Silencing Will Not Work

There is a constant flow of sex workers and sex trade lobbyists attempting to silence the multiple voices of exited women.

It will never work, however poisonous or manipulative their words are or will be in the future.

They are attempting to silence the truth, they are attempting to drive us into despair.

They use gas-lighting methods, they manipulate our trauma, they say we were never real prostitutes.

They speak in the language of control, in the language that is a constant remainder that they view us sub-humans.

We were their goods, their property, we were their cash cow – so they are furious we have gone out of their control.

We have reach the beginning of true freedom, we are re-learning how to be fully human – so there is no way we could ever be trapped inside the sex trade again.

That is unbearable to the sex trade lobby – unknowable that any prostituted woman could want to be fully human.

So their silencing can never work, it is like trying to rope down the ocean.

6 responses to “Silencing Will Not Work

  1. These people need to show some god damn RESPECT and LISTEN to the words of women like you. You are one of the very human and humane Truth-Speakers in a world that is rapidly forgetting what telling the Truth means, and what being HUMAN means! What these silencers/gas lighters/”arguers” are doing is enacting the very problem that makes UP the sex trade — the selfishness and inhumanity that makes people think it’s okay to demand the “right” to buy and sell bodies. What the fuck kind of “right” is that??!!!! This is not how human beings behave!!!! It’s certainly not how animals behave either, that would be a compliment. This is how dehumanized robots behave, who only have dollar signs in their eyeballs and hatred in their hearts.

    For the tiny number of “sex workers” who feel you are silencing them, what the hell? They are free to do whatever they please and carry on with business as usual, how disrespectful to accuse women like you of speaking for or about them, especially when you and other exited women are always VERY clear that sadism and torture were the norm for YOU and many, many women in the sex trade who you personally knew and saw what their reality was, and that you speak for yourself and them, NOT those who truly choose and want to be in the sex trade. The right to be truly free and not harmed trumps the right to make money or spend money however the hell people want.

    These are VERY inconvenient and uncomfortable Truths you and other exited women are speaking, and probably cause a lot of pain and shame to johns and pimps, if they’re even connected enough to their humanity to FEEL these things. But guys, guess what? You can push past these surface feelings, tap into your humanity (I KNOW it’s there!) and start listening, REALLY listening. NO ONE HAS THE “RIGHT” TO BUY OR SELL PEOPLE OR THEIR BODY PARTS! THAT IS THE LITERAL DEFINITION OF SLAVERY & MUST END, THE END!!!! And yes this applies to all forms of “labour”, but sexual “labour” is the very worst kind of slavery, just look at the god dam trauma the sex trade produces in the MAJORITY of prostitutes. If they “failed” at being hookers, it’s because they failed at becoming non-human. That to me is a huge WIN.


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