Sex Work is a Fraud

I do not just dislike/hate the term “sex work”, I know it to be a lie and propaganda invented and used by the sex trade profiteers to give themselves the facade of being Leftist.

It gives the illusion that the prostituted are “employed” by caring “employers – not that it is a system that is built on the power dynamics of the slave and the slave-owner.

It gives the illusion that if there basic safety precautions at the “work”, than prostitution, being in sex club and being inside porn will somehow be empowering.

I am constantly told this by women who are happy in the sex trade, told this by academics who only write to back the sex trade, and even by male researchers studying the prostituted (often part of the “research” is consume to the prostituted, so he can understand what it is to be a punter).

Many who lecture me about how wonderful sex work, accuse me of being deeply biased and not speaking for all the prostituted.

Of course, I am biased, and I have never claimed to speak all the prostituted.

I just know and think it vital for others to know, there is nothing unique or even that unusual about the amount of sadistic violence that I experienced.

Everything I write on this blog is partly personal, but far more important I only write what is common practice in all aspects of the sex trade.

My personal history is gone, there is nothing that can done to prevent the sadism that was forced into.

I write for the women and girls inside the sex trade that are inside that sadism, I write for the exited women who are now living with trauma as their shadow.

I do not write for the Happy Hooker – for if you so happy, then you have no need to read about the conditions of the vast majority of the prostituted.

You can just think of yourself and bury your head in the sand, as your fellow prostituted Sisters are being tortured or struggling with trauma of that trauma.

Basically I do not write to please pimps and punters – I know it makes them furious that I refuse to under their control.

I think we should look with a clear eye at the structure of say indoors prostitution – for that is a type of the sex trade, that pimps and punters go on and on and on and on and bloody about being so empowering and liberating for the prostituted.

There focus is the dream or illusion that indoors prostitution is safe for the prostituted, or at least safe enough to still make a profit and attract punters by saying it the “good side” of prostitution.

It is not about making it safe for the prostituted – it about keeping the market open, and competing with other forms of prostitution by providing variety.

The prostituted remain as sexual goods to be passed round many aspects of  the sex trade, to be available to do living porn for each and every punter, to be viewed as interchangeable and sub-human.

There is no such thing as equality or empowerment in prostitution – but it is vital for survival for women in indoors prostitution to believe in that delusion.

To know you are there to be raped, to be tortured and are never seen as a full human is unbearable.

I think it is life-saving for the prostituted to not know their reality – knowing you are slave, knowing your body and mind is being poisoned by sadism, knowing there is little hope – knowing does kill many of the prostituted.

Denial is good – but the horror is trauma for the prostituted who are lucky enough to exit and can re-build their lives.

Trauma is partly knowing the truth of how you have tortured inside the sex trade.

I write with exited women always in my heart – they are my most important readers, I write with pride as I stand with and by them.

They are my main priority, all else is secondary.

4 responses to “Sex Work is a Fraud

  1. Re. bias & so-called objectivity: There is no such thing as any human being EVER being objective. We are ALL biased, no matter how hard we try to cling to science or law or whatever because these things are all human-made, human-interpreted and we shouldn’t even TRY to be “objective” because it means trying not be human, and there’s enough of that going on already, and the damage that it creates.


  2. You have more meaning in your life—even if so much of your life was ripped from you—than any of your critics ever dreamed of. You educate with such rigor and such powerful directness. The lives you have changed and continue to change is the ultimate triumph over what was done to you.
    Sadly, there are many who walk around in denial/avoidance of the truth about the sex industry. Some just do not want to be bothered, for to know the truth would force them to take action, to take an unpopular stand that might very well threaten their relationships, friendships, jobs and certainly their status quo.
    Some are protecting their porn and/or buying women access. No matter what reason or reasons are in place, avoiding the truth about this monstrous industry destroys the psyches of those who will not/cannot look at the squalid truth.
    You are a gift to the world. Each and every day. XOXOXO


  3. I echo Feminist Rag’s comment 100%. And you speak the truth, you don’t hide in academic speak and as a reader of your blog and online friend, you have not wavered no matter the cost. That’s why I believe you. Always in solidarity x


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