The Freedoms You Have Given Punters

Dedicated to Nia Thomas


Punters feel and know that they have almost complete freedom to send the prostituted class into hell.

This is because far too people make the choice to ignore, say it is not important compare to real violence happening to real women, or shut their minds to how punters constantly treat the prostituted.

One way to make the punters invisible and of little importance, is to re-brand prostitution as sex work.

Call it sex work, and everything that happens to the prostitute must be because she has chosen that lifestyle.

Call it sex work, and you can imagine it some kind of mutual business exchange between two equal adult – one the consumer, the other the willing giver.

Call it sex work – and then on and on and on about how someone has to do it, it might dirty and dangerous – but at least it not working in a mine, being a fast-food worker, being in a sweat-shop, being in a supermarket.

Call it sex work – then say if in doubt that all work is slavery.

And by calling it sex work you doing the work of the sex trade profiteers – you are making all the conscious violence of the punters invisible and also saying it just part of the job.

Well, let’s look at some of the violence that my mind and remembers.

I use myself as an example of how the vast majority of the prostituted are treated by punters.

I want to put it into some kind of context.

I was mostly an indoors prostitution, I mainly did legitimate so-called safe prostitution in flats, clubs and hotels. I was an escort, in brothels and did girlfriend experience.

This was view by the outside as the high-class nice aspects of prostitution – for the outside world has brought the propaganda of the sex trade profiteers and the lies that punters may say.

Violence was my norm.

I cannot understand why anyone is surprised that violence was my norm – I just wonder what the heck do you think punters are making the choice to buy a prostitute for?

Do you really think they just lonely, sad, unable to get “normal” sex men?

Do you really think that punters want a relationship, counselling, friendship or mothering from the prostitute?

Do really think they just want missionary sex maybe with a blowjob?

Do you really think punters give a damn if the prostitute is under-aged, beaten up, laying as if she is dead?

If you think any or all of that, you are kidding yourself, and letting the punters off the hook – you are part of the genocide of the prostituted class.

Punters make the choice to buy the prostituted, for one major reason.

To have complete and utter control over the prostituted, knowing she has no rights to say no.

To do this the punter will view the prostitute as sub-human, well not human in any way.

The prostitute is throwaway goods, she is trash, she has no human feelings.

This makes the punters know and believe that he can never truly harm or damage the prostitute – she is nothing, so nothing has happened to nothing.

That is the reality of how punters view the prostitute – there are no Richard Geres, no Happy Hookers, no fairy tales endings – just simple hate and degradation poured into the minds and bodies of the prostituted by endless punters.

Think of all tortures you knowledge of, think into the darkest parts of porn, think into violence that makes your mind want to run.

That is the norm for the vast majority of the prostituted – and it done to them by very ordinary men who fade into the background, often outside of the sex trade are likable men.

It is common in prostitution for punters to play with choosing whether to kill the prostitute or not.

This is no game, when the average prostitute is 18 times more likely to be murdered than any other woman or girl.

Everyday, prostitutes die from the selfishness of punters getting turn on by snuffing her out.

Prostitutes are murdered so often it not considered worth reporting – she just disappear, for she was nothing in life, so why care if she is murdered.

I do not know of any exited woman who does live the pain, guilt and grief of knowing she survived when so many did not – we often closed down for the pain is too great.

I was strangled often; I was raped whilst being drown; I had oral rape so deep that remembering to breathe was impossible.

I was surrounded by punters speaking to my murder.

Saying how no-one would miss a dead whore; saying that they would chop me up and bury all over; saying it is best to dump my body in a river, rubbish tip or by a road – it was all I was worth.

This was a huge joke to punters, watching out for my fear, laughing if I wet myself, and telling me I had no sense of humour.

I know now there is nothing unique about these life and death games I survived – it was very normal behaviour from punters, from punters who others would not consider sadists but just very ordinary men.

For most of the sadism done to the prostituted does not spread outside into the “real” world, the violence is reserved for the prostituted, and then the punters just get with their everyday lives as if nothing has happened.

For in the minds of punters, nothing has happened to nothing.

I cannot say how often punters would say they would do what  they want to the prostitute, but never to real women and girls.

Most would disgusted to be label as a rapist – let alone a torturer and a sadist.

Most punters who make the choice to buy an under-aged prostitute will say to her how vile child sexual violence is – as he ripped away her right to be a child.

I was raped as an under-aged prostitute by punters who would speak of hanging any child rapist.

The worse thing of being a prostitute is knowing that punters will be turned on however you are or what conditions you are in.

One thing that is hard to forget or come to terms with  – is how often punters will continue fucking even when the prostitute is not moving, is in obvious pain, is crying, may go unconscious or is physically sick.

Punters don’t care – you are fooling yourself if you think they do.

The myth of the caring punters is keeping the prostituted enslaved.

Punters don’t care if the prostitute is trafficked, don’t care if she was abuse as child, don’t care if she is covered with injuries.

They just care that they get their money worth.

I know how little punters care.

I know as I have memories of being fucked into unconsciousness especially by forced oral sex making stop breathing.

I know as I lived through too gang rapes with no care whether I lived or died.

Don’t tell that some punters have a heart.

If a man has a heart – it would even occurred to him to buy a prostitute, and he would part of the abolition movement.

I will stop now – it so exhausting writing of punters.

Please put a bright light on all punters – then we can build a world to give all the prostituted true justice and humanity.

5 responses to “The Freedoms You Have Given Punters

  1. No one can read your work and not learn and be permanently affected. Thank you so much for your bravery in speaking out. You are a talented writer too and I hope someday to see your thoughts collected into a book.


  2. I agree with karmarad. Your words moved me deeply from the start, and made me more determined than ever to fight this terrible industry, this system. I hope to share your writings with as many people as possible and stand with you in every possible way to end all this violence. Much love and solidarity, sister.


  3. My heart is aching. Thank you for sharing your story – I’m going to share it on my blog.
    I hope you reach some peace. x


  4. Reblogged this on Questions for Women and commented:
    There is a romanticised view about the prostituted class; generally it’s a huge discussion on the women, whilst the punters – the perpetrators – fade into obscurity.
    This harrowing account is the reality.
    If there is a shred of decency left in our humanity – we have to do something about this.
    My heart is literally aching of the women and girls.
    Deep, despondent, breath.


  5. It is not about my individual peace – i have a very stable and settled life. My purpose in this blog is make a real change in attitude to bring about abolition.


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