I Do Not Put Trigger Warnings on the Reality

I want to state why I will not place trigger warnings on my work.

I do not believe that bitter truth of what it was to be prostituted, the bitter truth of who punters are, or the bitter truth of trauma after somehow exiting prostitution should have trigger warnings all over it.

Trigger warnings are used as an excuse to turn away from the truths of the prostituted, to not look with a clear eye at who are the punters and sex trade profiteers.

I write as witness-writer.

I do not write to be your counselor, I will not be your caretaker.

Of course, I have respect for my loyal readers – I am deeply honoured that you join in the fight to give back the prostituted full humanity and dignity.

But because I deeply respect my readers, I feel that they can and will how and when they read this blog.

I feel my readership are intelligent and mature enough to not read if is disturbing them too much.

I also know that I would feel I was doing something wrong if this blog did not unsettle, upset, trigger and hopefully anger my readers.

I want this blog to not just be a safe mind space – but a visceral place that reaches deep into the hearts and guts of the readers.

I have got it wrong if are not –



Wanting to cry

And desperate to understand what you can do.

I do not write to make my readers feel safe, feel that prostitution can be dealt with quickly, or to mother you through the journey of abortion.

Abortion is painful, it is slow, and it need to be visceral.

But it also about believing in true humanity of all the prostituted, it is knowing hope will always push the movement on.

Abolition must speak to the hearts, minds and guts of the multiple voices of the prostituted class – and it must not be fenced in or censor by others demanding trigger warnings.

We must not put trigger warnings before the ordinary and everyday sexual torturing of the prostituted class.

We must put triggers as we speak to the truths of living with many deaths and disappearances of the prostituted – never knowing whether it was being unable to live, suicide or murder.

We must not put triggers on the rage, grief and sheer pain of being an exited woman living with complex trauma.

The truth is more important than any trigger warning.

I no longer put on trigger warnings.

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