Words Cannot Say It

This post is about why the focus must be on those who buy and sell the prostituted class, and not on the words of mainly women inside the sex trade.

This post is about language, and words are taken from the prostituted to speak to the truths of their conditions.

I am writing this from deep frustration and some anger, that there is an over-reliance on the words of prostituted women without regard to how and why they speak.

I am writing this because there is a huge silence.

A silence of the punters – no-one hears the language of men who make a conscious choice to buy the prostituted.

A silence from sex trade profiteers –  where is the research, questions and study on why these profiteers have the entitlement to sell the prostituted class as sub-human goods?

This silence is so loud because it is surrounded by the noise of listening to the prostituted class – listening usually to re-affirm whatever prejudice the listener or reader already has.

Most want have the voices of the prostituted to confirm it is all fine and dandy – that there must be prostitutes who are happy; prostitutes who have been empowered by their lifestyles; and most important that it is ok enough for the sex trade to continue as normal.

Many may hear that some of the prostituted class are in horrific conditions – but this is framed as those who have been trafficked externally; framed as women who were abused before entering the sex trade; and framed that it must be the nasty edges of the sex trade.

What is wanted to be heard over and over and over – is that the sex trade can be made neat and tidy, so men we know and love can consume a prostitute without it be considered a bad thing to do.

So the silence of the prostituted class will grow and grow as it will never be words to speak to the simple realities of what it is to be a prostitute.

The words of male sexual violence that is allowed for the non-prostituted – is tossed aside and re-framed as everything that it is not.

Before I speak to words that are stolen from the prostituted class, I will say a few words to how they are stolen, and why we allowed this theft to be made invisible.

Most of the prostituted are raped too many times for their minds to comprehend – but there is no language of rape, sexual abuse or even harm when inside the sex trade.

No, the language is surreal and daily is a slow murder of the prostituted class.

It is the language of business exchange; it is the language of free choice; it is the language where money equals consent – and it is the language made to confuse the prostitute and to make sure she forgets she has rights to safety and dignity.

All the language of the prostituted is forced into her mind and body by profiteers and punters – her words are manipulated till she cannot know how to speak without being told what to say.

But it is decided that the prostituted must understand their own condition and must always speak to the truth.

We do not say that when a child said she love her father who is raping her; we do not say that as a girlfriend said her partner will never hit her again; and we do not say that is ok to forgive men who rape and torture all women and girls outside the sex trade.

But every day and in every place, there are reasons and excuses for men raping, torturing and murdering the prostituted class.

So every day and in every place, no wonder the prostituted class are silent as they live with sexual torture off the scale.

They know deep in their hearts to be silent, for they know they will not be believed and if believed will more than likely pushed away, as more important issues are dealt with.

How can the prostituted know they are raped, how can know that much of their daily experiences would be classed as torture?

How can you know those simple truths, when everywhere words say it your choice, that the pain is empowering, that loss of dignity is just fun.

To a prostituted is to learn not to feel pain, not to remember dignity, it is a world that is made of moments without a past or a future.

Language means nothing when you are made nothing.

2 responses to “Words Cannot Say It

  1. I follow your blog regularly. Your words about your experience are so powerful, your words will help to make some change. Respect to you.


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