Not Allowed to be Under-Aged

There is often a groundswell of anger and grief when girls are sexually abused.

But only if are classed as good girls – that not from care, probably middle-class and white, and certainly not prostituted.

Most teenage girls that are abused fall between the gaps, and in this post I focus on what it was and is to be a teenage prostitute.

I write because I feel strongly, and terrible grief, that to be a teenage prostitute is to be stripped of the right and freedom to be young and to make mistakes.

I know that most eyes view a teenage girl who is embedded inside the sex trade as an adult – this lets society off the hook by making out that she has chosen her lifestyle.

I know many will deny this – but just let’s explore some attitudes to good girls and to girls who are made prostitutes.

There is outrage at grown men raping good girls from say 13 to 15, it is rightfully known to be a crime.

But if that girl is paid or given gifts for sex, if it is framed as a business exchange, and if it classed as adult entertainment – it not viewed as rape, or even harm.

Girls are being brought and sold everywhere all the time, and little is done to say it is wrong.

If the girl is a teenager, she is old enough to be a whore – and everyone knows it is impossible to rape a whore.

I was raped so many times between the ages of 14 to 17, I was raped with extreme brutality and hate, I was made to know I had no existence but to be their living porn doll.

I know so many beautiful women with similar and much worse experiences as teenage prostitutes.

No-one was fighting for us, no-one cried with rage and grief for us.

We were not allowed the privilege of being under-aged, and our rapes being viewed as a crime.

Rape was made into our job – rape was surrounding everything that made us exist – we were not allowed to have shock, not allowed to know deep grief, no time to rest to feel our pain.

No, to survive and somehow hold on to some sanity, we became robots and wipe out all roots to our own humanity.

We were the lost girls – and that is the deep shame of every society that toss us away.

I learnt how lost we were early on in prostitution.

I learnt that lesson as punters and pimps would speak on and on and about how easy it would be to kill us – hell, no-one would notice a whore disappearing.

I learn that lesson as I saw and watch the news reporting yet another good girl being raped or not found – knowing those prostitutes in my heart and memory who had vanished or sat with dead eyes from countless rapes, are never on the news or even seen.

I learnt that lesson as I heard and knew it to be true, that it is impossible to hurt a whore, coz they have no feelings.

I learnt that lesson as police did nothing as they raided “parties” or brothels, only told the girls off for being slags.

I learnt I was no teenager, I had no innocence, if I was hurting it was my own fault.

I learn the lesson that no-one gives a damn about a teenage prostitute.

That how I felt when I was embedded in prostitution.

Now, I know and see that there are some excellent people do vital work to listen and hear teenage prostitutes, to help them exit so they do not become adult prostitutes and be made all the more invisible.

I hold in my heart all those wonderful people – but there is so much to be done, to make that teenage prostitutes are given the right and freedom to be young.

To start with the simple and straight-forward, it is a crime to have sex with a girl under 16 – it not acceptable that if that girl is paid or framed as a prostitute that it by magic becomes a non-crime.

Most punters that used teenage prostitutes are at least 10 to 50 years old than she is – that is rape, that is at least abuse of an under-aged girl.

Know punters lie when they say they did know she was under-aged, they say that to look good in public, they say that because they have been caught out.

No many punters like under-aged prostitutes because they can made to do any violent sex he wants, because she is easy to manipulate, and because it can be cheap.

As long we allowed that it is no-crime, punters will treat under-aged prostitutes with hate and violence.

I feel so full of grief, I’m really unsure how to write this post.

I look head-long in my grief.

I see that 14-year-old that I was.

I should have been free to be innocent, I should have had room to make mistakes, I should have understood silly love songs, I should have explored sex – god, I should have had the freedom to have angst.

Prostitution stole all that. I went from a hurting child into a damaged adult – without having any access to being a teenager.

How can I and so many exited women get justice for that thief?

All we can do is fight tooth and nail for full abolition – and stop so many other girls getting lost.

3 responses to “Not Allowed to be Under-Aged

  1. Thanks, Rebecca. I never quite know what to do with the rage that comes from reading your posts, especially after reading the article over at jezebel that phonasthetica posted. The difference is like day and night. Thanks for dragging the truth out into the light. It sounds like a platitude but you’ve been a hero to me for the past year roughly and it’s been a real privilege learning from you.


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