Some More Thoughts

How do you find a language that fits my experiences of indoors prostitution? How do I not make just another story? How do I speak into the unspeakable?

That is part of the reason for this blog.

I speak deep into my personal for it is always connected to the  conditions of all the prostituted, whether I knew their lives or not, whether they can name it as oppression or not – my connected to each and every prostituted woman, girl or man is in my silence and all my words.

I will name myself and many of my Sisters as radical exited women.

This is because however we want and try hard to trust anti-trafficking groups, Leftists and feminists – we are continually made to feel and to be sub-human.

These groups do some very good work to end prostitution (well not most Leftists who just change by keeping porn and prostitution – but make it trendy) – but in many they are not radical in their approach to the prostituted.

This mainly comes from not trusting the voices of exited women, so they may use them for their agenda, but reject any independent thinking.

There is a massive fear to go deep into the emotional impact of prostitution – and a lack of understanding that many of the prostituted class have deadened emotions.

We are too calm or we are too emotional – we can not be right, when others are seeking reasons to only hear what they assume we will say.

I tend to be quite cold when I enter into speaking to my truths, I survived by being detached and vicious in my own emotions.

I will cold and detached when I feel or know I am being used as the token exited woman.

I bite down my bile of rage and disappointment that I viewed as an individual, as a story, as an example.

I only an individual with those I love and can trust – but my work is part of a movement.

Each event I choose to explore is common in indoors prostitution – I’m just one in millions of prostituted women oppressed in indoors prostitution.

There is nothing unique about my past – that is why I write this blog – coz now as you read there women everywhere in indoors prostitution in the same conditions, and many many many prostituted women and girls in far worse conditions.

Do not insult me by trying to make my blog into some kind of individual sad story – you do that so you can not see the connections, and not see the mass destruction of the prostituted –  class.

Do not patronise me by saying I write this blog just to get individual “healing” – that is just a way of ignoring that it a political act to write this blog.

This blog is one long testimony to further the abolition movement, it is always the authentic voices of the oppressed that push abolition into a reality.

I do not read the words of freed slaves fighting for abolition as just individual stories – I always each and every slave has a connection to each other, and their words are fiercely political in their demand for true liberation.

So it is with the multiple and varied voices of exited.

We are diverse, in many ways we disagree other many things in life – heck we are just normal multi-faceted women.

But there is a spiritual connection with all the prostituted – and many of us will fight to our deaths for each and every one of our prostituted Sisters.

We do place their lives as our priority – for each and every day we know there is an ongoing genocide of the prostituted class.

We must make it our priority for it is a huge human rights crisis – and we feel each and every day in our skins.

Yes, many exited women are a one issue campaigner – but do not condemn that until you face up to the size of the sex trade and the poison it pours into the world.

See with a clear eye that millions of prostituted women and girls are being tortured in almost every country, and in every moment of the day and night.

See with a clear that it never a “job” – name me any job where rape is the norm, name any job where murders go unnoticed, name another job where pay is stolen, and name a job where being dead inside is the only way survive.

See with a clear eye that prostitution is only made acceptable by making the myth that money equals consent.

See with a clear eye that all your excuses for the existence of prostitution and porn are built with the blood and guts of the prostituted class.

How do justify the sex trade – when women in prostitution are murdered 18 times more than other women, when the vast majority of those murders are kept in-house and made invisible?

How do you justify the sex trade – when women in prostitution come to think of it as paid rape?

How do you justify the sex trade – when torture of the prostituted it is the backbone of the whole industry, and that torture is a rehearsal for all other forms of tortures done to political prisoners and others?

See the sex trade with a clear eye, and it is impossible to justify.

So that why I stay an one-issue campaigner – and if you want to be an abolitionist, please try to be more radical.

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  1. Dear rmott62,
    As part of being nominated for the Very Inspiring Blog Award, which elliebloo, ( whose site is at: ) honored me with, I am to nominate 15 blogs that inspire me… Yours is one of those blogs, and has been ever since I first came to read your work…. Thanks for being part of the WP family, and for all the inspiring work I read here….. You can find your nomination, and the rules for acceptance, here:

    ~~ gigoid, the dubious….. 😆


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