It is Unspeakable – So Speak Out

I hear many comparing prostitution to rape, to domestic violence – comparing but refusing to see or hear the differences.

I hear around me how rape in war zones is the worse crime that any women or girl could go through – but only if she not prostituted and consumed inside brothels.

I hear everywhere that rape is torture – but it become choice and lifestyle when done endlessly to the prostituted.

I am told prostitution must only dangerous if on the streets and the women have an addiction – as my torture and tortures of millions of prostituted women girls doing indoors prostitution is made fun, safe and our choice to be there.

I hear and see shock and horror if a young teenager is raped – but if the man pays her or she is framed as prostitution she is ripped of being under-age, it just a business exchange.

I see and hear campaigns against tortures of political prisoners, of citizens in wars – but the hourly torturing of women and girls in porn and prostitution is just entertainment.

All this I not meant to know or notice – I should not say or believe that the prostituted are push away all the time everywhere – coz it is decided “real” women and girls are doing proper suffering.

Prostituted women and girls should not complain – it was their choice to be whores after all.

Yes, I see and hear you denying you would even think that.

But why –

Why when you speak of the say the Congo – is the army brothels, the use of prostitutes to rape, torture or murder not mentioned.

You want “innocent” victims of war crimes, not those classed as the prostituted – that just muddled your thinking.

After all, armed forces must have somewhere to plant all their sexual and mental violence into – isn’t that why the whore was invented? It is just rest and recreation, never rape or torture.

Why do act so appalled at date-rape, but hear a prostitute dare to say she is raped by hundreds or more “dates” – then you r language and attitude changes.

Your sympathy becomes cold and matter-of-fact, as you decide it not rape or even violence but some kind of bantering.

It becomes clears that the prostituted are not human enough to be rape.

And it very clear that if a prostitute said it is rape, that she is clear that it is torture – that she must be deluded or seeking attention.

But what else can it be but torture?

Is not multiple rapes torture?

Is not being brought and sold in abuse torture?

Is not having no rights to safety torture?

Is not having the language of saying no to violence torture?

It would for most women and girls unless they become the prostituted class.

But I not meant to say, or even think it.

2 responses to “It is Unspeakable – So Speak Out

  1. Great post, love the title! Thank you for arming us with such important knowledge so we CAN speak out! I can only imagine the horror and terror for prostituted women to be with the army men who are all hyped up on war adrenaline and already little regard/big hate for women.


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