Punters Just Don’t Care

The greatest trick that the sex trade was convincing the world that men who make the choice to buy and consume the prostituted give a damn about her conditions or background.

This is never true, those some punters may play the game of pretending to care – these are the men who called themselves the good guys, unlike the monsters that may enjoy hurting the prostituted class.

Well, speak with an exited woman, listen with all your heart and then will find you are being lied to.

There is no such thing as a caring punter – there are just times that punters make the choice to use less or no violence.

But each man who makes the choice to buy a prostitute, is buying her lack of consent, is buying to make her his porn-doll – he is buying goods not a human.

See that with a clear eye, and you will know that no punters give a damn about any prostitute.

I have been very blocked, been unable to write – for events have been cutting into my heart.

Recently, there has been another case of sexual exploitation of girls in a small tourist town.

These events have brought my young teenage self, screaming into a wall of silence – I am remembering what I choose to forget, remembering the punters who owned, remembering how much this not care.

At the same time, I was supporting The Invisible Men Project that exposes punters who make the choice to write “reviews” of escorts.

Their words and attitudes are inside my skin, all their words were the norm of all the exited I know or have contact with.

Reading The Invisible Men, and I just imagine reviews made of me and women that I loved, but could not help.

I know Punternet in many ways is a sanitised version of the norms of being in indoors prostitution – so I am shocked at the reaction of horror at reading Punternet.

It makes me wonder what do those who are shocked and horrified think punters are paying for?

Do you think it a bit of “kinky” sex and maybe a chat?

Do you really think because it indoors punters treat the prostituted with even a semblance of respect?

Do so need to believe that some punters must be caring men?

Well, I am writing this post in a stream of consciousness to say – there is no caring punters, just a veneer that you refuse to look behind. As you don’t look, you abandoned the prostituted class to rape, torture and death.

Turn away and you do have blood on your hands.

Punters can make the prostituted class into trash because so many outside the sex trade makes excuses for their violence.

Punters become invisible because you choose to shut out all your senses and close down the logical part of your brain.

Why do you think prostitution exist?

Is not the most logical answer not that complicated – prostitution exists because punters make the choice to buy other humans or their sexual and sadist greed.

It is that simple – prostitution exists because punters make a market and form the demand, it is the punters that keeps the flow of money going.

Without that constant flow of money the sex trade would not exist.

Do not be cool that the sex trade is anything to do with sex – it is always about profit first and foremost, without a huge profit the sex trade would not exist.

In that environment, why would any punter care about the prostituted.

I begun prostitutes, like a great many in the sex trade, when I was under-aged.

I was 14, which is quite old.

I do not remember any punter caring we were under-aged, I more remember being thought too old too often.

Punters do not care they are raping and torturing a child – for them no whore has a right to a childhood or to know adolescence.

We were just fresh meat, just a “virgin” to be conquered, just his porn-fantasy of incest, just a tight hole for his cock to force open.

It is not child abuse if you have paid for it.

In this recent case of sexual exploitation, I have crashed back into knowing I was a child, I should have been an adolescent – I was innocent, damaged and hurting, but innocent.

To be a child prostitute, especially those who are 12 upwards, is to be invisible.

There is little or no concern or rescuing of young adolescence girls who are brought and sold for sex.

They are viewed as whores, and as whores it is decided they made the choice of that lifestyle, and it be judgmental to intervened.

I remembering working inside a club where all the prostitutes were under 17, and all the punters were at less 20 to 40 years older.

It was on occasions raided, but never to stop under-aged prostitution, it was a raid for drugs and kick backs, a raid to feel up the girls or worse.

I know then I was invisible, I was nothing.

No police would rescue me, no social worker would think about me, my school would disappear – I was a whore, so I could be a teenager or have any innocence.

That is the hell of being an under-aged prostitute – well it just a tiny part of that hell.

So, what makes you think punters will care?

They don’t care about the obvious under-aged prostitute – so why would they care if the adult prostitute is beaten up and sexually tortured, why would they care whether she has been trafficked or not, why would they care if she controlled by pimps or not.

Why do have to believe so much in the caring punter?

Is it because you know in the depths of your heart that punters are very ordinary men who are your friends, your work colleagues and your relatives.

Knowing that, it become unbearable to know men you know and may trust or love – could make a whole class into goods to be available for rape, sexual torturing and murder.

Punters are not monsters, they are very ordinary men from all backgrounds, all classes, all cultures and all countries who make the choice to own and control the prostituted class for their sexual greed.

That is the inconvenient truth that you run away from.

If you really to help the prostituted into true freedom – then stop making excuses for the punters.

Stop looking for the unicorn of the caring punter.

2 responses to “Punters Just Don’t Care

  1. I’m sorry you had to go through what you went through. Thank you for having the courage to write this. Thank you for teaching me.


  2. Hello again! Excellent piece! Punters/johns are excused for their horrible behaviour, and once again, the “whore” is to blame. I guess society and these johns believe we really enjoy having sex with them! That’s a myth that must be broken. Society sugarcoats trafficking because they don’t want to deal with the ugly reality of it all. Again, women and girls are the ones suffering, and they (we) are not a priority in this world. You are amazingly strong. Thank you and I have love for you!


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