaged as “entertainment”, “sex” and “work” that any sort of “rights” can be applied to, sickens and saddens and troubles me to the core. The only “rights” applicable to a genocide is the right to SAFETY and human DIGNITY, which the sex trade can never guarantee due to its very NATURE. I hope more and more survivors find the courage to speak out, as that is the most potent force behind Change; I will forever back all of you and so deeply respect, and am inspired by your courage, dignity, and deep humanity. Thank you so much for this radical education. ❤


  2. People who call straight up prostitution, trafficking, stripping etc. Sex work are just trying to minimize what “sex work” really means. It means living a nightmare. Laying down and spreading your legs is NOT empowering. Giving blowjobs with no condom and feeling cum dripping down your mouth or in your face is NOT empowering. What bullshit. The media is run by men, of course so they package “sex work” really nice and make it look glamourous or some shit. Ever see a Max Hardcore porn film? If I had the chance I would burn that guy alive for what he demands of women in his hateful “porn films..” This is not right. Porn has gone too far. Men love watching women in pain, humiliated and getting “fucked.” I am an ex escort and I am going to speak out too! Good work my friend!


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