The Silver Quill Bloggers Award

I have been nominated for this award by my friend Ruth Jacobs, who does the Soul Destruction Blog.

1. Do you prefer rhyming or non-rhyming poetry?

I prefer non-rhyming poetry coz it more wide-ranging and can be poetical prose.

2. What’s your favourite Shakespeare play?

Measure for Measure, for it has no answers, and the characters are both good and bad.

3. Who is your favourite author?

I read too much, but this moment in time Patricia Highsmith, who makes the dark side of humans fantasying and very attractive.

4. Name three people who you greatly admire?

Natasha Falle – who as an exited woman does amazing work to give hope, routes back to full humanity, and joy to so many women and girls from the sex trade. She is a great educator, and her compassionate heart has help me more than I can truly express.

Sarah Warhol – who truly understand the complexities and confusion of trauma after exiting the sex trade, she is a wonderful friend, and has done the impossible made me support Liverpool Football Club a bit.

Margaret “Tots” Berger Mott – my grandmother from Denver, who is my rock when I feel like giving up.

Five Bloggers I have Nominated

1. Chong Kim –  Face of Tears – a beautiful and moving blog by a very courageous exited woman.

2. Angel K. – Surviving Prostitution and Addiction – this blog inspires me every day.

3. Dublin Call Girl – Secret Diary of a Dublin Call Girl – another brilliant exited woman.

4. Trisha Baptie – Donuts Douchebags and the Divine – Trisha is truly inspirational and is also an exited woman.

5. Meghan Murphy – Feminist Current – my favourite feminist blog.


2 responses to “The Silver Quill Bloggers Award

  1. Wow thank you Rebecca, at times when feeling overwhelmed, feeling I am not doing enough your and other exited women I have supported reminds me 1 person can make a difference. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to be part of your life.

    Clearly going to work harder on getting you to WORSHIP The mighty POOL……..

    love you xx


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