Men Are the Issue

If we really want to abolish prostitution – then we look into the real cause of it existence.

Prostitution would not exist if men did not demand to have paid sex/rape on tap wherever and whenever they want.

Prostitution would not exist if men did not know they can make a mass profit through selling whatever sadistic sexual practices they can imagine.

Prostitution is driven by men.

Prostitution was invented by men, and with a strong will, it can be destroyed by men.

But the art of prostitution is to make the men disappear, and all the focus and blame heaped onto the prostituted class.

I am sick, I am tired, hell I am pissed off that the men are made invisible.

By refusing to see the men as the issue, you are just giving the men more power to destroyed the prostituted.

By refusing to see the men, you are making out it is a non-crime to rape, to torture, and to murdered the prostituted.

Let me be frank, by refusing to see the men as the centre off the hate, violence and degradation that is the foundation of all forms of prostitution – you have blood on your hands.

Look away and you are part of the problem, you are part of the genocide of the prostituted class.

I understand your need not to see, I understand but I cannot sympathise – not whilst my prostituted Sisters are being raped, tortured and murdered.

Your precious protection of men who make the sex trade is very low on my priorities.

I want to be clear, I feel there is a focus on the prostituted women because they are viewed as the Other – so can be put into neat boxes and mostly forgotten,

You refuse to see the men for in your heart you know they could be your brother, your work colleague, your father, your best friend, your teacher and any or all men you are close to.

If you want to find a punter – look to all or any man or group of men – and you will find your typical punter.

No you will not look to ordinary men – but play the game that punters must be lonely, must be monsters, must be disabled, must be men you do not know.

It is the same with sex trade profiteers – they are very ordinary in public, ordinary to the world outside the sex trade.

They are not your TV/movies pimps, they do not appear to be monsters, they have no appearance of deep hate that rules their hearts.

No most sex trade profiteers are businessmen, they hide behind computers.

Sadly, many sex trade profiteers are women who destroyed other women and girls.

But the sex trade business is run by men for the benefit of men – women are just used to give the image that it can made women-friendly and to please the naive Leftists.

If you ignore or dismiss the men – then you make a world where the prostitute is to blame for all damage done to her, she is made to blame if she too deadened to know it is wrong.

It becomes questions that it is real rape, that any prostitute could possibly be tortured – it put into question that most prostitute must have wanted to be murdered.

I mean, if you can’t take the violence, then why did you choose to be a prostitute. Didn’t you know it is just part of the job.

This means if the prostitute does report a crime, it cannot exist.

But how do you report rape, when you raped so often you cannot know it is wrong.

Rape is industrial in the sex trade – rape is done till the prostitute has no feeling or sense of self left.

Rape on that scale makes the prostitute into goods – and she losing memory or access to being human.

How does report rape, when she has comes to know nothing is happening to nothing.

We must not build laws and wanting to help the prostituted on waiting for the women to know it is a crime – we must go after those who are fully responsible for the crimes done to the prostituted.

No man need to buy and sell the prostituted.

Every man who does that has made the choice to make another human being into an object that he can make into dirt.

It is always a conscious decision to buy and sell the prostituted – it is always done with the full knowledge that any man can do all harms to the prostituted.

This is because all men know and benefit from the knowledge that it more than likely a non-crime to rape, torture and murder the prostituted.

All men know and benefit from that it very rare a prostitute will complain.

All men know and benefit from that the prostituted have no access to the language of no, and consent is destroyed by money or an exchange of gifts.

So, of course, not all men consume the prostituted – but all men benefit from the invention of the prostituted class.

That is why to begin the road to true freedom of the prostituted – we must confront and challenge men who buy and sell the prostituted.

We must start with making all male demand for the prostitution a serious crime – with full sentences not just light fines.

Until we see the men – the prostituted will continue to be raped, to be tortured and to be murdered off the scale.

6 responses to “Men Are the Issue

  1. EXCELLENT! Well done! I could not have said it better myself 🙂 ::HUGS:
    And you know what else bugs me? The word “survivor.” People who have otherwise normal lives who happen to sustain damage to their homes from an F-5 tornado or a hurricane who must then rebuild their lives are survivors. People who survive an auto accident are survivors. But exited women like me and you? I prefer the term “crime victims”, because what happened to us was not some “act of god”, or by some sheer bad accident. I did not fall into the strip joint sinkhole while walking to school one morning at age 13. To be a “survivor” implies I lived through some accidental bad thing that had no other act of deliberation on the part of another person involved. But replacing the word “victim” or “crime victim” with “survivor” means that I was the only participant, the only actor, that there was no men who made the deliberate choice to buy me, and abuse me. So hell yeah, sister! It is time to make the MEN visible and make the MEN own the shame and social exclusion that they’ve foisted upon the women they’ve exploited.


  2. You pegged it, Rebecca! There is no excuse for failing to look at the real cause of the entire damned sex industry—MEN.


  3. Thank you for this. I’m so tired of liberals blindly supporting prostitution because of what a few privileged, brain-washed first-world “sex workers” say about “choosing” it. They never think about the fact that there wouldn’t be anything to “choose” if men’s desire to exploit and abuse wasn’t providing the demand.


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