This is Only a Blog

I have tried to rest from this blog – but to get back my power, I need to write why this blog is under my rules and control.

Yes, this is a public blog – but it not a forum for the sex trade lobby and their allies to spread their propaganda, it not a forum for them to spread hate and keep exited women as sub-humans.

This blog is first and foremost written by an exited woman for exited women.

Anything that hurts, lies about exited women and the conditions for the vast majority of the prostituted will be deleted.

Anything that is written to gas-light our words will be deleted.

Anyone implying we too mentally damaged to be taken seriously will be deleted.

Any threats will be deleted.

Anyone saying we have been brainwashed, and implying we are too stupid to have our own views, will be deleted.

This is a blog, so it made to my personal viewpoint, not a forum for the sex trade lobby to rip into me.

I see you are running scared – scared that this blog is read on every continent, scared that this blog is part of changing attitudes towards abolition, scared that we are being believed.

I know you will not see my humanity, but I see yours and I am sad that you feel the need to hate me for regaining my power.

I am saddened that you have the need to control exited women – why must you keep in the position of the slave?

I see and read the endless hate that the sex trade lobby send out any exited women who become public.

I have been threatened that pimps will kill me, I have been told I was not a “real” prostitute, I been told to kill myself.

These are the tactics of a group that feels threatened.

I have seen the hate sent to my exited Sisters who dare to speak to the truth.

In all your words, there is no empathy and no compassion – no connection to us as humans.

But then we are goods to you, you are furious that we re-gaining that we are human.

You can hate and threaten us – but you can stop us.

Instead, your hate is reminding us of why we fight so hard for abolition and full humanity for all the prostituted.

It is the reminder of the pimp control of our pasts, it is a reminder that we are nothing by the sex trade.

So thanks for that reminder – it just will make me and my exited Sisters stronger.

4 responses to “This is Only a Blog

  1. The thing about Truth is that there is no “debate”, there is no confusion. Truth stands alone, nothing and no one can get under, on, around or through it. Thank you for continuing to tell the Truth, you are waking up so many.


  2. i will ensure that people from more continents get to read this. i myself stumbled across it serendipitously and am grateful for it


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