Trafficking and Me

I have thrown backward by the ignorance about internal trafficking, and in this post I thought I would my personal views and experiences, and hope that they connect with the general realities of internal trafficking.

It must be known that internal trafficking is one of the common method to get women and girls trapped in all aspects of the sex trade.

It be known the main focus of those who profit from internal trafficking is trapped young teenage girls or too often pre-teens girls.

It must be known that there is a vast market for young girls in all aspects of the sex trade.

It must be known that there many myths that a prostitution whatever her age has chosen her lifestyle and therefore she can never ever be abused, let alone raped, tortured and mentally abuse.

It is in that context that I write of my personal experiences of internal trafficking – which for most of my life had no language to explain it, or framework to show my pain and confusion to the world.

Internal trafficking is common is every country where the sex trade thrives – but it is made invisible, and most women and girls inside that hell have little or no language to describe their realities.

Internal trafficking has this power and control because it relies on the mental abuse of the prostituted class.

It relies on brainwashing to such a high degree that most of the prostituted will think that there only role in life is to be fucked and thrown away.

It relies on brainwashing so intense that most of the prostituted think they have chosen their life, that it just weakness or misreading of the punters that make it painful or almost impossible to bear.

To work, internal trafficking must make the prostitute woman or girl believe she is loved or at least care for. That she has finally found a family, and does not need or want the outside world.

That is why internal trafficking is very common with girls between 12-15, ages that are discovering how to make relationships, ages that girls want and need to rebel, ages where men can manipulate by pretending they are lovers whilst being pimps or go-betweens for pimps.

I was 14 when I was trapped, I was old compare to so many girls who destroyed by the sex trade.

I did not know what real love was, I had no idea how to form normal and healthy relationships, I had anger in me that was becoming constant self-harming, I refuse to see myself as a child.

I was prefect fodder for internal trafficking – they look for lost girls who act grown up but has little or no understanding of how to relate to others, and especially girls who are desperate to be loved.

These types of girls are manipulated with patience, the danger closing in whilst being told that she freely choosing it, that she could leave if she likes as all doors closed in on her, that she will do more to prove how much she love the man who is pimping her out.

There can and is constant threats and actual violence to keeps the girls in-line.

It is normal to use gang-rapes as punishment, it is common to move the prostitute to more and more sadistic punters in places where she has no idea where she is, it is common to film punters doing sadistic and use that film as a mental threat to expose her or to make as porn.

It is normal for pimps and their friends to threaten the girls that if the complain or want to tell the authorities that they hurt or kill their families, it is common to more the girls around the country so she loses all contact with friends or family.

Internal trafficking is to be in hell – but how many see or care that it exits.

Instead it made invisible by stating that any woman or girl inside the sex trade has chosen her lifestyle, and we must not intervene or destroy her autonomy.

Such nonsense has all sex trade profiteers laughing their way to the bank, such nonsense reminds punters that all their sadism is a non-crime – and such nonsense is part of the constant genocide of the prostituted class.

Turn a blind eye to internal trafficking – and you are complicit in that genocide.

7 responses to “Trafficking and Me

  1. This is what Laura Agustin writes about that: “The other day I said no one should be making decisions about other people’s degree of will or acceptance of their situations and then generalising to huge groups of people. One response was: No one should be making any assumptions about the degree of will for a 10- year-old girl or boy in the sex trades? After pointing out the rhetoric (used by abolitionists and anti-trafficking people all the time), I answered yes, no one should be making assumptions about 10-year-olds either. How do we know what led to her selling sex? What choices was she faced with? What might happen if she were suddenly extracted from her situation? It is easy to take heroic positions at the extreme of a continuum, but the vast majority of cases lie along its middle, whether people are young or old. To make the extreme the case all policy should be based on – as well as all emotion and compassion – is irresponsible, an infantilising Rescue Industry strategy to be avoided whether you like the idea of kids selling sex or not.”.


  2. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:
    Everything this woman writes is spot on the mark, and she speaks from experience…. a message that should never be ignored, but all-too-often is….Please read and share….


  3. My friend I would like to post a small portion of your story along with a link back to you. I think that your message is an important one that needs much more attention.If this is okay with you please let me know at the email address that is listed with my comment in your comment section. God bless you and if you want to answer here, that is fine as well. If you would like to read it before I post it, let me know. Thank you!


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