It Does Not Add Up

A common fallacy about prostitution is that it must only be a minority of men who are punters.

That does make any sense, even if all you think in numbers without emotions.

I understand it is nice to think that only a certain type of man is a punter, that he can distanced from your ordinary life. But in this post, I will lay out a few reason I think and know punters are the majority of men.

Or at least half the male population.

I write coz I am sick of so many women and the Left sheltering punters by betraying them as Other from normal men, as some kind of victim, as men who should mothered.

Let look with a clear eye at the scale of prostitution.

In just English cities – just a very small country such as England – men have access to hundreds of prostitutes any day and any night.

Punters will find prostitutes in the average English city on the street, in clubs, on the net, by phoning escort companies, in saunas, at hotels, in flats – just as examples.

Most long-term prostituted women and girls are in the life for a minimum of three years, many for decades.

Most prostitutes have at least 5 to 15 punters in just one week, and that is a very low number many prostituted women in brothels or on-street may have 5 to 15 punters in one night.

Most punters are not regulars.

Therefore it makes no sense that it is a minority of men who are punters – for there the minimum of 9,500 known prostitutes just in England, and most have had minimum of 10 punters owning them.

Most long-term prostituted women have had so many punters inside them that their brain cannot take in that horror.

I, just as one example of indoors prostitution, have counted to 300 then double that – then my brain closed down.

Most men that made the decision to buy were one-offs, or more likely used me once and then brought other prostitutes.

Many punters go in groups to torture the prostituted, gang-rapes and taking turns is common in all aspects of prostitution.

It is common that there is a queue of punters in brothels.

How can that be put down to just a minority of sad men.

The scary fact is that the majority of punters are very ordinary men from every background, every cultures, all beliefs systems, all ages – they are just men who know they have full permission to make the prostituted sub-human and to ground her into nothing.

Punters are very ordinary men who are given permission to express all male hate and violence to a class that is branded as the prostituted.

There is nothing special about punters – they are invisible in plain view as society decides it only sick or sad men who used the prostituted class.

The fact is the man who uses prostitutes will lie and hide that he does. So we should never believe statistics that say only a minority of men are punters – we only have their word for that.

The word of a woman-hater, the word of a mass rapist, the word of a porn-brain – you believe that.

You believe the punters or the word of the sex trade – but dismiss the word of exited or prostituted women who say they cannot count how many punters used them.

Could this be coz then any punter could your friend, colleague, father, brother, cousin, doctor, teacher and all other men you consider to be nice?

Do you think punters must be the Other coz it makes you ignores that men you trust or love are making a class of women into sex goods?

Or do think if men are violent to the prostituted, that keep you safe?

All I know is very ordinary men torture me and stole my humanity – and it was made invisible.


8 responses to “It Does Not Add Up

  1. Excellent post, so important. Those of us who have men in our lives in some capacity need to have some serious conversations with them, but how can we when they lie and deny and/or minimize what we have to say anyway, as some of them are so maddeningly good at? There’ve got to be creative ways of getting around this and having the convos anyway. Thank you for always pushing my thinking. XO


  2. Exactly my point when discussing legal advocacy: there is a measurable amount of prostituted women, so to speak, and we know any given girl or woman may have 5 to 20 DIFFERENT a night, depending on the venue they are operating in and who’s controlling them. So the simple math proves that there are far more men involved in this than women. And we know that a small minority of women actually are in this on their own without being trafficked…okay, but even that doesn’t diminish the fact that their is a multiplied multitude more men involved. So the laws and the enforcement thereof must be proportional to this, and they are so far from it (in America, and almost everywhere except Sweden) it’s not even funny. This is what we’ve been trying to say to our locals where I was for a long time.

    It’s such an uphill climb because of so many factors, societal, corruption, etc…but we will keep bringing this to the light till enough eight people are in place to make appropriate changes…and develop netter relationships with social services in the process of initial assessment for the women.

    Great post.


  3. And as for men that don’t get it and don’t have the civility and maturity to listen to this, well, I know there’s quality ones out there worth the wait and prayer to cross their paths. I know several I have fellowship with locally and beyond. I’m spoken for, and my girlfriend appreciates my understanding and advocacy. It’s mostly just about having a heart of respect and dignity towards you and women. Basically just a guy who has grown up beyond his shoe size, with a maturity about himself and a selflessness enough to be aware of what’s outside his selfish little box. (A little strong against by own gender…and rightfully so.)


  4. nobody wants to believe that this is our culture. Nobody wants to believe that every fourth woman has been raped. Still less that every fourth? third? second? man is a rapist.


  5. Yes Heather – but please remember that my focus and the focus of this blog is about prostitution. This is not made into rape by society and culture, and so most would make the prostituted class as unrapable, so are in no statistics about their rapes.


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