Who Do You Think the Punters Are?

I feel it is an endless battle to get outsiders of prostitution to see the punters.

I want to write to the normal violence, the normal mental abuse and the normal casual dehumanising that all punters.

I will not say it is or was some punters who harm the prostituted, I will not say there are just a few bad apples.

I will say that every punter is creating violence, is spreading hate – for each punter can and should make the choice never to buy another human for his sexual greed.

There is nothing that can justify this sexual slavery – I don’t care if the punter “just” sit at the end the bed and chats, I don’t care if he put his prostitute in an apartment, I don’t care if he decide he is the Good Punter – he owns the prostitute’s body and mind, stripping her of all her human rights.

That is slavery, that is making the prostitute into sub-human goods, that is the actions of a conqueror and rapist.

Do not look for the Good Punter, but listen and know the ordinary violence of the average punter.

I speak to indoors prostitution, for it a world I knew – but know violence that punters do is all the prostituted.

Know there is no safe place to be a prostitute – it can never ever be safe to have a world where mainly women and girls are brought and sold for any and all sexual violence punters can imagine.

Do not narrow your dreams by imagining you can protect the prostituted by placing them all indoors – inside giant brothels, in so-called co-op brothels, as escorts, or contacted on-line.

That is the dream of pimps, of sex trade “businessmen”, of the porn industry, of governments who see access to taxes.

It is not the dream of the prostituted class – just a place where they are trapped.

How many times do exited women and abolitionists have to state there is no evidence that putting prostitution does anything except increase the dangers and expand the sex trade.

How can you condemn date rape and domestic violence, but then imagine placing prostitution behind closed doors would somehow make it safer.

It is known that non-prostituted women and girls are in the greatest danger behind closed doors – whether it is domestic violence, rape or child abuse.

It is known that the prostituted class are tortured, are raped and murdered more than any other group of women and girls.

Why would that violence not be behind closed doors, why would prostituted women and girls be safe seeing endless strangers who owned them, and why would you not see the casual violence unless you have decided that the prostituted are not allowed to be human?

Let me show the normal violence behind those closed doors of what you have decided must be safe prostitution.

I write this with an aching heart, I write this with a huge hole of grief suffocating me – but I write to the truth and hope it powers some to make real change.

Firstly the foundations of the majority of indoors prostitution is that the prostitute is alone with a punter/punters.

In the world outside of prostitution, women and girls are made to feel they should be careful when alone with an unknown man, heck many women and girls outside prostitution are wary of being alone in the bedroom with any man.

But it is normal and expected of the prostitute to be alone with many strange men, to be alone and not to resist his demands or his porn dreams.

It is expected that the prostitute has no voice, has no control, that she cannot say no.

It is expected that the prostitute is a living sex-doll, that she is his porn fantasy come to life – it not expected that she feels pain, that she has fear, or that any damage can be done to her.

Punters manipulate the prostitute until she loses memory of being human.

That is the surface of ordinary indoors prostitution.

Know and hold hard inside your mind that most of the prostituted women and girls will experience this violence and degradation not through tens of punters – but if you do long-term prostitution, it can be thousands of punters.

Most exited women have no idea how many punters have owned, and pour hate and violence into them – for it too many punters for the mind to compute.

I know that when i attempt to count, I enter that hell that was my route to suicide.

For that is what prostitution is – it is a constant route to suicide without dying.

Every punter is the knife, the pills or the wanting to drown – every punter who come in with entitlement is aiding and abetting the self-harm of the prostituted.

So every punter is a criminal.

That is a punter.

4 responses to “Who Do You Think the Punters Are?

  1. Reblogged this on winterdominatrix and commented:
    I need a woman-empowering feminism like radical feminism, because a misogynistic rape culture shoves ‘you can always be a prostitute’ down women’s throats when we ask for jobs that provide equal pay AND
    sex positive now has nothing to do with a healthy, positive sexuality, it now means, submission to male sexual needs, servitude and death for women wanting their own lives free of rape and sexual abuse at the hands of men looking for free porn in real life.


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  4. You are right. All punters are criminals. Criminals who never get caught. Rapists/sadists etc. Most are in denial about what they are doing. They feel they are “helping the girl or woman” by throwing money at her (me). Well one thing you can not buy is sanity. I have lost mine many times over. I did lots of drugs to escape from what I was doing. To forget what was being said to me. To forget being penetrated and giving blow jobs when I wanted to walk out sooo badly, yet I needed the MONEY to pay my high rent. Now I don’t have to escape day to day agony. Today I am free…


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