A Week and a Half

I have been so depressed this week, the week of Savile is everywhere on the news, and the weeks of a loud silence about all the girls who have survived prostitution.

I hoped beyond hope, that the uncovering of Rochdale and it showing how common internal trafficking, was a slow beginning of an adult discussion about under-aged prostitution and it connection to all aspects of the sex trade.

I hoped beyond hope, that it would see it the male demand for all aspects of the sex trade that is the real issue – that it is that male demand that fuels the profit that is the backbone of all the sex trade.

I hoped beyond hope, that it was seen with a clear eye that the vast majority of women inside the sex trade even started when they were under-aged, or were “used” to sexual violence becoming the prostituted class.

I hoped beyond hope, that it would be seen that all women and girls inside the sex trade are being tortured, are ripped o their human rights, are made into goods, are classed as sub-humans.

Christ, I was hoping beyond hope that we had reach a moment where the prostituted were seen and respected.

Fat chance – not with the determination of the sex trade to run business as normal.

Savile is very convenient for the sex trade profiteers and their allies.

It can say only non-prostituted girls can be classed as victims of child abuse.

It can say if a famous or ordinary wants under-aged sex or to torture a girl – why use the sex trade and it can be made invisible.

It can call a business exchange, it can just feeding a market – but it is never serious child.

Punters are never perverts like men like Savile.

Well, what if Savile had paid or under-aged prostitutes – what then?

Do you think there would a nationwide scandal? Do you think it would even be known about?

Famous men, ordinary men all used and consumed all aspects of the sex trade all the time – in their consuming, they are committing grievous crimes, and it always made invisible.

Punters normally raped and sexually prostitutes of all ages – with no regard to their mental and physical welfare.

It is normal that men who consume mainstream porn are watching sexual torture.

This is made nothing – sexual torture only counts when it in the bodies of the non-prostituted.

That is the centre of my depression – that our tortures, our terror, our agony and our survival are thrown away – for the prostituted are too sub-human to matter.

2 responses to “A Week and a Half

  1. I wish Oprah or other high profile people would shine a spotlight and give a platform for yours and other exited women’s voices speaking these Truths so that the global tragedy that is the violent, male-demanded sex trade can be exposed for what it is. If anyone reading this knows people who know people in media or other pertinent ‘high places’, then please, hound them to prioritize this! Those in power (which comes with responsibility) MUST give up some power to make room for silenced voices if they (those in power) want to walk the talk of equality and humanity.


  2. I wish the voices of exited women like yours would be given more space. I am tired and angry to hear the same biased voices coming from the sex ‘industry’ and their efforts to normalize prostitution. I am tired and angry to hear women absorb the discourse of the pro-pornstitution lobby that prostituted women freely choose their condition (beside a few exceptions),even though their heart tells them otherwise. That what they would find unimaginable and unbearable for them or their daughters is made acceptable for these ‘other’ women. I am tired and angry of hearing men telling other men ‘would you like your daughter or sister doing that’? Because the only way for them to humanize the prostituted is by trying to view them with the same humanity they view the women they (supposedly) respect. I am tired and angry that the prostituted are made into sub-humans. Keep speaking and writing, your voice is a necessity!


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