Don’t Believe the Lies

To write as an exited woman is to live with constant lies being said all round you.

The vast majority of these lies are not misunderstandings or simple different points of view. The lies are vicious weapons used by those who want to keep the status quo of the sex trade.

Many who lie about exited women are those who profiteer from exploiting the prostituted class, many are punters wanting to justify that they making the prostituted into goods for their sexual greed, many are prostituted women who speak the language of their oppressor.

All lies spoken about exited women do not come from innocent place – it comes from a place of wanting to control exited women, it comes from a place that views all the prostituted as sub-human goods, it comes from a place where all male violence is made invisible, and it comes from a place of deep contempt for anyone who dares to even think it is wrong to have a prostituted class.

So why do so many believe the lies that are spread daily about exited women? Could it be that to believe the lies, gives you yet another excuse to be apathetic, as the prostituted class is being destroyed.

A common lie with many variations is we were never “real” prostitutes, or we make up stuff for attention.

Or we may have been prostituted – but not as we say we were.

It has been decided without any evidence, that if I was a prostitute, I was a web-cam girl, and no violence ever happened to me.

I just write this blog coz I am a vicious man-hater, and my long-term plan is to make all prostituted women starve to death.

I have never had real sex with a man, so I don’t know anything.

These are common lies said about all exited women who have the courage and determination to speak their truths and fight for abolition.

And some of you choose to believe such desperate lies – rather than honouring the bravery of exited women.

I say shame on you.

Why would we lie or even make up the violence we have known.

I would say if I was to make a past for myself or my exited Sisters, it would a past with no male violence, a past without the concept of buying and selling the prostituted class, a past where we had time and space to dream and grow.

It  would not be a past where we were made into toilets for all male porn fantasies, it would not be a past that was so full of hate and violence that we survived by blocking as much as possible out, it would be a past where death became our only true friend.

Why would any human lie into that world?

I suppose if you decide we must be liars – then you make yourself detached from the conditions of prostitution , from its ordinary violence, hate and degradation – by making the choice to decide that exited women must be mentally ill, or too damaged to know their own truths.

You can put us into a box, and turn away from the suffering of the prostituted and pass on to more important issue.

As you walk away, you putting joy into the hearts of sex trade profiteers  for the less the public gaze is focus on the conditions inside the sex trade, the more they can carry on business as usual.

Business as usual is the torturing, mass raping and murdering of the prostituted class.

The sex trade profiteers are laughing at you, if you make the choice to believe their lies.

They want to think all exited women are mentally ill, or too damaged to know their own reality.

They will pretend to care about our mental welfare – only to point out how we don’t facts, cannot remember details, and speak too vaguely to be believed.

They will paint the words of exited women as “stories”, laying down seeds that we speak fiction.

Always, the bottom line is if we work for them or their friendly local sex trade profiteer, we would find that being a whore is just fun, empowering and deeply feminist.

They will tell exited women how we do not understand how there many variations to being a prostitute – sorry, sex worker.

That we were just very unlucky, when in their lies they will most of the prostituted can be made into Happy Hookers.

All that is needed is to place all prostitution indoors, get sex workers unions, have simple health and safety precautions – and of course put women in front as spoke- people.

This is utter bullshit – but liberals and leftists fall for it every day.

All the language of sex work is never about the safety and dignity of the prostituted – it always to protect the punters, and get even more profits for pimps/businessmen that run the sex trade.

Unions are fake – and are open to pimps and punters, so silence all voices that may speak out for human dignity for the prostituted.

All so-called safety precautions are for show – for there is no ending of rapes, no ending of torturing, and no ending of getting away with murdering prostitutes.

Why do think prostitution can be made empowering, why do need slavery to be re-branded as sex work, and why are sucker in by the use of the word “union”?

Could it be that in the depths of your heart, and the back of your mind – you believe the prostituted are sub-human, so if you pack it away into sex work, you have a free conscience to abandon the prostituted to genocide, imaging it all fine now.

There so many lies spread about exited women – we could just cry, just give up  – but we don’t.

The more lies that are spread – the stronger we get, and the more we have deep solidarity with all the prostituted of all countries and all times.


8 responses to “Don’t Believe the Lies

  1. I am in constant shock & awe at the strength of exited women, for you are some of the strongest women alive. Not only have you miraculously survived the physical horrors, trauma, and constant murder-risk of the sex trade, but to go on and tell the world the Truth about it despite the constant harassment from all directions from the greedy zombies surrounding & protecting it is just…..Wow. We owe so much to you for taking such risks and being so brave. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    You know, it’s laughable, the absurd accusations that the prostituted are “mentally ill,” when the REAL mental illness is the normalization of, and desire to commercially trade in the rape and torture of female bodies, to whatever degree men’s porn-sick minds desire.

    These poor, poor men though. We cannot really take them seriously for they are CLEARLY mentally & Spiritually disturbed. The poor pitiful lunatics need to be locked up and studied for they are such an anomaly to humanity. Their constant outbursts of harassment and manipulation attempts towards exited women just prove these men’s deep pathology, hysteria and disturbed, irrational mindsets. Obviously we cannot take a word they say seriously. Perhaps they should be castrated in order to calm them down? Poor dears, they’ve clearly lost their minds and need around-the-clock supervision by a team of mental health professionals so they stop hurting themselves and others.

    HA @ not being “real” prostitutes or making this shit up for attention. This is very easy to debunk because to the clear mind and heart, these kinds of accusations are not just clearly BULLSHIT, but they tell us a lot about the people making them. To so callously dismiss, deny and try to distort real women’s real experiences in the sex trade showcases a cold heart and deadened Spirit. These are certainly not the kind of people I want to listen to in my Truth-seeking journey. Sure, they give a half decent sales pitch – lots of sizzle to distract from the cold, rotten steak beneath, but we see through the smoke and aint buying what they’re peddling! I prefer the filet mignon Truth that comes from brave, clear & coherent exited women.

    Thank you for continuing to tell the Truth Rebecca & other exited women; your voices shine loud & clear and are deeply honored, carefully listened to and BELIEVED by anyone with half a heart and mind. People just need to tap into their basic human intelligence to be able to tell the difference between truth and lies.


  2. most are incapable or unwilling to deal with the disconnect.. there’s sort of a cognitive dissonance there, if you will. I also feel that most if not all exited (or even women who are still partaking in the work) are denied true agency- an extension of the subhuman theme that’s been explored throughout your posts. Bottomline is, you don’t need anyone to validate what you have been through. There are a lot of us silent readers here, so remember us.. and remember that your confessions mean more to us than it could ever do to them.. so don’t waste it on them.. they lack the necessary faculties to deal with reality and have been desensitised if not brainwashed into not being able to process truth and for that I do not envy them at all.. what sort of existence is that? in regards to variations, i go with the triple oppression theory (tho i’ve always thought that it lacked a fourth category). all the rest is privilege and a shameless glamorising of victimising profession with a problematic premise and conflicted history.


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