Torture was My Norm


This is a very shortened version of how I was tortured when I was inside prostitution.

It is being used in Canada to explain what non-state torture is, and I hope from the depths of my heart, and the ache of my prostituted soul – that this is part of changing hearts and minds to build a road to abolition and true freedom.

I only allowed this to be made public and used, because I am just a tiny example of how all prostitution is built on torture.

Exited prostitutes are living witnesses to the worse tortures that humans have ever invented.

We were experimented on to see how pain and degradation a human body can take without actually dying.

Of course, there is little care is taken or our mental, physical or sexual welfare – why care when it is decided the tortured do not feel human pain, cannot be degraded and if we died it coz we were too weak to live.

Torture in prostitution is the norm.

What else do you call serial and seemingly endless rapes?

What else do you call the punter’s demand that the prostitute acts happy even when in severe pain, fear of being killed or serious sexual diseases?

What else would say about a whole prostituted class who have no access to consent, no guarantee of safety, and no idea if they survive?

Oh, you may call it work, you may imagine that indoors prostitution can be made safe at least, you may build yourself an illusion that you are using only “empowered” prostituted.

You may think if you shut off all your senses enough, then you make there can no torture in all aspects of prostitution.

You can ignore the dead eyes of the prostituted – dead from knowing no hope, dead from killing all emotions to not know pain and terror.

You may choose to only see the prostitute as hard – not allowing yourself to know that to be that hard is one way to cut off memory of endless mental, physical and sexual torturing is the norm when you are prostituted.

Acting hard is defiance, it a cover for the terror that if any vulnerability comes out – it will made into a joke and more than likely make punters pour more hate into you.

You may see torture, and decide that when enclose in the world of prostitution it must be entertainment, that prostitutes enjoy pain and degradation – that it must only acting or fake. So your conscience is clear then.

Well, and my many exited friends, were bloody good actors then.

We smiled, spoke word of comfort or sex talk, we made orgasmic noises.

We acted as the punter’s sex god, mother, girlfriend, schoolgirl, the woman to pour hate into, the woman who is close to death but does not care, we were whatever porn nightmare the punter could imagine.

For we were never allowed to be humans – we were allowed no will, no future or a past – only the constant present of being the role of a fuck-doll.

That is slavery plain and simple.

Tell how there any excuse for prostitution.


11 responses to “Torture was My Norm

  1. Rebecca, from reading your words and speaking to exited women it just amazes me how anyone can pretend to not see the basic truth that each act of prostitution exists on a continuum of rape, torture and utter dehumanization. The graphic at the beginning also is helpful but nothing can synthesize into small pieces what happens to women in prostitution. Nothing.


  2. I thought I had heard everything, but being raped with a knife was a new one.

    This was very hard to read, but I forced myself to read it. I agree.. yes, we were bloody good actors.

    May none of your tears be wasted, but every last one of them be converted into hope and healing and comfort for so many other lives. I part that God redeems your trauma and brings beauty out of the ashes.


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  4. You are doing such revolutionary work here. Everything you discuss and explain is so very obviously torture!! It’s a god damn miracle you and other exited women survived what you endured from these selfish, sadistic men. If people don’t understand the simple fact that the sex trade is torture and dehumanizing to the vast majority of women in it, then they are disconnected from their humanity and I feel sorry for them. WAKE UP sex trade supporters!!!! We must look beyond the scripts people like Sasha Grey tell and use our basic human intelligence, tap deep into our hearts and guts and Spirits and realize what the fuck is REALLY going on in the sex trade.


  5. I just want to reach through the wires and give you a hug…I’m so sorry you had to face these things, and glad that you are free now. It’s time for society to wake the hell up and realize that there are evils being carried out against women in the name of “free market” and “labor rights”.
    Much love, Sister. Take care of you, and keep telling the truth! Facts will stand when lies fail.


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  7. i am really sorry for what has happened to u..but in all honesty..i have just one question..if the prostitutes go through that much pain and suffering ,then who force them to join this line or do such acts???..they can simply refuse those bad guyz and if they do not listen to u then u can go and talk to the legal authorities concerned…please answer me..i would be thankful to u…


  8. I think it is easy to be judgemental about the prostituted and the violence done to us. But it is very simplistic to imagine that all a prostitute has to to is say no to a violent punter. If you refuse, it will lead to more and worse violence, it is a common reason why the prostituted are murdered. Also, most punters do see the prostituted as full humans rather as goods they have brought – so will hear or comprehend a prostitute saying no to them. It is rare that the police listen to the prostituted. But even if they do, it is common that the sex trade profiteers train the prostituted never to speak to the legal authorities, with mental and physical threats,


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