No Idea Which Punter There Will Be

To understand prostitution, you must fully take on board that no prostitution in any aspect of the sex trade can have control over who punters are, or what punters make their choice to do with the prostituted.

That is why the real centre of questioning prostitution is to focus on who the punters are, and not the motivations of  the prostituted.

Let me make it simple for you.

When a punter makes the choice to buy a prostitute – there is a list of things he does think about.

He does not think if she started prostitution when she was under-aged.

He does not think if she looks under-aged that it could be child abuse.

He does think where the injuries on the prostitute’s body came from.

He does not think about whether the prostitute is trafficked or not.

He does not think that she may have no escape.

He does not think if she lays dead it so she cannot not know the hell she is in.

He does not think about protection for the prostitute is of no importance.

He may think.

He may think he is ripped off if she demands a condom or not to do dangerous sex acts.

He may think if she is young-looking that he is breaking her in.

He may think he is special, and that he make the whore love him.

He may think he has the right to demand she told all her darkest secrets.

He may think he has pay enough to do whatever porn he can imagine into her body.

All I know that when you are prostituted there is no way you know who the punter is going to choose to be.

Will he just want just missionary and a blow-job, then go.

Will he be a talker who just touches up a bit – but want you as his mother, his counselor, his pretend girlfriend or his sister.

Will he come in with his mates drunk and full of bravado, and gang-raped for several hours.

Will he drive to a place you don’t know, rape you, usually not pay or under-pay, beat you up and abandoned you.

Will he preach about you being the evil Whore making him rape you, banging his holy words at you.

Will he be a Leftist speaking of evils of men being tortured, asking you if you care – as he has his freedom to buy prostitutes and does see he is the torturer.

Will he come with his porn and make the prostitute doe it all, regardless of her right to safety or life.

No prostitute ever truly knows who the punter will be.

So, what is the point of endlessly analysing who the prostitutes are – always asking us –

How did you enter prostitution?

Were you under-aged?

Were you kidnapped or what we considered to be trafficked?

Were you raped, and why did you not report it or even complain at the time?

Do you do coz you were poor?

Do you just like sex, and are ashamed to admit it?

Why did you stay if it was so bad?

There must have been some nice punters?

Were you pimped out?

And so much more.

Where are the questions for the punters.

What make you think you have the right to buy another human as your wank-object?

Do you really believe money/gifts means the prostitute has consented?

Why do you think sex with an under-aged prostitute is not child rape?

Why do think it is ok to torture, rape and murder the prostituted, then say it is disgusting when done to “real” women?

Do you really think you are unique or special to any prostitute?

I could go on, but I want my readers to focus on punters – and stop blaming the prostitutes for what punters do to them.

2 responses to “No Idea Which Punter There Will Be

  1. It’s easy to blame others for your bad choices and behaviour. Blaming women is all too easy for men. Was she raped? Her fault. In India-was she raped? Her fault. She went out without a man or a chaperone etc. Women prostitute because they are forced to do so, have no other choice for a job, Etc. Johns have no excuse for what THEY do to prostitutes, so they blame them for being there. Well guess who sought them out? Men.


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