Not My Consumption

Many attackers of exited women and their allies comes from the primitive belief that we hate sex.

I would laugh at that if i wasn’t crying in frustration and deep fury, for in saying that you are defining sex as something you must consume – no matter the harms you to others to yourself.

I thought sex was meant to an intimate way to communicate love; I thought sex was meant to done to have fun without destroying another for that fun; and I thought sex was something that was free, and not brought and sold.

I am so naive to believe that sex should fun, safe, equal and unspoken way to express love.

But, I find many exited women hold on to that naivety despite the constant polluting of our dreams of making sex good.

We believe in sex as a liberator, as enjoyment and as a place to find safety – only every moment of every day our belief is spit on.

We have known and been inside all consumption of sex – and our experiences should be heard, and you should learn that sex and consumption should never be intertwined.

Place sex into the capitalist market, put sex into all computers, make sex sell all goods, have sex carry all crime plots – and you just lose all human contact and ability to feel sexual emotions.

When we make sex an object to be brought and sold, we are designing a class of mainly women and girls that are stripped of human emotions, are made to be nothing holes to have sex acts put into.

This is called prostitution and porn – you consume any prostitute, consume any porn, and you are an agent in the destruction of the prostituted class.

I hear you say and scream endlessly –

Not my porn. Not the prostitute I buy.

I am the good guy.

My stash, my prostitute – is the good type.

I am not violent.

I consume alternative porn.

All inside my porn/prostitution are happy and empowered.

I hear you – but however times you repeat that mantra, you are still an agent in the genocide of the prostituted.

There is no such thing as a prostitution without violence; no such thing as porn without hate.

Your porn/use of a prostitute may in your head be politically correct, you may delude yourself and others that you respect and even honour those inside the prostituted class.

But, each you pay for sex or consume porn – you don’t give a damn that you stripping the prostituted class of basic human rights.

Let start with consuming porn, look inside your lies to yourself.

If you just wanted to sexual imagery, see sex in images of equality and communication – then there is reams of erotica, there are many films, there are photos and paintings.

But you seek out porn, so you want violence and to see mainly women being degraded.

You want to know sex is pain, and pain is sex.

You want sex to conquer and destroy, you want sex to be hate.

You are making the choice to find porn, don’t make out it was peer pressure or some kind of accident – you can always make the choice to not consume porn.

If you choose to consume porn, then you are the agent in the torturing, raping, mental violence and murders of the “actresses” inside your porn.

If you consume porn, you will see if you look with a clear eye – you will the dead eyes of those inside porn, see clearly it is real pain/real torture, see it is beyond endurance.

You consume porn – and we have the right to hate you.

The same goes for each and every man who make the choice to buy the prostituted.

We have the right to hate, and no longer listen to your pathetic excuses.

Lead by exited women, I would say the time for punter’s excuses is coming to an end.

There are so many excuses – never speaking to the simple truth that punters enjoy having power and control over a human who has no rights to say no, a human that the punter can and will whatever violence he can imagine to.

Excuses, excuses, excuses are now getting old.

There is that some men must have access to the prostituted for they are disabled, lonely, old, or a virgin.

What the fuck – so the prostituted may as be called goods that are dragged out so isolated men can poke, manipulate and consume.

There is no questioning of why some men are not having sex, or even why it is considered that all must have sex.

I get furious at the patronising attitude about disabled men, the assumption that they cannot build or receive sexual emotions without consuming a prostitution.

There no introduction to sex education, no allowing sexual emotions to grow – no the disabled are made the Other.

As for most isolated men, it utter bullshit that they must have sex or what – their dicks will go green and fall off, or of course they will become serial rapists of innocent non-prostituted women and girls.

Having sex is not a given for anyone, and there plenty of people who are totally fine not having constant sex.

It is made out by idiots that men must have sex as some kind of a human right.

A human right like the right to eat, the right to have access to water, the right to full safety, and the right to shelter.

Of course, it is only men that have this ridiculous right to always have sex – it is no issue if women have to live without sex.

This stupid belief is the under-pinning of the invention of the prostituted class – it is under-pinned with the constant threat that men must have access to pay for sex, or they will rape all women and girls outside the sex trade.

I find that exited women and their allies do not have such a low opinion of men – we do not think men need the prostituted class to prevent sexual violence, we believe that men can learn to end rape.

But, when most cultures and societies make it normal to buy and consume sex – we live inside a world that state clearly rape is normal as long as it is kept invisible inside the minds and bodies of the prostituted class.

In that environment, rape will be normal for men to do to all women and girls.

Allow your consumption of prostitutes and porn to grow, and you are making all women and girls live in terror – including your mother, your girlfriend, your sister and your wife.

You may convince yourself that the violence and hate is keep inside the sex trade – but each time you rape a prostitute or view porn torture, you are saying that is what women wants and need.

The issue of porn and prostitution is your consumption – for you can at any time make the conscious choice to not be part of that destruction.

All it takes is growing up and being a real man.

2 responses to “Not My Consumption

  1. I think you are very brave to speak so candidly – thank you for helping me to understand something I know so little about.

    I don’t know if I am overstepping my boundaries, but I am very curious as to your thoughts about pornography. It’s always been a gray area for me morally, I don’t know how I feel about it. Could you please clarify your thoughts regarding pornography and its relationship to prostitution? If pornography is truly harmful, then I would like to help speak out against it.

    Thank you, Corina


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