Watching a Tree Grow

I am an abolitionist – but being an abolitionist I know real change and freedom is slow.

I would like to wave a magic wand – and kasham – all the prostituted in every country, in every street, in every brothel, in every flat, in every piece of porn on the net etc – they not just free but able to know their full humanity.

I would love to wave away all the trauma that is inside all the prostituted – or at least have long-term specialist therapy for all exited women as their basic right.

I would love to have my magic wand make all lawmakers in every country attack the demand for porn and prostitution without mercy or taking notice of the status of the man consuming the sex trade.

I would wave away any law that makes the prostituted into criminals, and make it clear they are crime victims, that most have been damage into being sub-human. I would want it to seen that each every prostituted women and girl has her right to full consent stolen and smashed to the ground, for money replaces her voice as consent.

That is part of the future that I want and need – that is my passionate dream. I know it will happened in my lifetime, I know it is slow.

But I believe that abolition is a reality – for I know there is nothing natural or right about making a whole class of women and girls into sexual goods.

I see that in the short period of my lifetime there has been progress, and changes in attitudes to the prostituted class.

I see it as major progress that the Nordic Approach is a reality – and that it changes attitudes for many governments that have considered there is little that can be done to help the prostituted.

I believe that there is progress in getting many of ordinary people to see that the issue of being inside the sex trade is a human rights issue. That it is an issue of extreme torture.

I see that once it understood that it is torture, it is also seen that the prostituted have no access to freely choose what happens to them. That all the power and control belongs to the male consumer and the profiteers of the sex trade.

Once that is understood and seen with clear eyes and deep inside the heart – it become impossible that being inside the sex trade is an employment issue, that is can be labelled as sex work

It cannot be view as an issue of liberation for any prostituted women – for all women and girls inside the sex trade have no power or control to stop the tortures, the constant rapes, the dehumanisation, and the murders – these occurred at any time, to any level of the prostituted class because of the choices of the male consumers and the sex trade profiteers to commit genocide.

I am proud to be part of an abolitionist movement that is changing attitudes, and developing practical ways to give back all the prostituted class full humanity and freedom.

But boy, it not just progress – being an abolitionist is to know deep grief, is to stand up to hate speech and hate that is a real physical threat, is to lose hope from exhaustion, is feel deep frustration that too many died or are destroyed without reaching freedom, and to know the anger of many centuries and many cultures allowing the prostituted class to be betrayed and abandoned.

I need more than a rational side to abolition – that makes it too depressing, for the rational brain need simple solutions and cannot bear slow progress.

The rational mind cannot hold the grief, pain and confusion that is inside an exited woman who becomes an abolitionist –  it does not want messy emotions, does not want complex solutions with many levels.

I cannot understand an abolitionist movement that runs away from grief, runs away from fury of those who live inside oppression, runs away from the pain of discovering that your humanity was stolen.

We must allow in spirituality, we must explore with all of the arts, we must speak to our doubts of the future, we must allow pain to be fully displayed, we must hear and fully the fury of the prostituted class.

If we hide from that – the abolitionist movement will be stillborn, and will leave the prostituted class to the everyday genocide.

We may be in a moment in history, where the prostituted may have access to real freedom and a route back to being fully human.

We must act on it – for over 3000 years the prostituted class has dream of being made human and being free, and always it is made out of their reach.

Please hold the lightning rod of giving the prostituted their full human rights – do not be afraid, for fear stops actions.

It is one of the biggest emergency of our time – so doing nothing is to be on the side of the sex trade.


3 responses to “Watching a Tree Grow

  1. Prostitution and the sale off of women and girls is only the most dreadful tip of the iceberg.
    There are also all the other women and girls forced into dreadful marriages (for tradition and money) and all the battered and misused wifes and daughters.
    The whole of male inhumanity must be exposed and adressed and whiped out.
    It is about time! They don’t only destroy our bodies, they also destroy our godgiven love and light and soul and spirit. It is the last slavetrail to cast out. But there are still to many slavedrivers and profetears. And the arrogance of ignorance is still big. Even women deny
    all the horrors, done to other women. If all the women stood up against this torture, it would end quickly. But they also keep quiet, which I cannot understand. Never. Ever. YF


  2. Yvonne – it is very important to allow the voices of exited women to say and explain why it is part of all male violence, but also made separate. It is made separate because the effect of being prostituted, which includes selling and buying wives – it not an act against her as a human, she is made into disposable goods. It must known and truly understood what it is to made into sub-human goods, and know that all the violence done to is never personal, for all the prostituted are made to be interchangeable.


  3. forgive me for i do not understand the nuances of all the words people use surrounding these issues For example:. When i turned the age of consent that made me ho instead of victim… how is that fair.. how was i different from one day to the next. It was still the same life. same degradation but now the blame is mine. … its confusing. whats wrong should be wrong and whats right should stay right


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