Reaching for my AKA-47

Part of the hell of being an exited woman, it having images, expressions and views reminded almost every half hour that I can never be viewed as fully human.

All the time from both good and bad people it becomes clear – once a whore always a whore.

Here in this post, I will go over some of the million and one reminders that I never fully fit into the group named as fully human.

I write from a personal pain and grief – but do not let yourself off the hook by imaging I am some sad case, that my “story” is unique.

Nothing that I write anywhere on this blog is rare for all the prostituted, I write of common practice and that practice has been the norm for the prostituted for at least 4000 years.

I am a piece of sand in the desert in my experiences.

Images of the Whore are everywhere, being everywhere they just become so ordinary you do not see them.

Turn on a cop show, there is the dead whore, the drug ridden whore, the whore with her stereotype child history.

Watch popular sci-fi shows – all future worlds have their hordes of Happy Hookers servicing all males.

Look at ad everywhere and nowhere – models dressed to be escorts enticing you to buy buy buy.

Open a paper or magazine, see women being sold, see women in their underwear waiting to be consumed.

That is just tiny examples of how the Whore image is everywhere.

My grief and pain is how normal it to see dead whores, gold-digger whores, whores with heart of gold, whores exploiting men, whores half-dead from addiction on our TV, in film and inside our so-called news.

The Whore image is made unreal, making sure society can have permission to not care about the reality of torture that is the norm of all the prostituted.

These images place ice into your hearts, and you have come to think that is a normal reaction.

But it language that pour poison into my soul, and can give me a reason to want to die.

Instead of dying, I reach for my AKA-47, and allow the fury of the Whore some release.

The expression that must be thrown away is – sex work/sex worker.

It is a nonsense expression – could only make some sense if you choose to view the prostituted as non-humans but goods.

Think what those words mean.

What does sex mean – should there not be real communication, an equal sense of give and take, mutual respect, ability to understand and fully accept the language of No.

None of that is of any importance in the sex trade – it is the buying of a human to be sex goods. The buyer has full permission to use those goods with any violence, do any degradation – and full permission to destroy the language of No.

That would be rape and torture in any other context outside the sex trade – but all societies that have normalised the sex trade, have made it clear that the prostituted class are unrapeable.

What on earth do you mean that it is work inside that context?

Work where all human rights are stripped from the prostituted, work where there no access to safety, work where having every part of your body destroyed by sexual violence is made normal, work without any voice or even freedom of thought.

Is that not the conditions of slavery? Is that not the conditions of extreme rape?

And you dare hide behind the language of work.

Another word that has no place in the sex trade – is empowerment.

Wow, there is nothing more empowering than being raped by more men than your mind can or will remember.

Nothing more empowering than knowing any punter, or any profiteer, can buy and sell to pour all hard-core porn into your living body.

Nothing more empowering than starting this hell as a young girl and getting trapped without any exit.

Nothing more empowering than being round many aspects of the sex trade – to different rooms, different cities, to men with more hateful ways to destroy your essence.

Nothing more empowering to having your rapes filmed and being in the world.

The word empowerment makes me reach for my AKA-47 – that is real power.

I may write later – but this a start of my rage reaching out from my pain and grief.

2 responses to “Reaching for my AKA-47

  1. I agree, especially about the empowerment piece. I have a fellow college student that is a friend of mine. She is very much into harm reduction, & sees prostitution as a positive choice for some women. I have told her my story of survival & it does not seem to matter. In fact she said “it’s a hard issue” needless to say I am very hurt by her ideas. I’m not sure what to feel. She is my friend, but is saying my snider was justified in a way.


  2. Thank you for this post, rebecca. I am maddened to know end by the use of prostituted women as JOKES in so much media today. I can only imagine how you must feel. I am also maddened because these shows give girls and women the idea that the most glamorous thing you can do is work in a strip club or as an escort. Places that can get you killed, if not in a living death for most of your life.


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