It is No Fantasy

The greatest trick the sex trade did was to say that porn and prostitution is just fantasy.

This trick is believed by most outsiders – or let’s be brutally honest it is a choice to believe by those who want endless consumption of the sex trade, and sod the damage it does to the women and girls inside it.

For this trick can only work if the punters and consumers of porn keep wanting more – more variety, more sense or images of pain, more women and girls from all traditions, ethnicities and ages, more ways to consume and throw away their “fantasies”.

Without the constant demand, most of the sex trade would fall apart – or the bottom line is profit, without constant flow of cash there is little point to the sex trade.

That is why it is vital to the sex trade profiteers that they claim it all just fantasy – for fantasy is harm-free, fantasy is private, fantasy is controllable, fantasy has it own rules and boundaries.

Fantasy is just waking dreams, so it is nothing to do with real life.

But porn and being prostituted is no fantasy.

I have known what is to be prostituted, I have known what it is to be filmed during prostitution – and I know inside every moment of my trauma, it was no fantasy to be inside those places.

If you are consumer of porn and/or prostitution, think outside the narrow pleasure of your sexual greed?

If you think the sexual act would painful to your sister, your girlfriend, to you – then it is real pain to the woman inside porn or the prostitute?

It is still real pain even she is smiling – or do you just ignore her dead eyes?

Can you honestly believe that it can be classed as fantasy – as you are in a real room with a prostitute, as you view real women suffering for your porn hobby?

These questions are just a small part of my fury at the concept that porn and prostitution can made fantasy, in order that the consumers are made to believe there can no violence or degradation done to the women and girls inside the sex trade.

We are made fantasy – stripping us of the right to know that we are being tortured, placing us away from the world of real rape and battering, even our non-stop murders are enclosed in fantasy as our bodies just disappear.

Being made fantasy – the prostituted lose connections to remembering what it is to be human, as all that known is waiting for instructions on how to exist for male sexual greed.

To be fantasy inside the sex trade is to forget how to hope, forget thinking the pain can ever stop just learning to block it, forget that you have sexual needs or even could enjoy sex.

Are you still ok with believing it only fantasy?

Well, then imagine if only briefly being inside the skin of a prostitute, be inside the skin of filmed rape.

Know I can only speak of my memories – but my experiences are part of the norm of the sex trade, they are not extreme, I was relatively lucky compare to many inside the sex trade.

I speak out because my tortures were acceptable in all levels of the sex trade – my tortures are being repeated in the bodies and minds of the prostituted now everywhere.

It was my norm to be filmed during gang-rapes or other forms of sadist sex as a prostitute – especially from when I was 14 to 17.

I imagine it was a cheap way to make porn, a way to make more profit from my hell.

All I know, i never give permission to be filmed, hell I was never asked or even told it was happening.

Being filmed as punters torture, rape and try to kill you – that is made into so-called amateur porn, and now can anywhere, watch by porn consumers saying it is just fantasy.

If in those films I look sacred, well I was.

If in those films I may on occasions cry – that was because nothing else was left to me.

If in those films I appeared to be unconscious – that is because those punters have pushed me to the edge of death.

If I appeared to smiled or make sexual noises – know I was becoming a sexual robot in order to somehow stay alive.

If to you I appeared dead – then you are right.

Know I somehow survived by killing everything that made me human – and then I can be your fantasy.

Are still ok with consuming your porn and/prostitution?

Well, if you are – then you are a huge part of the genocide of the prostituted class.

I do not have to have any sympathy for you – as you torture, rape and murder my prostituted Sisters.

Their fear, their blood, their deaths are all too real.

It is your belief that it is no crime to consume porn or prostitution that is the true fantasy.

One response to “It is No Fantasy

  1. Oh my god!! I feel for you. I cried for you. My heart aches for you. 14-17?! Those scumfucks should be castrated and made to consume their own penis AND be filmed for OUR enjoyment. (Or at least mine..) Do I sound angry? Insane? Off the hook? Deranged? Well I am an ex-prostitute/call girl/escort..I took drugs to “protect” my soul. I did it to forget the painful repeated intercourse and to “keep me going” during oral sex..I will tell it like it is. No sugar coating with me! The truth must be told! I am SO sorry that you had to “live” through that insanity. I have been there in my own right. These “men” must be punished! How can they get away with this gynocide? We together can be the voice of change, sister!!


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