Your Lies Are Part of Our Genocide

I have to live surrounded by the lies of the sex trade, the lies of the liberal feminists, the lies of Leftist men, the lies of fundamentalist religious folks, the lies of all of the media, the lies of high and low culture about what it is to be prostituted.

These lies are never harm-free, these lies are never without an agenda, these lies are a constant remainder to all the prostituted that we have no worth, that we will never be given the right to be fully human.

Instead in this environment, it has become the only that the prostituted can gain the simple and basis right to be fully human, is to take and not to wait for others to give it to us.

For the prostituted class see with a clear eye what the lies attempt to hide – that whilst the lies play with language, whilst the lies played the prostituted into categories and make them statistics, whilst the lies that imagine Utopias which always has room for men to buy and sell the prostituted.

Whilst these lies go round and round in pointless circles – the prostituted are living inside a genocide.

Only it the perfect genocide – like the perfect crime, it is being done in plain view, and no-one sees it or believes what they see.

It is a genocide where bodies pile up every day – but are made invisible. There little or no reports of the multiple deaths of the prostituted – whether through their bodies giving up, whether through suicide, or whether through murder.

There lives were made sub-human, and in their deaths the prostituted are made nothing.

There are many statistics of murders by men of women and girls. These are always lower than the reality, for so many get away with murder each and every day.

But there is a major effort to remember and honour women and girls killed in domestic violence, killed during sadist rape, killed by stalkers, killed by close relations, killed by so-called honour killings.

They are see and mourned – not enough, never enough.

But there is an effort to give non-prostituted women and girls a name, see how human they were – after their violent death by men.

There no such remembrance for the vast vast majority of prostituted women and girls that are murdered.

They are given no name, they are allow no history outside of being a whore, their deaths are not reported, their bodies are thrown on a trash-heap or made to vanish.

The dead prostituted are not even given the right to be in the statistics of murdered women and girls.

That is to be nothing.

How did we get to have so much disrespect for the prostituted class, that even after being sadistically murdered we refuse to know their humanity?

Where does that hate and callousness comes from?

How can we allow ourselves to lives with a culture where the “dead whore” is just a plot line, so when real we choose to make it fiction and lose that every dead prostitute was a human just attempting to survive and make sense of the hell she was in?

I do not have answers, only views from bitter experiences of living with the constant lies that make the environment where the genocide of the prostituted class is made to mean nothing.

There is the class liberal/Leftist view, that prostitution is just sex work.

Being work, the violence done to the prostituted is just viewed as the risk of the job.

It become not the fault of the punter making the choice to be sadistic to the prostitute.

It becomes not the fault of the sex trade profiteers who push up their profit margins by supplying access to sadist sexual practices.

No, it become the fault of the prostitute for putting herself in the line of danger.

She should read the body language of the punter and see the violence before it starts. She should have the skills to talk him down.

She should his counselor, she should know self-defence, she should say no firmly to make him leave, she should control him not be controlled by the punter.

The prostitute should have the self-confident to say no to profiteers making her do sexual acts that endanger her, she stand up to his demands even when it more money.

All these views are daily building graves for the prostituted class – if you decide it just sex work, you may as well be the murderer of the prostituted, for you are part of the throwing away of the prostituted class.

If you imagine reading the body language of a punter would make any difference, you are deeply deluded.

Most prostitutes have no rights to walk away from a punter, or if they try there are many consequences.

I walked away from a few sadistic punters, only to be sent into worse violence for my “disobedience” .

Many prostitutes are raped/beaten up/murdered for turning away a punter – that reality is shadow that stop the prostitute from saying or even thinking no.

That is not work, that is the conditions of slavery.

There are the religious lies – that the real problems with whores is they are leading men into losing their morals, the prostitutes is the Devil preventing men becoming the greatness they could be, that it is the prostitute who craves sex and violence and drives men mad to get it.

Imagine being the prostitute being fucked by religious fundamentalists – hearing him naming as the sin as he rapes, sexually torture and beat her.

The only true way to rid himself of that sin, is to murder the prostitute – and make himself clean again.

Religion may always say it condemn murder – but rarely in so-called justified wars, and never when slaughtering the prostituted class.

The religious fundamentalists kill the whore in the vain hope that their own hate and violence will disappear.

Now, we come to the lie that hurts me to the core.

The lie that the majority so want to believe – that we must have the prostituted class to prevent sexual spreading out into “real” women and girls.

This vile lie is a constant remainder that all the prostituted, even when they have exited, can never be considered as full humans.

We were and are just objects where violent men can pour into us all their hate and disdain for all females.

We are just tools for porn to be made into reality, our bodies are made to be ripped apart, to be treated as trash, to hurt over and over and over again – for being the whore, it cannot matter as it would if the same was happening to a “real” woman or girl.

Could this be the real reason that murdered prostitutes are rarely recorded even as a statistic, for there was no human killed, just a dead whore?

I am crying now – so I stop – but the lies are endless.

Your lies are killing us.

12 responses to “Your Lies Are Part of Our Genocide

  1. This is what I don’t understand about the decrim arguments – that somehow unionising “sex work” will automatically mean women’s boundaries and rights are respected in prostitution. Are they respected anywhere else, ffs? Then they’re certainly not going to be respected in the one job where the expectation is that you never, ever say no.

    And it’s really true, that the attitude is that it should be up to the prostitute to act as some sort of counseller for the punter, to prevent these guys raping our kids (or kids like us), and it’s our responsibility to avoid them if they appear violent (how? You really think the police will give a fuck?). Always our responsibility, never the responsibility of the guy not to buy sex, not to demand his needs are met no matter what the woman he’s with feels. That’s why the decrim argument is so damn popular – because it doesn’t challenge the patriarchal line that ‘boys will be boys’. NO. About time the fuckers started taking some responsibility for their actions.

    I hate that saying “once a whore, always a whore”. It’s difficult enough to live with the hurt, self-disgust and sickness that being a prostitute leaves you with, without social attitudes like that too. Decriminalisation will just make that enshrined as the woman’s fault, exactly as you said. It disgusts me.


  2. Tangakamnu – Please know these lies are not general about all abuse – it is specific to the sex trade and its apologists. I am a survivor of incest, neglect from family and date rapes – and know that the lies i show here are about prostitution.


  3. Blu: “the decrim argument is so damn popular – because it doesn’t challenge the patriarchal line that ‘boys will be boys’. NO. About time the fuckers started taking some responsibility for their actions.” — HELL YES! How do we make these fuckers take responsibility? Criminalizing them, while a good start, doesn’t prevent these men’s creation or change their compulsions. Only through their humanity will they understand what they’re doing and be compelled to stop….How to humanize the (male) de-humanized?


  4. Reblogged this on The Left Side of Feminism and commented:
    While there are always issues with spelling and grammar in this blog (which I sympathize with–as someone with no copy editor to look over my writing), it is always the powerful voice of a formerly prostituted woman. Her words are always meaningful and touching. I find that more important than picking on grammatical issues. I hate when we try to limit those who speak based upon the way they say their words. It cuts so many people out, and it’s elitist. Anyway, if you haven’t read this blog before, I recommend it highly.

    Mott’s discussion of how liberal feminists and Leftist males erase her reality hits close to home. It’s the reason I reject liberal feminists, and seek to expose the misogyny that is rife in many male-dominated Leftist movements and philosophies.


  5. It speaks volumes if people read this blog and take issue with some minor grammar/spelling mistakes. Really? I would much rather read an article from this blog with 800 grammar/spelling mistakes than an academic article, which may be technically perfect but which often have so little substance but take up SO much space. Elitist indeed, and so cold; the two go hand in hand, don’t they.


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  7. Girl,

    Jesus looked prostitutes in the eye – directly in the eye – called them by name, spoke softly to them, lovingly to them, without any agenda, any lies, without wanting anything in return. My prayer for you is that you know his love that surpasses all understanding, and then his opinion of you will gradually demolish the opinions of the pimps and/or the general public. If Jesus himself says you’re worthy, then you’re worthy. His authority supercedes the authority of the voices lying to you.

    I wish I was there to hug you right now!!!!! Much love to you!!!!


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