Concrete Dreams

To be an abolitionist is be call a dreamer.

It is said it is and must be impossible to rid the world of prostitution – it just a fact of life, deal with it.

Well, as an exited woman who has the trauma of the sex trade under my skin, and acting as white noise each time I try to just get on with life.

As an exited woman who knew too many prostituted Sisters who could live –  women and girls that killed themselves, women and girls that lost their sanity with the loss of all hope, and women and girls who were murdered and never reported.

As an exited woman who had to block out too much of my life – block out the endless rapes, block out that torture was always there as a threat or a reality, block out how often I try to kill myself or was nearly murdered.

I have to dream and be part of making concrete that abolition of the sex trade must be a reality.

I hear and see every day justifications for the sex trade.

Do you justify pre-medicated murders, do you justify torture of political prisoners – heck would you justify wearing fur ripped from live animals?

I doubt you would – but many who fight for torture of men, torture of animals, rape and torture of women and girls outside the sex trade – decide it is different for the prostituted class.

Take as an example too many Leftists, anarchists, people who claim to be freedom fighters.

How many of these so-called allies are prefer to let the prostituted class be destroyed, as long as they can keep their supply of “alternative” and have access to “sex workers.

Hell, many of these “allies” have become profiteers in the sex trade, and have manipulated Leftist language to paint the veneer of being the good guys.

According to the Left, the only reason porn and prostitution was bad was coz it was run by the Right, and kept only for rich white men.

The Left want to open porn and prostitution, make it democratic – well mainly still for the Leftist brothers, but it a common habit of Leftist men to put women forward to promote the joys of being inside porn and being prostituted.

The Left is hand-in-glove with the sex trade, they are swopping language and how to be more effective in keeping the status quo of the sex trade.

That is why we live now in a surreal world of sex work.

We now speak of choice as only being with the prostituted class. We have to make invisible that the vast majority of the prostituted have no access to the language of no.

We make invisible that the vast majority of the prostituted live with rape, torture and being murdered with saying it is ok coz it is decided that being paid is to give full consent.

And most important, we make invisible that the only real choice is for the punter who make the choice to buy another human for his sexual greed. It is the punter who make the choice how much violence he uses on the prostitute, or how extreme the porn he consumes will be.

It is the punter who make the choice to make the prostituted class sub-human, and his only reason is he decide he cannot wank off without the added destruction of the prostituted woman or girl.

It is the sex trade profiteers that make choices – they choose what sadistic acts they will allowed to be done to their property, they choose where and how the prostituted are consumed, and they choose what women and girls to sell to increase their hold on the market.

How can anyone on the Left make excuses for the sex trade – it is clearly naked capitalism and exploitation, it is genocide with the weapons of brainwashing, tortures, rapes and murder.

What reason do you have to say that is ok?

Can you only have swallow dreams, so you given up thinking that the prostituted can not have full humanity and true freedom.

Or is it that you think it is just sex – and think that your sexual greed is more important than the rights of the prostituted class – are you really that selfish?

Well, look carefully at your sex work utopia, see from the eyes of an exited woman.

I hear and read the Left imagine that unions will cure all evils inside the sex trade. I think you dream that these unions are run by the prostituted, you imagine that then the prostituted will be truly respected and made safe.

You refuse to believe that unions are pointless inside the sex trade.

It is not work – it is slavery, so unions do nothing.

But in reality, unions that do exist are fully control and run by those who profiteer from the sex trade, most sex work unions fight for the rights of punters and pimps, and still view the prostituted as goods.

Stop dreaming of sex worker unions – dream harder, and see a world where the prostituted class have full dignity, are living with structured ways to exit, and seen as full humans not goods.

Dream into abolition, stand by your prostituted Sisters and hear and see our desire for real freedom.

Listen and hear the pain of being inside the sex trade, listen and hear the grief we have – stop speaking over, instead and through the prostituted class.


3 responses to “Concrete Dreams

  1. i had link to a great great rad-fem blog/post which elaborated upon the points you’ve made, but can’t for the life of me recall it.. I will link you once I remember tho!


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