It is Not About the Women

Always when prostitution is put into the public arena – the focus is always made to be the choices or non-choices of prostituted women.

The prostitute is made an individual, but at the same time it made into a mass by being into the Other.

In most public debate or inquiry, there is a deep desire to find that prostitution must be chosen, and is relatively safe – for then it can place back into a box and forgotten about.

But prostitution is not and never has been about the prostituted women.

And most important, prostitution is never about the individual prostituted woman. She always is stripped of her individuality and made into goods.

Prostitution is not individual acts of violence done against individual women – it is always a deeply structured and institutionalised violence against a whole class of females named as the prostituted class.

The sex trade has over many centuries made this highly organised structure have the veneer of being chaotic and that most forms of prostitution is disconnected from each other.

The cleverest trick the sex trade ever did id to say it all about the individual prostituted woman’s choices.

In those simple words, the sex trade prevent the Left or liberal feminists looking too deeply into the conditions of the prostituted.

In those simple words, any violence done to the prostituted are made to appear to be her bad choices.

In those simple words, the punters can imagine all prostitutes must be willing even when he see injuries on her, when she cannot speak the language of the country she is in, when the door is guarded.

In those simple words, governments decide to separate trafficking, under-aged prostitution and so-called forced prostitution from freely chosen prostitution.

In those simple words, the sex trade profiteers assure their business run as normal with no interference or regard for the safety of the prostituted class.

The issue is not the prostituted women – it is always has been and will be that there a vast market for the buying and selling of mainly women and girls for male sexual demand.

There was, is and never will a reason for this market – so the sex trade invents and creates a network of lies and propaganda to justify this slavery and oppression.

The greatest myth is the most believed.

That men must always have access to a prostituted class – for men have an insatiable need and urge for sex.

That men’s sexual needs are so urgent that without access to a prostituted class – he will and must rape the non-prostituted women and girls, christ he may even rape a man.

This myth feeds most of the other lies and myths that the sex trade promotes.

There is the concept that men must have a place to pour out all their dark sexual fantasies, that there must a place for men to put sexual violence into women without worrying about consequences – the prostituted class is that place.

There is the idea that some men are so lonely, too ugly, disabled, anti-social or just boring to have sex or create a relationship with non-prostituted women – so throw the prostituted at him, and everything is fine and dandy.

There is perception that posh men can collect and sample many different prostitutes – he can compare and contrast, he will write the great Novel on his experiences, he may be violence or kill her but all in the name of art.

All this to hide the simple fact that there can never be any justification for the buying and selling of the prostituted class.

It is done for male sexual greed, it is done so men can express sexual hate and rage without consequences, and it is done first and foremost to make tons of money for the sex trade.

No honey words of prostituted women’s free choices can hide that.

2 responses to “It is Not About the Women

  1. Thank you for telling the truth about all this. I was never able to believe that prostitution was really a free choice or a safe thing for any woman. People, usually men, do try to rationalize it and say that “if” certain conditions were met, then it would be okay. But it’s never okay and as you say, it needs to end. When people are turned into goods for purchase, that’s slavery, and is always wrong. For whatever it’s worth, you have my total support.


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