Are We Not Human?

I am feeling great despair, and feel close to a terrible edge.

I am a fighter, so will always keep on going. But I wondering if the prostituted class will ever be given the simple right to be fully human, or always made sub-human and pass over.

My despair comes from always believing in human rights as a fundamental for all the prostituted – and seeing every day that is eroded every day by groups I was brought up to respect.

The main groups that are pulling me down, and grinding my prostituted soul into the dirt Рare United Nations and  Amnesty International.

I have always had deep respect for both these organisations, one of my family is an organiser for AI, another relative work for UNICEF.

These are organisations I was brought up to believe would protect all humans that are oppressed – but both have decided that the prostituted class are not human enough to get full human rights.

I am deeply shocked by this, and feel the ground has been pull away from me.

Recently human rights groups have narrow down what it is to be trafficked into the sex trade, use HIV as a stalking horse to decriminalise all prostitution, encourage that prostitution should place indoors and off the streets (that is, out of the public gaze), call prostitution sex work, and in general follow what sex trade profiteers want them to believe.

All this is keeping the prostituted class firmly as sub-human, and allowing them to be made into sexual goods.

It is terrifying times – this is one of greatest crisis in the world, and most governments, most human rights groups, most people are passing by the genocide of the prostituted class.

I want to be optimistic – my this is tearing my heart out.

Are the prostituted class not human?

Each time you separate trafficking from prostitution – you are saying the prostituted are not human.

Trafficking and prostitution are always interlinked, they cannot be separated.

All prostitution is the conditions of trafficking.

For to be trafficked is lose your human right to full consent without any form of coercion or force – this includes coercion by monetary means.

To be trafficked can and is through family, friends, acquaintances and strangers.

To be trafficked is not just from country to country – but includes internal trafficking, from street to street, city to city, even one building to another.

All this is the norms in all forms of prostitution – but daily human rights groups are narrowing down definitions of trafficking to find ways to not include the prostituted.

Slowly they are working to exclude the prostituted from access to human rights.

Are the prostituted class not human?

Each time you use HIV as an excuse to legalise prostitution, you are saying the prostituted are not human only sexual goods to be consumed.

If the prostituted have HIV or any other sexual disease, it is totally the fault of the sex trade and the men that consume the prostituted.

The prostituted are easy scapegoats, for that make the everyday male violence and hate put into them invisible.

There is no point in supplying condoms, when many punters refuse to wear them, when sex trade profiteers make a fortune by encouraging punters to not use condoms.

Condoms do nothing to end the industrialised raping, beating up, torturing and murdering of the prostituted class.

Condoms will never make a sexual slave know freedom.

No, it only public relations that wants condoms given to all the prostituted – giving out condoms send the message that the sex trade can continue as normal, and there will be little or no interference.

Condoms is or the safety of the punters, and nothing to do with the human rights of the prostituted class.

We are just thrown away.

I am so sad, I am so angry.

Please stand up and be counted – this is a huge crisis.


3 responses to “Are We Not Human?

  1. I am with you here. What do you suggest we (other women) or anybody can do?

    It needs an organisation that is dealing only with this issue. It needs open offence against the new trend of minimising the problem. It needs money (big money) to fight the pimps everywhere.
    It needs detectivs, lawyers and judges who are not corrupted and belief the women.
    It needs campaigns.
    Because prostitution is the core and root of womanhating and patriarchy.

    What do you suggest that can be done?



  2. There is lots that non-prostituted women can. It does not have big actions, but small ones are just as important. I think confronting others about their language about the prostituted, to support abolition publicly and support abolitionist groups especially those run by exited women.To sign petitons and write letters when you can, for example There is a lot of abolitionist work to be done, it is not just about money – but about education and changing attitudes.


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