Revolution is Never Easy

I believe that abolition of the sex trade can and will be made real.

I have been surprised by how much progress the Nordic Approach has made, knowing that it could the start of a road to abolition.

But to fully understand abolition, it must be understood as a revolution and a gradual change at the same time.

When viewed as a revolution, all those who want and need abolition must understand revolutions are never easy – but this is a righteous revolution, so hold on fast.

I believe that throughout all known and unknown history where the sex trade has existed – that the prostituted class and some allies have resisted and dream of abolition.

We must never think we were the only generation, only culture, and only time that said the buying and selling of humans for sexual greed and hate must be got rid of.

We should learn and respect those who fought and suffer badly for change over the centuries – we must know their stories may have been destroyed by the sex trade, but their spirit in everything that abolitionists do now.

For me, I cannot imagine a time or place where prostitution or porn can be made acceptable on the human rights level – I know deep in my heart there was resistance, even as it was silenced, even as the prostituted who resisted were thrown away – I know inside the heart of the prostitute deeply hidden, is a fierce warrior resisting.

That warrior is there for all the prostituted – no matter what time they live in, no matter what culture surround them, no matter their class, no matter their age – that warrior is always fighting to drag back the basic human rights for all the prostituted over all time and in all places.

The revolution of the prostituted is mostly silent.

A silent resistance that keep something deep inside every prostitute that no punter can reach to destroy, something deep inside that sex trade profiteer can understand.

Call it a soul, call it reminder of strength – but always know the prostitute has resistance even when she cannot stop the hate and violence.

I call this a revolution that no-one can stop.

The resistant spirit of the prostituted class is a force that is ignored, or pushed away – when it is force that can and will given its true voices turn the world upside down.

For the prostituted, in all time and in all places – carry the deep knowledge about male violence, and know that all men can choose to turn away from that violence.

What it takes is massive, but with small steps and thinking outside the small time of our lives – we can build a world where the sex trade is impossible to imagine.

We must believe there is nothing natural about buying and selling any human for sexual wants.

We must believe we cannot create a class of mostly women and girls who goods, and stripped of all humanity.

We must believe if you allow any man to buy another human for his sexual greed – there can no safe place for any  prostitute. Indoors is not safe, just the violence is hidden from public gaze.

We must believe that every man who make the choice to buy a prostitute – does not know or care about her past, does not know or care if she raped or being tortured by him or previous punters.

We must believe exited women when they say prostituted is paid rape.

We must believe that the true damage of porn is the extreme violence done to the women and girls inside porn.

We must believe that the act of buying a prostitute is an act of violence in and of itself.

To believe this – we must have the revolutionary thought that all the prostituted class are fully human – and should have access to all human rights.

Now to believe that – to believe that then there would a revolution I would be on the front-line for.

All too often revolutionary ideas have no space for the prostituted class.

We are pushed away by the Left as inconvenient – reminding them how male they are, reminding how often the Left uses concept of freedom of speech to silence the prostituted, reminding how often the Let makes and want to keep it own whores and porn.

We are made invisible by too many feminist – either by want to say it just work and must be chosen, or by speaking to the continuum of male violence, but always making the prostituted be dropped or told it to hard to deal with.

We are made to know, that the prostituted should wait to real revolution and then their freedom may be put on the agenda.

Only the prostituted class has been many centuries, many cultures, many political systems – and found always the sex trade remains.

Our rights are destroyed in every revolution – for it seem men can always reasons why they must keep their whores and porn.

There has never been a real revolution for the prostituted class.

We deserve freedom, we deserve to live in safety, we deserve to have our voices heard and followed, we deserve more than respect – we deserve a leadership role in destroying male violence.

That is a real revolution.

2 responses to “Revolution is Never Easy

  1. BRAVOOOO!!! YOU are a revolutionary, YOU are a leader, along with all other exited women I’ve had the honor of hearing. I see, smell and feel this revolution happening, and totally agree that its been happening since the sex trade first began. I love your reminder to honor all prostituted girls and women from the past, for they were just as fierce and resisting as exited and not-yet-exited females today. There is a term that I came across but totally forgot now (something-centric I think), about how people think right NOW is the center of life and change and how things never were the way they are right NOW, etc., i.e. the kind of arrogant idea that people were more or less dumb in the past or “we didn’t know then what we know now” trope, which is so not true. Kind of similar to the idea of euro-centricity (and ego-centricity I suppose), but to do with time. Much Love & Respect, love you and your work so much!! ❤


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