Beyond an Emergency

This is dedicated with deep love to all the exited women and their allies who mourn those who been made lost through murder by the sex trade.

The deep sorrow that we hold must be the driving force for abolition and true freedom for all the prostituted.

This weekend I heard of yet another murder of a loved prostituted woman by a punter.

A punter who thought he had done nothing of importance.

But I am sure this in just 72 hours, there was many murders of the prostituted that was not news, was not recorded – in many countries, even inside the city that I live.

For to be a woman or girl inside the sex trade, is to know that you are highly likely to be murdered – heck to the ignorant it see as a hazard of the “job”.

Prostituted women and girls are 18 times more likely to be murdered than any other group of women and girls.

18 times more !!

And that may be an under-estimate, for the sex trade is very good at making any murdered prostitute disappear.

That is more than an emergency, that is plain and simple genocide.

When is it going to matter this constant murdering of the prostituted class.

I do not know anyone who was long-term inside the sex trade who did not know or even witness the murder/s of the prostituted.

I do not know anyone who was long-term inside the sex trade who was not threatened with death or had no sadist experiences that they could have died.

Living with death was our ordinary experiences.

Why is that acceptable?

To any liberal, anarchist, or feminist who want prostitution to just be a job, a job with some risks.

How many jobs do you know where being murdered is par for the course?

How many jobs reward the murderer of its “employees”, by making it is a non-crime to murder her?

Yes, yes many other jobs are dangerous – but must deaths at work are accidents or bad management, not cold-blooded murder.

Tell me what other form of employment would allow a huge percentage of it workforce to be tortured and/or murdered?

Prostitution is never a job, is not a form of employment – prostitution must be classed as slavery and a complete violation of basic human rights.

As you imagine you can frame prostitution as a labour issue – the prostituted class are being murdered all over the globe.

Wake up from your liberal views – and start seeing the prostituted as full humans.

As long as you make the choice to view prostitution as a labour issue, you are part of the problem and far away from any solution.

You are playing the game that is designed by the sex trade – the game of making the prostituted class into goods, and stripping away their humanity.

This makes it easy for the murders to continue, for it become that no human is harmed, just goods vanish to be replaced with other goods.

The trick the sex trade does is to hide genocide on a mass scale, by always having a supply of vulnerable women and girls to fill any gaps.

This works because for too many all whores are the same.

I speak to women who fight every day to bring out the true horror of deaths from domestic violence and rape/murders of the non-prostituted women and girls.

I grieve all these waste of their futures – but for most of these deaths there is a name and acknowledgement from good women that it is a deep wrong.

There is a remembrance for these women and girls, there is enough concern to make statistics, and there is the will to make real change.

But there is a huge silence round the ordinary murders of the prostituted.

Most of the prostituted that are murdered are never remembered – they have no names, they are not seen as human enough to be recorded.

The prostituted all over the world just are made to disappear on a mass scale – and it not even noticed.

Sometimes, others prostitutes may grieve their deaths – but this is hard when to feel is to be vulnerable, also to see how close death is too dangerous.

I would love a permanent memorial in every city/town where murdered prostitutes are.

That is my dream.

I want some kind memorial to all those women and girls who were made into nothing, and were made forgotten.

That is my dream.

I want some names on the memorials, but mainly a message – a poem, an image or some prose – to make vivid that most of their deaths are unrecorded and nameless.

That is my dream.

I am reaching out for artists, exited women, free women, dreamers, abolitionists to join me to remember.

2 responses to “Beyond an Emergency

  1. There are no exceptions for men who are privileged to invade. And there are no exceptions for women, which is to say ‘Oh yes, you mustn’t do it to that woman, but do you see her over there? Yeah, it’s okay, do it to her. Nobody will miss her.’ We miss her. We want her back. (Andrea Dworkin).


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