Wild Horse Spirit

This is for all my brave, beautiful and wild exited Sisters – you all know who you are xxxx

Exiting the sex trade is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.

It is to fly whilst having roots deep in the earth, it is to on the edge of sorrow as your heart is celebrating the fullness of being human, it to know the dark whilst blinded by the light.

To be exited from the sex trade, is to know that freedom is no concept, no speech, no page in a book, no hope that cannot be reached in a lifetime.

Freedom is solid, freedom is simple as others make it complicated, freedom is knowing what it is to be a full human – nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

Freedom for exited women is to reach into the depths of their essence, and to find with surprise and some shock there is the spirit of the Wild Horse deep inside them.

This spirit is real, it is the part that every punter fears, it is the part that every sex trade profiteers wants to destroy – it is the part that all supporters of the sex trade want to say does not exist.

The Wild Horse spirit is deeply human, there is nothing supernatural or detach from the human essence in it.

It could be seen as a metaphor, it can be a spiritual event – just know the Wild Horse stands for human freedom, the human ability to find it own rules of how to live with dignity and respect for others, the human courage to stand up to wrongs that destroy the will to live with freedom.

The Wild Horse spirit is all about true independence but knowing to be connected to all that strives or freedom for all who remain oppressed.

For the Wild Horse spirit has deep and unending sorrow and wild rage that so many prostituted are still in prison on a mental, physical and sexual level.

This sorrow and rage can and does make the Wild Horse spirit want to run away, run till the pain of such deep grief has faded enough to fight harder for true  freedom.

There are many times that exited women have to run and hide – this is never weakness, or means they have given up hope.

No, it is a gathering of strength and finding isolation for a small piece of safety.

The Wild Horse spirit needs solitude for refreshing its essence.

The Wild Horse spirit need and must have time and space to stare straight into the depths of grief and view what it was to be prostituted.

It is in solitude and silence, that the true courage is drag out of exited women.

It is a time and space, where it can understood inside the body and mind what it was to be tortured on all levels.

It is a time and space , where it can understood what it is to be stripped off basic human rights is.

It is a time and space, where it truly understood what it is to be the unrapeable.

And it is a time and space, where it be truly understood what being a slave is.

That is the depth of sorrow and rage the Wild Horse spirit can contained.

This is hard to write, for it so personal.

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