Never Meet Julia Roberts

Always repeated on TV is “Pretty Woman” – the fairy tale of a hooker save by a millionaire.

I now can sort of watch it – well bits until bile goes into my throat, stopping me from breathing – knowing it is pure fiction, and nothing to do with the reality of being an escort.

But that one film has poisons all conversations about what it is to be an escort – without “Pretty Woman” there would no Belle du Jour or the other images of the Happy Hooker.

That one films has keep too many women inside escorting imaging a Richard Gere will rescue them.

There are no Richard Geres, there are no Julia Roberts out there – but many escorts living in hell waiting for the myth of Pretty Woman.

I know because I believed that myth, I believed I would rescue/save by some kind-hearted punter.

I believed as each time it never happened, I believed some punter would see and know my pain and fear, I believed I would marry and only one man would use me then.

I believed because not having hope would have killed me.

But why would any punter see the escort as a human, why would he care if she is scared or in pain, why would stop enough to care if she still breathing?

The punter is buying goods, even Richard Gere was buying goods.

In real life, Richard Gere would hardly notice Julia Roberts – she is just for his orgasm, for his sense of control and power – just there so he can be a man.

In real life – Julia Roberts would put in her place for being too human, for talking too much, for having views outside of the punter, for caring about her own welfare.

To be that human is highly dangerous in escorting – leading to battery, to sadist rapes, to torture and to death.

Whether or not a particular punter chooses to be violent, the threat is ever presence in escorting.

I know when I had the Richard Geres being kind, giving me presents, buying me meals, showing me off in public – I was always on full alert waiting for the violence that nearly always came with it.

I never meet escorts who did have this common violence, who were not on alert with “kind” punters, who did not speak of how unpredictable those punters.

I never meet any Julia Roberts in many years of escorting – nor did any exited woman that I know of.

So please don’t believe Pretty Woman, for in doing so you are ignoring the daily torturing of women inside escorting.

5 responses to “Never Meet Julia Roberts

  1. Thank you rmott, I already knew – how could I not – that the film was pure porn propaganda about how the women love to be degraded, with a fairy tale that has never happened to top it off. To romanticize porn is so hideous of a goal I can hardly imagine it – and yet this porn romance was a huge hit because this collaborating, money-grubbing, ethicsless actress put her reputation into it remains one of the sickest works of the porn lobby of the 20th century. I have to add that Richard Gere, who fancies himself a champion of human rights in Tibet, must accept 50% of the responsibility for accepting the sickening role of the romanticized john.


  2. Hi Rebecca, apologies for contacting you via the comments section on your blog, I was looking for a contact form but didn’t find one.
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  3. It was just a top grossing movie about the capitalisation women, and the beginning of the porn culture that is seen as ‘normal’. The happy hooker mythology is alive and well. Even some feminists believe it to work ‘free will’ is empowering. There is nothing empowering about a woman/girl selling herself to survive or get to a better place.


  4. I have always HATED that movie. It is so full of lies. It is outrageously evil in the way that it normalizes degrading women through prostitution.


  5. This is a great example of misogynistic propaganda by the good old patriarchy. Oh escorting-how glamourous! Who wants to work on the street when you can be a “call girl?” Haha-same deal. Assholes who run the escort service are still pimps! Usually if a girl “steals” a client like Julia did and the agency happened to find out-woah boy..I used to be an escort and everyone knew this. I “stole” clients i.e. took all of the money I rightfully earned when the client called me personally instead of giving the agency “their cut!” Luckily I was never caught! That film will never happen. Johns hate the escorts and vice versa. SO many have tried to “date” me!! Haha! They must have thought I believed in “Pretty Woman!” Oh please…


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