Being Alive is a Trigger Warning

I do not and will never again use trigger warnings.

I do so out respect and love for my readers, for I assume they are adults who can and will how and what they choose to read.

I never will treat my readers as victims who are unable to stop reading or to use the off switch. So I find the whole concept of trigger warnings deeply offensive to my readers.

More important, I believe that it is impossible to go through life without triggers. It is about learning to adapt or to look within yourself why you are so triggered.

I think many triggers can a push into anger, into a demand for real change.

It is your choice if you use a trigger as an excuse for apathy or worse self-pity.

Let’s look at the sex trade –  see the conditions and mind-set of the sex trade and you should be upset, unsettled and in shock, that is a normal reaction to knowing the reality of the prostituted.

I would pissed off if my writing did not trigger or at least make you rethink your views on the sex trade.

I am not writing to take care of my reader’s emotions – I expect them to know how to be careful of themselves.

I am writing to an emergency, to a genocide, to mass torture, to rape beyond comprehension – I do not have the time and space to look after delicate flowers.

I will not clean up the sex trade, so it does upset a few readers.

How do you clean up torture –

Clean up mental torture. Not say or implied the sexually degrading language that makes all the prostitutes into goods. Not use language that is factual account of torture just in case it may trigger one or two reader.

I will not clean up my language.

Clean up that there was endless physical torture. Not say that every part of every prostituted woman or girl is used, abused, brought, sold, tied, strangled, drown, raped, burnt, whipped, kicked, spat at, rammed etc – there is no place on the prostituted which belong to her. Not say being dead is the only to stay alive.

I will not clean up my descriptions of those simple truths.

I can never clean up that to be prostituted is be sexually tortured until language and thought is stolen from. I can never say it just loads of violent rapes, that is nowhere near the robot you become to somehow survive.

I cannot make it better for the reader – cannot say it just comparable to domestic violence or serial rape by men that you know. It is not, though there are deep connections.

I cannot say there is any human connection with punters or pimps – I can only speak to being made into goods, losing what it was to be human, I can speak through a dead heart.

All I know is to be inside long-term prostitution is lose all ability to remember what it is to be human. You become just holes to be rammed, hands to wank off men and your voices speak the language of the pimp.

I cannot make it tidy – for to be a prostitute is to live in chaos, is to live always never sure that you are still breathing.

That should be bloody triggering – it should trigger you into demanding abolition to stop that hell.

So I give no trigger warnings ever again.


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