The Invisible Men


Please read this brilliant site, but know by reading it is just a small part of what it is to be an escort or girlfriend experience.

I have been amazed and somewhat saddened by the reaction to shining a light on the punters.

There seems to be great disgust, shock and horror at how cruel and cold these men are.

Now as an exited woman, who has written on indoors prostitution for several years, and knows that for centuries exited women have try to expose who punters.

I am amazed all of a sudden it is sudden – just by reading a few examples of the words of punters – all of a sudden it is decided punters are vile.

Let me be frank, I love the site, and think it is very inventive and deeply respectful to exited women.

It is more some of the reactions that puzzled me, and pull out deep grief.

What I need to ask – why the shock, what do you think punters think they are paying?

Also why do the words of exited women for many centuries and over most cultures  when exposing punters get pushed away?

Many exited women have always exposed that all forms of prostitution is about, torture, slavery, exploitation and living with death.

So why is it so surprising to know that punters would want to communicate their violence to other punters.

For that is the main aim of Punternet, more than just reviewing escorts and rating them, more than saying where and how to find escorts – Punternet is a bravado site for punters to bigging themselves up to other punters.

Punternet is just new technology of the old communication between these men, and for punters to show off to each other.

The major way that punters have communicated is through word of mouth, the net is just one tool that punters use on occasion.

When I was prostituted, men found out about that I “like” sadist sex, that I could be treated as they want without consequences – through speaking with other punters.

The language used in Punternet is the very ordinary language of the normal punter – it is not extreme, it is not the most violent punters, and it is not even rare.

The most important thing about Punternet is it can be exposed to the light as a small example of the ordinary callousness of the punters to all the prostituted.

Seeing their words lays bare what exited have always known, but too much of the world rejects.

That the violence done to the prostituted is pre-planned and organised.

That punters really do not care about who the prostitute is or how she got to be a prostitute.

That punters will and do ignore that she is under-aged, trafficked, in fear, in obvious pain., or is deeply controlled.

For Punternet lays bare that punters are buying goods – and in their view there is no human, so no harm can be done to the prostitute.

Please read and understand The Invisible Men – but use it as a springboard to read and support as many exited women as possible.


6 responses to “The Invisible Men

  1. What the punters say is really horrible, I can’t believe that people, even with that, still focus on “what the sex workers want”… 😦


  2. Sweet thang, I think of you and the hell you ahve gone through. Love flows to you. You are saying crucial things from your experience. Thank you so much.


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  4. Don’t be sad. This world is full of selfish individuals that prefer ignorance is bliss over the reality in which we live. I too was like the average person that chose not to get involved. It is people like you that have the power to show the world their perception is narrow.

    Good luck,


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