Myths and Beliefs That Explode My Head

In this post, I will try to write to the many ways the prostituted class are viewed – the ways we are seen only to be made invisible, the way it appears there is concern for the prostituted only to keep them sub-human, and the ways all harms done to us are lessened or made our choice.

I will try through the grief that this language – for word really can break us, words stab us to the hearts.

The words of myths of wrong beliefs are words that can drive us into self-hate, can make the male violence invisible, can cause the deaths of the prostituted, and can say that the prostituted deserve everything that happens to them.

Deserve industrialised rapes, deserve sexual torturing, deserve to thrown away, deserve to be murdered – for it is the language that make the prostituted into sub-human goods and make our suffering of no importance.

So think before you speak, or a least have enough respect to be silent if exited women and their allies say your words are part of the problem.

There is a belief or myth that makes out that the prostituted put themselves in the way of danger by not being strong enough to defend themselves.

It is said there would less violence or threat of violence if all the prostituted knew self-defence.

This belief has no concept of what it is to be prostituted – it takes no account of the severe mental abuse, the brainwashing and manipulation into self-hatred.

It is hard to imagine learning self-defence when you have could to believe that your only purpose in life is to be a fuck-object to be brought and sold.

It hard to learn or do self-defence when pimps/profiteers are controlling your every moment.

It is hard to learn self-defence when you survive by not sleeping, by addictions, and have a highly chaotic life – damned if you know if it night or day, so keeping appointments is a luxury.

Also, more often than not, if a prostitute attempts or even succeeds in defending herself it is only a very short-term gain.

A prostitute can and do win small battles – like stopping certain sexual violence, like getting a condom on, like shortening the time by making him cum quick – but no prostitute can win the war, for it out of her control.

The war against the prostituted is fully controlled by the sex trade profiteers and their consumers – the prostitute is just a pawn who is shown an exit only for a metal door to be smashed in her sense of hope or desire for freedom.

It is a game to the sex trade profiteers and the punters – they find it funny to let the prostitute think she has some power, some control, that she can choose what happens to her – funny, coz at any time they will torture her back into her position of being sex goods.

But the myth that the prostitute is powerful, that it is the prostitute who manipulates and controls the punters – that myth is popular.

It is a convenient myth for it can paint the prostitute as evil, so no sympathy will given to her.

It paints the prostitutes as supernatural, for she does not feel pain as she is rape or torture, does not have human access to grief as so much is stolen from her – makes her into an unstoppable sex god, then no man can be blamed if he consumes the prostituted,

The purpose of the myth that it is the prostituted who hold the power is to make all the male violence done to them invisible.

It makes out men cannot help themselves from raping, torturing and murdering the prostituted – for their will have been taken from by the Whore.

If you believe that men are that pathetic, that their violence is never their fault, that they are controlled so easier – you must be the real men haters.

I think that punters know and plan what they do to the prostituted – and while most societies give them excuses for their violence, they will continue to make the prostituted class into trash.

Make the violence off the punters invisible, or make excuses for it – and you are part of the genocide of the prostituted class.

I can’t write, coz I want to cry.

I think writing more often, and stopping when my body said stop is some answer.

But your support and love is wonderful.


5 responses to “Myths and Beliefs That Explode My Head

  1. Tons of love to you woman. Your words are so powerful because they cut straight through all the bullshit like a knife through butter. Thank you so much for what you do here, you are changing lives in ways you may never know. xox


  2. The prostituted class are victims. This doesn’t mean they are not strong — quite the opposite — to survive this hell is to have superhuman strength (and of course some luck). To have the audacity to blame this class of women for their misery is victim-blaming and keeps the violent men who destroy these women free to crawl around in the dark, until lights like yours are shone, and oh do the cockroaches scatter!


  3. Words matter. Even when it is not safe to say your words out loud, it makes a difference to say them inside. To write them down. When you lose the words, you lose the language, and that language is what allows you to name your life, your situation, your problems, for what they are. The language lets you share with others. When you share, even if it only sharing with a piece of paper, you unburden yourself of some of the weight of those words. When you can share out loud, with others, you can start to own the language. The more of the language you own, the more you can control the message that others hear. Keep writing. We are listening.


  4. I am so, so, so very sorry for all you have lost and suffered at the hands of men (and tokenized women who don’t get it and haven’t helped lessen your grief). I am also so very proud of your courage for coming here to write your truth which conveys, in the real meaning of personal as political, the horrors to women of men’s porn-and-prostitution mentality, where their sex-industry-sharing male blogs disparage all women as an overarching global sex class of NP, P or transitioning to P (professional). Of course men’s actions harm most the women who remain in the prostituted class or retain after exit the horrific memories of having been there. You are in the best position to warn women what men are really like. As you write your way to sanity, I am grateful that you also provide the warning to any women willing to face the ugly truth about men’s hatred of women.


  5. Thank you for speaking the truth. My heart truly goes out to you. I was a prostitute (escort-whatever) and was never gang raped or tortured thank goodness but I can relate to the suffering you felt because I felt it too. I would use alot of drugs to numb me so I’d forget the encounter/do my “job” easier/and escape the immense pain and anger I felt every-single-day I was “on call.” These punter fucks need to be brought to justice! The cops love arresting us but they never go after the johns. We are in a sense paid to be quiet! BUT not any longer sister! The ugly truth must be told!!


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