To be a prostitute is be made into a breathing doll.

Look, read and study all cultural images of the prostituted – and know you are not seeing a living rounded female, know you viewing goods.

Know you are not allowed to know the prostitute as a human, for to know the human is to question her pain, her ability to choose and see that she is trapped.

Keep the prostitute as a doll, then you play all your fantasy and ideals on her.

A doll has no thoughts, has no past or future, has no access to speech, has on right to know pain or fear.

A doll is not allowed human rights.

A doll is played with, may be admired or shown off – but always is tossed away when it become boring.

I know you may think only punters and sex trade profiteers treat the prostituted as dolls – but it is the vast majority of society that does.

What hurts the most is when those who claim to be against the sex trade treat the prostituted as sub-humans – make us dolls to back their views.

I am saddened when I speak or write, and when many of the prostituted speak out or write – that we are more than likely made into the token Prostitute.

To speak out as a prostitute, especially when speaking as an exited woman, is never to speak just to our individual pasts – speaking out for the prostituted is to speak to being a small part of all the prostituted.

The prostituted are connected in our pain, in our grief, in our sense of fighting for true liberation.

I can only know my experiences – but as I speak out I am connected to Thai prostitutes locked inside brothels, I am connected to prostitutes in Amsterdam windows, I am connected girls working the American streets, connected to women inside hard-core porn.

To be an exited woman is to never speak to the I and always speak to the We.

But often when exited women speak out – we are not respected as that collective, but isolated off, made to tell “sad stories” of individual pasts with no connection to other prostituted.

We are made to be performing dolls to be pitied, to be used to raise money, to prove feminists have remember to put a prostitute on their agenda.

We are not allowed to be human – we are just mouth-pieces that are taken out and then thrown away.

I am tired of how exited women are used with so much disrespect, I have chosen to be silent about – but my grief, rage and sense of honour is making speak out.

I want to know why are all the prostituted whether exited or still inside the sex trade never allowed to be truly human?

Why do so many who should be or think they are allies, feel the need to keep the prostituted as dolls?

I ask this from a place of love, and deep concern – but also frustration, some rage and deep grief.

There is a common practice by our allies of only letting exited women be seen and heard in the singular, not respecting that we are political movement.

This is because a doll cannot not be political – she has not got the brains, she has not got the heart – a doll is too fragile for nasty politics.

We are keep sub-human by this patronising attitude.

It is the attitude that makes into a story that has no connection to society, no connection to economics, no connections to cultural stereotyping – being just dolls, the prostituted are disconnected from all that matter, so disconnected that it will mean nothing real will be done to end their tortures.

Yes, I am sure most readers of this blog are in deep denial that they ever would or could be a person who makes the prostituted sub-human – let allowed making us into dolls.

I know it is safe to imagine that only men that buy and sell the prostituted make us into dolls.

That is true – every punters will want his own sex-doll, and all sex trade profiteers will provide endless dolls for punters to consume.

That is the bare facts of prostitution – but you keep the prostituted sub-human by turning away from those bare facts and looking for more complicated reasons for prostitution.

Take how often you must have many categories – saying it is poverty, saying it must be forced, saying it is through incest – when all the time you are throwing away the prostituted who do not fit your pity.

As you make your lists, as you fall back on statistics, as you listen only to “experts” – you have become unable to truly listen and hear the multiple voices of exited women.

You will hear we could have been middle-class, you will hear those who enter the sex trade as adults, you cannot hear when we did not have an obvious pimp or trafficker.

Your stereotyping and judging is every day places the prostituted class in deep danger – it is allowing the constant raping, constant torturing and constant murdering of all the prostituted, including those you consider not to worthy of your help or pity.

You may not use the language of sex worker and having free choices – but all your attitudes of ignoring the prostituted that do fit your victim stereotype, implies you think some prostitutes are beyond the pale.

In other words, you are refusing to see the human in every prostitute, and keeping her as a doll.

I not sure if this post makes sense, for I am too saddened to know.

Please respond if you can – but remember this is political, not a pity party.


2 responses to “Doll-Like

  1. I think your emotions are valid, but not be allowed to be human is a past reality not a present one. I don’t have even one person in my life who regards me as subhuman because of my past. But certainly while going through it, yes punters treated me as subhuman. No one treats me or views me that way now. If anything, people are inspired by me and respect me for what I’ve overcome.


  2. It seems to me the real sub-humanity is of those doing the dehumanizing, in this case, the refusal to recognize the full humanness of the prostituted class and their vast expertise and expert insider knowledge on the subject. So many people in this world are part of the living dead, with no clue how they impact others who are more awake/alive and with so much insight to offer that is critical to social justice. Such a loss for those who can’t see this because they’re blinded by their egoes, which is a cover for low self-worth; the bigger the ego, the deeper the low self-worth runs. I say this because to me it makes it easier to manage the pain from these people’s dismissals, by seeing what’s going on in them. In a way, they are the living dolls.


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