We Were Made Nothing

This is dedicated with love and deep respect to all my exited Sisters who were under-aged prostitutes.


There is a huge scandal in England about a dead celebrity doing mass sexual abuse of under-aged girls.

It is shocking, it is heart-breaking – but from the point of view of a survivor of under-aged prostitution it is also deeply hypocritical and hurtful.

The question that hangs in the air – if Savile or any other male celebrity had mass raped or abused under-aged prostituted girls, would there be a scandal?

Or would just seen as just normal male release.

Every day in every town or city, punters are buying under-aged prostitutes, it is made invisible, it is when viewed seen as no big deal.

The majority of adult women prostitutes entered when they were under-aged, and most will keep the mind-set of that child each time a punter buys her.

Where is the shock and horror about the prostituted?

There was a short period, when I though maybe English society cares a little about under-aged prostitutes, especially will see the prostitutes from 12 to 16 as children.

This happened when the Rochdale case uncovered the realities of internal trafficking, and there was an opening to say how common it is that vulnerable from all backgrounds are trapped into the sex trade.

But Savile came along – and the prostituted were thrown away again.

I hate thinking these thoughts – for I believe Savile and his like are major criminals, and those who are alive should rot in jail.

I care deeply for any woman who was sexually abused at any age.

I just want and need that the prostituted class are not thrown to the lions, as we seek “real” victims of male violence.

The bitter truth is when a girl is paid for sex, when it is viewed as a business exchange – she has no access to being a child, she is an adult whatever her age.

I can find sympathy and shock when I say how my stepdad raped me as a child and teenager.

That is an outrage, that must have left me with deep scars, that is viewed as a crime.

But speak of under-aged prostitution, and the reaction is rarely understanding or with sympathy.

It becomes something that I must have freely chosen.

I am told if it was so bad, I should have just walked away.

I am made to believed it just being a rebel, or some kind of bad girl.

It not viewed as degradation, not viewed as a major crime, nor viewed as serious abuse, it not seen as the horror that it is.

Once you are paid money or sex – then it is decided you are asking for everything that you get – so what the point of complaining, no cares much.

Under-aged are thrown away, and have nowhere to turn to – so is it any surprise most stay silent as adult prostituted or if they lucky enough to exit.


One response to “We Were Made Nothing

  1. Savile is very convenient. He’s dead, and famous – the media can slander him and make up as many salacious stories as they want and nothing will happen. Yet the Rochdale kids were working in prostitution up until, what, a few weeks ago? And people aren’t really that interested. ‘Well, they must’ve come from a bad background or something, what do they expect’ etc blah.

    The fact that someone in a position of trust like Savile abused girls is disgraceful. But the fact that there are still thousands of girls being abused by guys who actively go out to seek and pay for access to their bodies should be a national outcry. We can stop this NOW if we try! But it’s easier to hand-wring over someone that’s dead and not abusing any more, so we don’t have to deal with the reality that it’s still going on. That’s the real tragedy here. People still don’t want to deal with child abuse whilst it’s happening. Because that’s what child prostitution is – it’s abuse, whether money or favours change hands or not, makes no difference.

    Guaranteed, though, if Savile had been caught having sex with one of us when we were working as kids, it’d be ignored completely.

    I don’t want to make it like abuse olympics, saying some are worse than others. But some can actively be challenged now, because they’re still happening now, and people just aren’t interested because they want to see victims as sweet innocents, not real kids who’re trying desperately to survive in horrific conditions. That *really* makes me angry. Like you say, it’s casting us aside again as if we’re some sort of subhuman class that deserves or should expect awful treatment.


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