Pulling the Tail of the Tiger

I normally ignored and blocked out the constant lies and hate created by the sex trade lobby about exited women daring to speak out with power and clarity.

I normally ignored and blocked out how the sex trade paints us as victims so they can feel back in control, and having power over.

I normally ignored and blocked out the way the sex trade lobby manipulate the media into believing indoors prostitution can be made safe, or at least the normal violence done to the prostituted indoors will be hidden from the public gaze.

I normally get on with my work and life – but sometimes my rage at the constant lies and propaganda gets too much.

I will roar as a tiger angered at the pointless and irritating pulling of her tail.

Enough is bloody enough.

In this post, I will confront a few of the most common attacks and lies that the sex trade lobby said over and over and over and over again about exited women.


This is a dismissive attack to say we cannot have politics.

Or if it decided we have politics, we must be right-wing, we must be religious zealots.

It is a refusal to allow to have intelligence, refusal to say we can think without instructions, refusal to see exited women as full humans.

It is a refusal to know that exited as individual fighters have many beliefs, with many grades of politics, with or without religious or spiritual beliefs, come from many and varied traditions and cultures.

I am atheist, who is Northern European, I was brought upper middle-class, with traces of liberal Christianity in my background.

But more important, my background was surrounded by conversations about civil and human rights, I have a magpie brain that love understanding how culture works, understanding how power structures destroys the oppressed, understanding the power structures are held together by not giving the oppressed access to reality.

To be against the sex trade is not a moral issue to me – to be honest, I think morals are used to silence the oppressed and give them no language for what is destroying.

Morals were invented to keep the oppressed down, and steal their language of justified resistance with the language of guilt, self-blame and apathy.

It is an issue of giving all the prostituted class their basis rights, giving them the language of resistance, giving the courage to see the reality of being made into sex goods.

It is an issue of tearing down the sex trade from the roots, not tinkering at the edges by just forming unions and speaking the language of limiting harms to the prostituted.

Exited women speak in a language where their dreams are bigger than just patching up the prostituted and then sending back into danger.

We see millions of the prostituted drowning – we don’t pick out one body at a time, exited women join with those who are damming the flow of water to stop the endless suffering.


That is not true, and it makes no sense to the many women in the sex trade who are moved around all aspects of the sex trade.

Filmed porn is paid like prostitution – so tell what is the real difference for the woman inside either porn or prostitution?

But the sex trade lobby are only concerned how the consumer views porn as somehow different – the consumer has the money to feed the monster, so his delicate feelings are worth more the torturing of the prostituted.

Remember that in all aspects of the sex trade, money talks, and the suffering of the prostituted is of little importance.

The prostituted are not allowed to be full humans, whether inside porn or prostituted – they are goods that made to be interchangeable.

That means it is normal for the long-term prostituted to moved round many aspects of the sex trade – it is common to be moved from indoors prostitution into hard-core porn.

It is assumed that women that have done long-term prostitution are suitable for hard-core porn – for they are “used” to pain without anyone caring, “used” to being degraded, “used” to having sexual acts done to them that are dangerous to their mental and physical welfare.

I cannot and will not separate porn from prostitution – the only people who do can because they see no human inside porn or prostitution, just goods to be used and thrown away


I think the sex trade think they have “discover” yet another clever way to deny the ordinary rapes and sexual torturing of the prostituted, by saying it just bad labour issues.

They use to compare to other forms of forced labour, such as exploitation of children making goods for the West – only they miss out words like exploitation, slavery, trafficking – and paint it as better than starvation.

It is the tactic of guilt aimed at the Leftists and liberal feminists.

Only miss out the slavery words – and called forced labour – and it sound there no serious issues of power and control, no silencing of the multiple voices of the slaves, and no constant genocide of the slave class.

This is the voices of the sex trade profiteers who say if there anything bad – it just the “bad side” of prostitution, the so-called forced labour.

In the voices of these profiteers, no prostitute can ever be raped, coz that is impossible for the goods have paid for, the costumer is always in the right.

There is no rapes, no sexual torturing, no disappearances of the prostituted – and if they are seen it just an employer being careless.

It cannot be known that it is normal to have forced sex in all aspects of the sex trade, it is the foundation of how the sex trade works.

The prostituted class were invented to have a slave class that have no rights to dignity and no access to full humanity.

The prostituted class was made so men have access to humans who had no right to say no to any sexual violence that men can imagine.

There is no equality or normal work rights in any aspects of the sex trade – it is always the structure of the prostitute as slave and the sex trade and its consumers with full control and power.

That is not labour – forced or not.


Of course, not all punter torture prostitutes – but all punters pay knowing the prostitute cannot say no, knowing he can be violent if he wants and no-one will intervened, knowing he can not be violent once and be violent the next time.

There is no such thing as a nice punter.

There no reason that is good enough for buying another human for sexual greed/needs – everyone gets lonely, that is part of being human; many disable men can find sex without oppressing others; it is not part of growing into an adult man; prostitutes are not be collected or researched into whilst sampling the goods; it is not pushing the sexual boundaries to buy another human as your sexual goods; prostitutes will not mend any long-term relations by providing sex your partner won’t give; prostitutes are not your mother, daughter, therapist, goddess or porn object.

All punters cannot be good for they have made the conscious choice to buy another human to be his sexual goods.

He is buying mainly women and girls who are stripped of the language of saying no – knowing to say no will and does lead to worse violence.

He is buying that he can demand any sexual act – no matter that it threaten her physical and mental welfare.

He is buying that whatever he chooses to the prostituted will be from the public gaze, so there no consequences if he makes the choice to be sadistic.

So when a punter makes the choice to be non-sadistic, it becomes meaninglessness to most of the prostituted – for there always more punters waiting to use her and violence can happened any time or place.


This myth makes me laugh.

So, the only reason that exited women are so against the sex trade is because we are so stupid that we are led by the nose by radical feminists.

It could not be possible that living more rapes than the mind can remember, that living inside constant sexual torturing, being made sub-human, being stripped of dignity and right to live in safety – could that be why so many exited women hate the sex trade?

If I am a radical feminist, it more because I became one because of the violence and hate put into me by the sex trade and its consumers.

I would criticise radical feminist or not giving exited women enough leadership, or for not seeing we most have a separate movement.

So I have never been comfortable in the radical feminist – but I proud alongside the radical feminists who fight for abolition and freedom for all the prostituted.

It is insulting to say that exited women are brainwashed by radical feminists – for most of the strong language about abolition was written and thought up by the prostituted whether they were exited or inside the sex trade.

I know the reason the sex trade lobby went to create the myth that exited women are brainwashed by radical feminists – is really coz they are saying exited women are too stupid, weak or trapped in a victim-role to think or themselves.

This is said by a sex trade that needs and wants all the prostituted to speak in one language – the language of their propaganda, the language of the slave saying they are free and happy, the language of never letting the outside world see and know the ordinary violence and hate that is the sex trade.

No wonder the sex trade lobby hates exited women – for we have broken free from the language of slavery.

We have become wild and free, we have the strength of warriors.

We speak to our truths even through pain, grief and fear.

The sex trade lobby are right to fear our voices.


Another way the sex trade lobby likes to hold exited women as victims, is to say we just repeat ourselves and that keeps us in mental pain.

Of course, the sex trade lobby refuses to see being sexually tortured, being raped on industrial scale, being made to feel at any time you could be killed – that could the real sources of trauma for exited women.

No, to say that is bring the punters and profiteers at the centre of all the harms of the sex trade – and that it what the sex trade lobby is so desperate to make invisible.

So, say the prostitute is to blame for being weak, for having come from previous sexual abuse, for misreading punter’s body language, for not having the mental strength to be the perfect whore.

It can never be the fault that she is sold as goods for punters to do any violence they like to.

It can never be the fault this make no safe place, no aspect of the sex trade that can be made safe for the prostituted.

No blame the prostitute – and make the punter and profiteer invisible.


This is a very small sample of the hate language of the sex trade lobby.

It is mainly said by those who profit from the status quo of the sex trade, pimps and punters. Remember that, then it become easier to wipe out their propaganda.

One thing, I love is they are so needy that they always write to exited women, and get very cross and sulk if we choose not to print their lies.

How dare exited women not obey or bow down to their oppressors – how rude! How dare have a mind of their own.

This the bottom line – the sex trade lobby still see exited women as their property, who should be controlled and punished for speaking out of line.

They cannot bear that we have freedom and an independent voice.

They cannot bear that we are strong – what other reason would they waste so much energy saying we are mentally ill, deluded, weak, unable to think for ourselves or too damaged to know our own reality.

One way they do this, is to deny that we write our own worlds, or think our own concepts – for we are too stupid to say such big words, or to connect ideas. Instead we must be manipulated by the religious right or radical feminists.

Well, this is all my own words and concepts – sorry if to hard to think an exited woman can have power and courage, at the same time as trauma.



11 responses to “Pulling the Tail of the Tiger

  1. BRAVA! “To be against the sex trade is not a moral issue to me – to be honest, I think morals are used to silence the oppressed and give them no language for what is destroying.

    Morals were invented to keep the oppressed down, and steal their language of justified resistance with the language of guilt, self-blame and apathy.”


  2. Fucking EH! Enough IS bloody enough!.

    They can’t handle the heat of Truth and their words betray them for the rats they are.

    Such a roaringly powerful, brilliant post.


  3. “It is an issue of tearing down the sex trade from the roots, not tinkering at the edges by just forming unions and speaking the language of limiting harms to the prostituted.”

    This, so so much. The argument that gets trotted out then is that ‘some help is better than none’ etc, but there’s a refusal to see that it just makes this abuse more acceptable. I’m so fucking tired of the shitty excuses and the tiptoeing round other people’s delicate sexual ‘needs’ for fear of omg oppressing them. When the vast majority of prostituted women worldwide want to leave prostitution, and when so many of us end up with addiction issues or PTSD, and when the suicide rate is so high – ffs, how bad does it have to get before people will listen to us?

    If I had a pound (one that my pimp didn’t take, eh) for every time I had to act out some pathetic fantasy a punter had seen in porn, I’d be a rich person right now. That crap is so merrily used as a weapon against us too. We must be fine doing anything punters saw in porn, right? We’re just the same as them, right? It makes me sick.

    If someone has to bribe you to consent with money, that’s not freely given consent. End of. Make of that what you will. Here’s a clue, dear punters, it’s called rape.

    Ah, the ‘nice’ punter. All full of sweet words that’re only coming from his mouth to get you to do what he wants (and so he doesn’t feel so bad about doing it without his wife and kids knowing). Good people don’t bribe and bully women into sex.

    Oh fuck, you know what? I think I might actually be a radical feminist myself. Ohnoes! Wanna know what made me this way? That’d be the prostitution and endless fucking sexual abuse it involves. Frankly, I got fucking sick of taking it lying down (yeah, pun, whatever). So if anyone’s responsible for turning me against that lovely, cuddly, woman-friendly sex trade, it’s the sex trade itself. Who’d have thought?! (I know, I must be bitter. Or fat. Or old. Or a lesbian. Or whatever other pointless name is used to excuse not having to listen to me cos I’m damn inconvenient and not playing good little girl any more).

    And of course they blame the victim, like all good rapists do.

    You fucking rock. I am so glad that you’re strong enough to write what you do, and say how you feel and what your experiences were. I wouldn’t be anywhere near as brave with speaking about my own if it weren’t for you and awesome women like you. We tune the sex trade crap out because we’re so used to hearing it now, but hearing someone who’s been through the things you have and knowing you’re not alone with it any more is massively empowering. Thank you. (it’s also probaby why the sex trade is shit scared of it, lol).


  4. Radical feminism doesn’t provide enough leadership? If we even tried, we’d get even more fingers pointed at us for supposedly telling people what to do than we do already.

    All radical feminism can provide is a critical analysis of culture, and a rational framework for understanding oppression. We’re about the only flavor of feminism that even acknowledges that women in prostitution are victims, not making an empowerful choice to serve the patriarchy, and we’re hated by everyone else in the world for it. We’re on your side here, so mind cutting us some slack?


  5. M.K. Hajdin, I meant that some radical feminists do not let exited have more of a leadership role in the abolition, and keep us in the victim-role. It is about listening and truly hearing exited women’s multiple voices, and not for or through exited women.
    I find it interesting that you should say radical is about criticism, but cannot hear criticism when it means looking at yourselves, and how you be more respectful to exited women.
    I have loads of time for radical feminists, but i just think exited women could be teachers and leaders – not a token exited woman or kept in the victim-role. We have have a lot of wisdom of how male violence works and how it used to manipulate.


  6. Fuck yeah Rebecca! I kept thinking of you this weekend and all the amazing survivors I have had the privilege of working/talking/living with. Trauma is the biggest dose of clarity a woman can have if its harnessed correctly. You’re attacked when you say something that chaps the pimps and punter’s hide.


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